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The Adventures Of The Young Master

Chapter 27 - Heaven-Defying Daylight Robbery

"You are really a high ranking essence master!" the prince exclaimed in disbelief. This was really way too unbelievable! Opening three essence veins just by a wave of a hand? This was unheard of!

This young man showed his skills of pinpointing flaws and problems of a body just by watching like a mentor, creating a profound seal that he himself could notprehend, and now, the young opened his three essence veins at that!

Take note, opening a single vein needs some requirements to be fulfilled first before embarking to open it. For example, one needed that the vein to be opened was already prepared. It means that the vein itself should be colored red! However, he knew that his veins were still green which means undergrowth period. But to think that a young man in his twenty's had opened three of his still undergrowth veins without giving even a bit of damage to his body. How terrifying was that?

This young man could ascend to the heavens!

"Are my eyes playing tricks on me?"

"Hey. Pinch me."

"Ouch! You don't need to give such force!"

"But I already pinched you."

"No matter. But... This is really real! I am not dreaming!"

Of course, the crowd was filled with disbelief at this moment! Even they don't have currently essence masters, they still have some books recorded about the essence masters.

This type of job required a deep understanding of essence energy and essence veins! One needed to research about it for long long years before achieving something worth being proud! In fact, only high-tier empires also had this essence masters and each empire didn't have more than twenty of them!

Just by this, one could determine that this job was no joke and challenging to master! Only cultivators with great patience and perseverance could master this type of job.

But that didn't apply to this young man in front of them! Re-evaluating this young man, he seemed to be in his twenties or so. Even he had studied essence from his mother's womb, it was still in the range of belief to open a single vein. But to open three at a wave of a hand? This was too ridiculous! The world had probably gone mad!

Jin Rou shook his head as he heard this, "I am not an essence master."

Of course, this was the truth! He only read all of the books regarding the essence and its profoundness. Actually, Jin Rou could open all of his essence veins at once. However, it would shock all of them to death and thus, he only opened what was required for the Prince to cultivate the technique.

Hearing this, Yuan Gu could not help but shake his head. Denying all the facts right in front, it just meant that this young man wanted to keep a low profile. But it was useless! Because everyone already knew it!

"So where is my pay?" Jin Rou repeated it again. Of course, he would not do this for free! He learned from Old Mo that money dictates goods in this world. And so he needed to gain some. He could not always rely upon Old Mo taking all of the expenses.

"Pay?" Yuan Gu was slightly shocked by hearing this because he was still thinking why the young man keeps a low profile. But he regained hisposure, "How much would this brother like?"

"How much?" Jin Rou did not know about this things so he looked at Old Mo with an earnest expression.

Realizing the look, Old Mo smiled and step forward. His young master was in trouble so as his personal butler, he needed to aid him in any way possible!

Old Mo then said proudly, "This is the young master's personal butler, Mo Haozen."

Seeing the middle-aged man stepped forward and said it with a bit of arrogance, the prince frowned slightly but immediately ignored it, however, he was immediately shocked by seeing the other party's current cultivation.

A Nascent Realm cultivator of a young master?

This is ridiculous! Mo Haozen had claimed that he was the personal butler of the young master. He was supposed to be someone with high cultivation since he was serving his young master who was a genius. Yuan Gu also deduced that it was impossible for a genius of a supreme empire to be weaker than the personal butler since he experienced the might of this young master!. So what was this?

Yuan Gu already deduced that the young master was someone from the supreme empire! Judging by the skills he personally witnessed, it was already obvious as the sky that he was from an empire higher than them, which was the overlord of the Shred Case Mortal World, the Gian Empire!

There was only one empire that stood above all of the cultivators in this world. And that is the Gian Empire! Most of the strongest cultivators of this world actually resided in this empire! And what was more terrifying was that they had a six-star Mentor! Which empire had this kind of powerful mentor? None! Only the Gian Empire had this!

How terrifying was that?

"Senior Mo, may I know what payment this young master wants?" even he was full of doubts, Yuan Gu still had to be respectful toward the butler. Even he, as a Sky Realm cultivator could make the butler a meat paste in an instant, he could be a meat paste by the young master! Even he was killed, once the Gu Empire knew that they were against the supreme empire, they would surely take a step back and only grit their tounges in anger and indignation!

"Humph." Old Mo snorted. A while ago, he intended to suppress his young master just because of some denials. Of course, Old Mo would be displeased! But now, being respectful all of a sudden because he was shown a miracle.

At least you now know your place!

Old Mo added, "My young master is a magnanimous and benevolent person who doesn't want to offend anyone as much as possible. However, you didn't know your place and became aggressive against him. And thus, that was already 100,000 diamonds!"

The crowd was shocked by this!

100,000 diamonds for offending? That's ridiculous! This was obviously a daylight robbery!

The prince twitched involuntarily from this. However, he suppressed it. Although 100,000 diamonds was not a big amount for the empire, it was still a bit bleed to the heart. He took a deep breath and agreed."Okay then."

Hearing the deal for that was closed, Old Mo smiled and felt proud. He stated another one, "And as for the veins that were opened, my young master wants a million diamonds per vein."

"A million?!" everyone was extremely stupefied by this! They only expected that the price would be a little bit higher than the previous. Who would think that it was tenfold? And a million per vein at that!

If the previous was daylight robbery, what could you call this worse than that?

"Million per vein?" Yuan Gu wanted to spurt blood at this moment. This was extremely ridiculous! Although it was not impossible to gather that kind of amount, it was still extremely a very heavy amount and it would cause him an internal bleeding.

This Mo Haozen!!

This is a heaven-defying daylight robbery!

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