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The Adventures Of The Young Master

Chapter 25 - How Did You Know?

"Did I satisfy you with my attack?" Jin Rou ignored the interrogation. He was already telling the truth. He was not a master sealer. Seeing that the prince didn't want to believe it, then there's nothing he could do. And thus, changed the subject.

Hearing that his question was ignored, the prince was displeased by this. He said, "This prince is asking you! Answer it!"

"So what?" Jin Rou arrogantly said. Since this prince didn't want to let it go, then no need to act politely! He added, "I don't care if you are a prince. In my eyes, you are only amoner who loved to be hit!"

You wanted to be aggressive? Then this King will be also!

"You.." seeing the unafraid expression of the other party. The prince almost spurted blood. Even he was a masochist, if he was angered or displeased, he turns into someone else!

"What? Feeling humiliated? Come and bite me then." Jin Rou said aggressively.

The prince was trembling in anger! His aura burst with extreme rage. The ground shook momentarily as his eyes glowed with killing intent! The masochist prince turned into somebody else. It felt like he had two personalities because of the sudden incredible change! This was the crowned prince of Gu Empire for you!

The spectators paled from this and almost fell their butts to the ground. This might be something lowly beings like them could not withstand!

"I praise your guts. You dared to speak arrogantly against this prince?" Yuan Gu said in an icy tone. He added. "You think you can act arrogantly just because you are from a high-tier empire? Heh."

He continued, "This prince was also from a high-tier empire. So you think I would be afraid of you? This prince had never been afraid to anyone yet!"

"Oh?" Jin Rou mused upon hearing this. He added, "That's because you still had not met me before." Jin Rou chuckled.

"Is that so?" the prince's string of patience was about to be cut by this moment! He was trembling in anger that he almost wanted to jump forward to attack the other party! He snorted and said, "Humph. What a big confidence you have there."

"Of course." Jin Rou smirked, "You are just someone who cannot reach the apex. Why should I care for some normal character like you?"

"You!!!" this moment, Yuan Gu could no longer hold it. He unleashed a terrifying killing intent!


The killing intent surrounded them like they were being haunted. This killing intent gave the spectators goosebumps and frightened to the death! This killing intent itself could already suppressed them! Even Old Mo was no exception!

"You are going to charge?" Jin Rou smiled, "Come then."

Seeing the leisure expression of the other party, the prince could not help but be cautious! In the whole high-tier empires, there was only very few he was cautious about. This young man in front of him was another one! His instinct was telling him that this young man was someone he could not afford to offend!

But of course, who would believe in their instinct the moment their string of sanity was snapped? Even he was cautious, he would still attack and try!

Yuan Gu stanced and flew above the sky. This was the unique ability of a Sky Realm expert, flight!

He forwarded his hand and condense every strength he had. He was going to use his strongest attack! The ground trembled and the sky lost its blue, the sun was illuminated by darkness! This attack was extremely terrifying!

Everyone paled from this show of might. He was not a prince for nothing! Even he was a masochist, no one would dare to look down on him except Jin Rou!

"Going all out?" Jin Rou chuckled, "I would be happy to receive you."

"Humph!" the prince snorted in dissatisfaction. It seemed that the young man was not intimidated by this show of might! However, he had no way of turning back now. Might as well bet it all he could! He shouted, "Then receive this! Shattering Earth!"


A large energy ball forwarded and charged right to Jin Rou. This contained a dark energy that could swallow anyone in just a blink of an eye! In fact, even Sky Real experts will not be excluded! If one could survive this, one still had to pay a big price.

Everyone got paler from this technique! This was a red-class technique that only high-tier empires had the ability to gain!

Each technique has different classifications according to their color of scrolls. Yellow-class was the lowest that the low-tier empires mostly have. Blue-class techniques that mostly middle tiers only have as well as yellow-class ones. And red-class techniques that only the high-tier empires had the resources to obtain!

Jin Rou was not shocked by this and instead, he smiled, "So this is it?"

Everyone who heard this thought that he had gone crazy! Man, this is a red-class technique! How could you leisurely say it without even a hint of worry?

The prince was of course enraged by this underestimation. This technique was one of the three red-class techniques of their empire. Although he had not yetprehended the profoundness of this technique, it was not far from it. Being belittled by a man younger than him? That was extremely humiliating!

Although you being a masochist was more humiliating than that!

"Let me show you." Jin Rou said. The energy ball was now in front of him. Everyone held their breaths!

If the young man was to be hit by this, he could say goodbye to his life now! Some of the spectators snorted and did not care if he dies. That's the price of offending the crowned prince of a high-tier empire!

However, contrary to their thoughts, the young man just waved his hand like chasing the energy ball out and the energy ball disappeared into the thin air!

Everyone, especially Yuan Gu, was stupefied by this sudden change of events. Old Mo looked at his young master with great respect again! This respect got deeper! To actually defeat a red-class technique by just a wave of a hand? This shows his young master's invincibility! It seemed like he was not wrong by following his young master!

"What.. just happened?.."

"I.. I don't know. But he just waved his hand!"

The crowd went to a low uproar and began whispering. They could not believe what they had just seen!

The prince's face got paled. "You.. how did you..—"

He was interrupted by Jin Rou saying, "You learned the technique by only seven percent. Zero for the profoundness. You are trying to learn this kind of technique without sufficient essence points opened in your body. Are you trying to kill yourself?"

Hearing this evaluation, Yuan Gu could not help but staggered two steps backward. His eyes were filled with disbelief and asked, "You... How did you know?"

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