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The Adventures Of The Young Master

Chapter 26 - Opening Essence Vein With A Wave Of Hand

"It doesn't matter how did I know it." Jin Rou answered. He added, "What matters is that you should stop cultivating that technique unless you had your essence veins opened."

"I already tried various ways of opening some of my essence veins but no afford." Yuan Gu's attitude turned a hundred eighty degree again! He was no longer aggressive. His tone was filled with grief!

This was really the case. Yuan Gu had tried many ways of opening some essence veins but was not effective. A cultivator had a total of 125 essence veins and one could open up to 100 essence veins at maximum. Yuan Gu already opened 60 essence veins and needed three more to cultivate and learn the red-class technique safely. However, he got tired of waiting and forced himself to learn it and this was the result. He was on the brink of death.

Jin Rou said, "That's why you are letting someone hit you with all their might because you needed pain in order to delay your death. The pain you received actually stop the backfire momentarily. A single beating could make you survive for a couple of days already. And you really find pleasure from beating because this was your saving grace."

Hearing this, Yuan Gu could not help but be stupefied! The other party's words were on point and no flaws at all! It was the fact that he let anyone beat him up not because he liked it but he has to! That's why he traveled far away to reach this place. Because in this place, no one recognized his face and could actually let someone do it.

He had to do this out of the range of his own empire since the imperial family itself didn't know that he already started cultivating it without the prior requirements! It would be a hundred percent guaranteed that he would be punished! Besides, if everyone in his empire was to find out that he was inviting anyone to beat him up to heart's content, it was extremely humiliating for the family given that he was the crowned prince! He also tried to hurt himself so that he could not bother with anyone anymore. However, no matter how torturous his ways, it was to no avail. He really needed someone to beat him up. A real cultivator!

Hearing this exchange, the spectators were enlightened by the humiliating actions of the prince. It seemed there was a deep reason behind it!

Yuan Gu pondered for a moment and asked, "Are you a mentor?"

The crowd immediately realized something. The young man gave his evaluation upon seeing the technique of the prince and it was on the spot! They thought that he was only an insignificant character. Who would have thought he was probably a mentor? And he was master sealer also!

This.. is ridiculous!;

"Mentor?" Jin Rou shook his head, "I am not."

This again!

The crowd felt that this man was playing with them! Everyone already saw his skills, how could they believe this frontal denial?

You must be jesting!

Seeing that the other party denied it again, Yuan Gu didn't pursue it and instead asked with respect, "Then is there still a way for me to be saved from this? If it's possible to remove this, then it would be more than enough."

Hearing the sincere voice of the prince, Jin Rou said, "There is. In fact, no need to remove the technique. I can open three more essence veins of yours so that you could cultivate it safely."

"You will open three of my essence points?" The prince was aghast by this claim! His eyes did not believe what he heard.

The young man will open three essence veins of his? He must be kidding!

In opening essence points, it was a known basic factor that one could only open a single essence vein per day. But judging by the way the young man said it, he was claiming that he could do it today! What was more, this job was only for Essence Masters!

Essence Masters were a part of the minor jobs. They were the ones responsible to open essence veins and study the profoundness of the veins. Don't tell me that you are also an essence master?!

You are way too exaggerating it!

"That's right." Jin Rou said and smiled, "I will open three of it. Of course, not for free."

"This.." of course, he didn't believe it! However, the Prince had no choice this time. Even it was only a slight chance, and might as well he will be killed, it worthed to give it a try! After all, if this was not solved, he will still die. No essence masters in his empire could save him!

He added, "Alright then!" Yuan Gu gritted his teeth. He was betting it all! Although he did not believe that the other party was an essence master, after witnessing the skills of the said man, he could not help but feel a bit of hope! If this actually worked, he would be forever grateful and indebted to this young man!

If it works, that is.

"Okay." Jin Rou nodded. He decided to help the Prince because he knew that the prince was not a bad person! Although there were some dark colors in his inner heart, the whiteness was still the majority of it. Jin Rou was magnanimous to this kind of people! Even he was offended by this prince, he could not let him die just because of what happened a while ago.

Jin Rou then touched the forehead of the prince. No, he just flicked it and a blinding light appeared in front of them! All of them closed their eyes even the spectators!

The moment they opened their eyes, they began to search for clues of what happened but to no avail. Even to the prince, there was no change. In fact, his expression was blank!

However, they did not know that the prince had not yet returned to reality because of what was happening! After a while, His expression turned into full of disbelief as he looked at the young man who flicked his forehead. This alarmed the crowd and tried toprehend what was happening..

However, the prince suddenly stuttered, "My.. My… my.. three essence points.. no way.. were opened!" His expression could not be drawn because no one could explain his expression!

Everyone looked at each other and slowly filled with shocked expressions!

He actually opened three essence points just like that?! How?!

Old Mo clenched his fist and was in an extreme joy. This young master of him was a jack of all trades! He wondered if there was something this young master could not do!

Ignoring the shocked crowd, Jin Rou said to the prince excitedly, "Now that I did my job. Where is my pay?"

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