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The Adventures Of The Young Master

Chapter 24 - Master Sealer

"That's right." Yuan Gu proudly answered. "You owe me one so you should pay me one. Hit me to your heart's content and I will spare you."

"You will spare me?" Jin Rou chuckled, "Sorry, but I am not interested in hitting someone in their own accord."

"You are not interested?" Yuan Gu's eyebrows narrowed. Even the spectators knitted their brows! Even what Jin Rou said was not offensive enough. It was still offensive! And Jin Rou said this to the very crowned prince of a high-tier empire!

Yuan Gu added, "You just have to hit me. Do you really need to be stingy? In fact, it was your pleasure that you will be able to hit this prince!" he chuckled, "Don't worry. I will not die or gravely injured no matter how strong you are."

"Oh?" Jin Rou mused. This claim caught Jin Rou's attention!

Seeing the amused expression of the other party, Yuan Gu smiled, "Yes. So no need to worry about it. Hit me."

"Let them hit you first." Jin Rou added. "I will be next."

"Oh? So you want to do me alone? Naughty boy." Yuan Gu bit his lip and said in a very seductive voice!

Jin Rou felt goosebumps by this! Even though he didn't know what Yuan Gu meant, he knew that it would not be nice! So he decided not to answer it back.

The spectator's eyes almost fell from their socket upon hearing this exchange, especially the last one! Who thought that this guy was not only a masochist but also has weird taste? Take note, this was the crowned prince of the high-tier Gu Empire!

Yuan Gu turned to his vision to the three tongue-tied guards and said, "Now hit me. Don't disappoint me. Use your strongest attacks!"

The three guards had gained their sanity and gritted their teeth! They unleashed their strongest attacks and directly attack Yuan Gu! There was no turning back now. Might as do what supposed to be done and let it be to the fate!

Bang! Pa! Pa! Pa!

The three guards started their 'task'!

"Yes! That's it. Hit me more. Ahhhhh!"

"Ughhh ahhhh! Great great. It's so good!"

"Hit that part. Yes! Ahhhh aahhhhh!"

"This is the real pleasure, yes! Yeeees! Ughhhhhhh!"

"Hit me here, and there. Hit me with all your might!"

Everyone watching was extremely stupefied by this event unfolding right in their eyes. They don't know what to say anymore and just watched silently as they try to reorganize their thoughts! This was way too ridiculous!

Why does it seemed that they're doing something rather than hitting? Maybe hitting something?

Jin Rou could not understand what the prince was trying to say. But he was sure that the prince was enjoying this! What a masochist!

After several minutes, the moaning and hitting finally stopped and the three guards laid their bodies down and catch their breath! Their hearts were bleeding at this moment! That masochistic prince moaned like he was getting pleasure from something more than hitting! Through the span of time, all everyone heard was the moaning from the pleasure of this masochist! It was like they were doing him alone! The three guards felt disgusted by this and wanted to bury themselves to the ground!

The prince propped up himself and said to Jin Rou, "Now it's your turn. Don't disappoint me. The three guards gave me so much pleasure and I wanted more of it from you!"

Old Mo, who was watching silently by the side, wanted to say something but could not say it out loud. But his expression said everything! He was anxious about the young master!

Seeing Old Mo's worried expression, Jin Rou smiled and reassured, "Don't worry. I will be fine."

Jin Rou then stepped forward and said, "You found pleasure in pain right?"

"That's right." Yuan Gu answered, "It is my pleasure!"

"Okay then." Jin Rou formed a seal in his hand and said, "Then taste this."

The seal was thrown charging towards Yuan Gu. Of course, he weed this! The moment the seal touched him, he was immediately thrown away like a paper blew by the wind! The prince tried to withstand this but to no afford! This seal was terrifying!

Of course, this seal was really terrifying because it came from Jin Rou! However, that seal holds no worth to Jin Rou. Because this seal was only a very normal one for him! But in the eyes of everyone? This was something legendary to them! To actually threw the prince away like a paper? How terrifying was that!

"You.." Yuan Gu staggered a step back and said, "Who are you? Are you a master sealer?"

Yuan Gu forgot the pleasure he gained from the pain. This extremely stupefied him! The seal attack he received was no ordinary seal! Only a true master sealer could do this! What was more shocking is that there were no sealer guilds in any low and middle-tier empires, only a high-tier empire like Guu could have sealer guild. In fact, not all high-tier empires had sealer guilds!

Master Sealers, this was the ranked fifth of major jobs! They had the ability to create formations via seals! Even this job was ranked fifth, one could not underestimate a master sealer, for one could die before knowing how! Besides, only high-tier empires have this! This proved the prestige of a master sealer.

After experiencing the terrifying might from the seal and understood a bit of its profoundness. Yuan Gu immediately concluded, this young man was from a high-tier empire!

"Master sealer?" Jin Rou innocently said, "I am not."

This stupefied everyone! The spectators also concluded that this young man was a master sealer of a high-tier empire. Upon hearing his answer, who would not be stupefied by this? You're surely lying!

Old Mo's expression got better suddenly and a burning surge filled his heart. Not only his young master was a mentor and a master chef. He was also a master sealer! Although the young master denied the fact, he was sure that Jin Rou was a high-tier master sealer!

Is he still human? He actually has three jobs!

"You are not?" of course, Yuan Gu did not believe this. His expression got serious, "I am a master sealer also, having a rank of three stars. So you could not fool this prince."

Everyone nodded their heads in agreement.

Seeing they don't believe him, Jin Rou denied it again, "But I really am not."

Of course, this was the fact! Jin Rou had never taken any exams for any jobs since he was confined in the mansion. However, because of reading all the hundreds of millions of books inside their library when he was a kid, he already mastered everything! This included the seals.

"You're still lying to this prince?" This dissatisfied the prince. "You used a very profound seal that I could not totallyprehend yet you are saying you are not a master sealer?"

The prince wanted to attack him and make him spit all his wanted answers. But after thinking the seal that blew him like a paper, he needed to take a step back or else his life might end miserably.

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