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The Adventures Of The Young Master

Chapter 28 - I Will Pay

"You areplaining?" Old Mo looked displeased as he added, "Then my young master will close your veins again."

"That's impossible." The prince denied, "Once the vein was opened, it was impossible to close it."

Everyone agreed to this. What Old Mo said was purely ridiculous! No one in their right mind would think that a vein opened could actually be closed again!

Hearing the claim that it was impossible, Jin Rou said and denied this, "I can close your veins again. In fact, I can close all of them if you wanted a proof."

Hearing this, the prince immediately paled. It seemed this was really possible! Although this was way too ridiculous in a sense, there was still a fact that the mysterious young man claimed it was possible! What's worse, he would be the guinea pig to prove it!

This claim from the young man brought a heavy sense that they could not explain. As if, if he said it was possible, then it was definitely possible! Everyone gulped a mouthful of their saliva and didn't dare to refute this claim.

"No.. No need." the prince immediately shook his head. Of course, he didn't want to be a guinea pig for just making a proof of claim! His heart was bleeding as he said, "Okay. I will pay the three million and a hundred thousand diamonds."

He added, "But I cannot give that kind of amount today. I can only settle the bill in my empire."

The crowd was stupefied by this. He really accepted the conditions of amount! However, they realized that they were talking about the crowned prince of the Gu Empire! By his standing, taking out that kind of amount was not a big deal!

"What do you mean?" Old Mo frowned, "You want us to apany you to your empire to settle the bill? What if you are plotting against my young master? You think I will let it go and spare your empire?!"

Old Mo said in a threatening voice! However, the crowd didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

Although they knew that it was Old Mo of the master chef guild, they also heard the recent happening. The master chef guild claimed that Old Mo betrayed the guild and went with someone who could benefit him greatly. Of course, those who really knew the actual fact denied this in their hearts. But those who don't know the fact, they were amazed because following someone from a high empire would really benefit him greatly! No wonder he chose the young man instead of the guild. This was not selfishness, this was practicality!

The prince's lips twitched involuntarily.

You are only a Nascent Realm cultivator and you dare threaten me and my empire?! If not for you being a butler of that young master, I would have already turned you into a meatpaste!

He suppressed his anger and said in a low tone, "Senior Mo could rest assured that I will never renege andpletely settle the bill in my empire. I bet my name as the crowned prince on the line. "

Seeing this grave promise that his name was on the line, everyone sucked a mouthful of air. This was the crowned prince for you!

Of course, Old Mo knew that what the prince did carried a very heavy meaning to it. He nooded in approval and looked at his young master. He was asking for approval about this. After all, he was only a Butler and the decisions were to be decided by his young master.

Jin Rou only smiled in response. But Old Mo already knew what he meant! Old Mo then looked back to the prince and said, "Okay. Then we will carry trust your words for once."

Everyone who saw this felt their worlds spinning! To act this way in front of a crowned prince of a high-tier empire and demand a three million diamonds and was politely agreed with? This was meant that he had a powerful backing! And of course, they already k2ne who it was.

The prince smiled mischievously. It was like he was delighted by this! This caught Jin Rou's attention and looked through the prince's mind. However, seeing what was on his mind, Jin Rou could not help but be puzzled. And thus, he disregarded the thought and just smiled.

"We could set off anytime right now." the Prince said hastily.

"We can't." Old Mo declined, "Young master Jin wanted first to go to the Tyy Empire to watch a grand event."

"Oh?" Yuan Gu mused, "Senior Jin wants to watch thepetition about painting?"

"Senior?" Jin Rou twitched. He remembered something he didn't want to remember! He added, "Just call me Jin."

Seeing the awkward expression of Jin Rou, Yuan Gu smiled and said, "Then I will be taking your offer."

Yuan Gu looked again to Old Mo, "Senior Mo, I could apany you two to the Tyy Empire since it was coincidentally my route before going back."

"Oh. Okay." Jin Rou casually said.

Since Jin Rou gave the permission, Old Mo had to put up with this even he was still displeased by this prince.

Of course, Yuan Gu noticed this, but didn't mind it. He thought of something suddenly and asked Jin Rou, "What are you doing here in the emperor's town?"

"We are going to the tamer guild in order to rent some mounts to travel to the Tyy Empire since it was far from here." Jin Rou answered.

"Oh, that's all?" Yuan Gu chuckled, "I have a mount that could take us to the Tyy Empire in few days."

"Then that's great! We—" Old Mo wanted to talk more but was interrupted by Jin Rou, "We won't be riding your mount. I want a mount from the tamer guild."

Hearing this, Old Mo and the prince was stupefied.

We already have a mount to use, why insisting to go to the tamer guild?

The two thought deep but to no avail. They could not actually understand why this young master doesn't want this convenient thing! Maybe for no reason at all?

Of course, Jin Rou had a reason! If he was to take the offer, he would be indebted and the money he would get will be deducted! And this was precisely what the prince had thought! Jin Rou would not let him get his way! Jin Rou didn't know how big the three million diamonds was but it was definitely something big! And so he was determined to get the money whole. Because he learned from Old Mo that money could buy anything as long as available! Jin Rou had not yet experienced this so he will not let it slip away!

"Well, if young master wants." Old Mo could only agree. Since Jin Rou says so, he could only obey.


Inside the palace of the Emperor in the Emperor's Town, the emperor himself got up from his throne and his sleepy mood was removed! He said in a full of disbelief, "The crowned prince of the Gu Empire is here?!"

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