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The Adventures Of The Young Master

Chapter 29 - Emperor Shen

"Yes, Your Majesty. The crowned prince was confirmed to be in our empire and outside the bounds of our emperor at that." the general said.

It was General Hua. The most powerful cultivator of the Quu Empire. He wore a silver plate and had a robust body. His features could be said that really fits a general!

"Then what are we waiting for? Let's hurry! If the prince leave displeased, my empire would be doom!" Emperor Shen said.

This is the current emperor of the Quu Empire, Rolius Shen. He was wearing a gold robe with sparkling features on it. His face was filled with wrinkles because of age, his long white hair will flutter majestically if whipped gently by the air. Most of the time, he was calm andposed fitting his position. But not today, because this was something he could not control! Take note, it was the very crowned prince of the high-tier empire! He feared that one day, he would wake up with his empire gone.

"Pardon my next words, but I don't think this is the right time." the general added, "I got a report that an incident happened."

"What incident?" Emperor Shen nervously inquired.

The general didn't know how to say it, but still tried his best, "Awhile ago, three of our guards beaten up the prince."

"What did you say?!?!" Emperor Shen was aghast by hearing this and instantly paled! It seemed the situation was graver than he thought!

"Don't worry, Your Majesty. It was already solved." seeing the paled expression of the emperor, the general affirmed.

He added, "It seemed that the prince was the one who asked to be beaten by our guards. Many spectators had seen it and testify for this claim."

"The prince asked for a beating?" Emperor Shen's lips twitched. What the hell is this?! He was the crowned Prince and went here.. Just to ask for a beating? Of course, that didn't make sense!

"According to the testified claims, then yes Your Majesty." General Hua added, "However, this was not the most important information here."

"What do you mean? Just say it all at once!" Emperor Shen said in an annoyed tone. This general of his will kill him because of suspense!

General Hua understood this and explained the details, "Your Majesty, after the incident of the beating, it seemed that someone offended the prince and thus, the prince aggressively took the offense in order to suppress the other party. However, never did he expect that it was someone he could not afford to offend!"

Again, was left into suspense, Emperor Shen almost spurted blood and glared at the general, "I told you to say it all at once! Suspense is too bad for my heart!"

"I'm sorry, Your Majesty!" General Hua immediately apologized. He then continued, "The other party was a young man in his twentys probably. He showed a seal that said the prince could notprehend himself. The young man also had seen through the flaws and effects of his technique which is a red technique. And opened three of his essence veins just by a wave of hand."

Hearing this, Emperor Shen paled from fright. He knew that his general was telling the truth. He stuttered, "What.. what did you.. say?"

The emperor was in full of disbelief! Even he had not seen it personally, he was still frightened that he almost wanted to fall on the ground butt-first. This was way too ridiculous! If amoner told him this, he would really not believe it! But it was his general who reported it and witnesses testified this claim! No matter how much he didn't want to believe it, he didn't have a choice!

Emperor Shen took a deep breath, and regained hisposure. His paled expression was still there, however it was lessened. He eventually asked, "What happened next?"

Of course, the emperor knew that there's still more to it! General Hua continued his report, "After which, the other party demanded for a pay for the offense and the opening of the prince's three veins. It is 100,000 diamonds for the offense. And a million diamonds each vein opened. So totaling three million and a hundred thousand diamonds. The prince agreed to this, however, he could not settle this account today and needed to go back to the empire to settle this."

"Three million diamonds and a hundred thousand?" The emperor asked if he heard it right.

"That's right, Your Majesty. Three million and a hundred thousand diamonds." General Hua reconfirmed.

This amount made Emperor Shen sucked w mouthful of air! This amount was insanely high! Even he sell everything he possessed, he could probably accumulate only a million diamonds at maximum! Demanding three million for the opening veins? This was unheard of!

Emperor Shen of course knew that the cost cpr the opening of veins by a essence master was normally expensive. But he only knew that the most powerful essence master of this world, only priced five hundred thousand diamonds per vein! But the young man priced it a million diamonds? There were only three words the emperor couldment of..

Heaven-defying Daylight Robbery!

That's right. This is Heaven-defying daylight robbery!

If the prince was on his right mind, he should knew the actual price since he was from a high-tier empire. In a sense, he should have declined about this price and made it lower. What made him accept it? For sure, his heart was bleeding right now.

After pondering for a moment, the emperor muttered to himself in a shocked expression. "Could it be that the young man was from the supreme empire?"

This was the only possibility! If the report was true, then this young man was really someone the crowned prince could not offend!

After a while, the emperor asked, "Where is the crowned prince and the young man right now?"

"According to the report, it only stated that they entered the emperor's town for some reason. However, it didn't tell where exactly." General Hua answered.

The emperor almost leaped in joy after knowing the two were inside the emperor's town, he hastily said, "Find them! No matter what it takes, find them!"

The general understood the importance of this order and so he steeled himself and exclaimed, "Yes, Your Majesty!"

The general withdraw his presence and disappeared from the emperor's sight.

Afte which, the emperor sat down to his throne and looked up. He was planning at this moment, how to build a good relationship with the crowned prince and the young man from the supreme empire. If this was successful, he could rest at ease because of this behemoth backing!

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