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The Adventures Of The Young Master

Chapter 22 - I Like Being Hit!

"My horse.." Old Mo was about to cry on the spot. His heart was bleeding as of the moment. One of the horses he obtained with great price actually walk its way out like it didn't care at all! He wanted to stop it since he had the rights to do so. However, he did not have the strength to do so! If the horse decided to suppress him, all he could do was lie down or rely on his young master!

Oblivious to this, Jin Rou asked again, "Old Mo, do you have the second book of that? Lend it to me. I need to study it!" He said it earnestly. He really wanted to get revenge for this humiliation!

Old Mo did not know whether to laugh or cry.

Young master, didn't you see that I am actually bleeding right now because I lost just a precious horse? Please..

But Old Mo still answered, "I only have that book, young master. It was just given to me by someone."

"Oh?" Jin Rou's eyes lit up. "Then who gave this to you? Maybe he still has another edition of this book!"

"I don't think so." Old Mo's lips twitched, "That book was only one with no editions or whatever. Young master, that book proved no worth in our world."

"But I found it interesting!" Jin Rou defended. "That book tells us how to be arrogant and suppress enemies!"

"That's only applicable for someone we are stronger than. If we are to encounter cultivators who were stronger than us, arrogance could not suppress them. In fact, they may be annoyed and attack and kill us. Unless confident enough that we are the strongest." Old Mo reasoned out while sweat beads running down his face.

Old Mo, that's precisely the reason Jin Rou could act arrogant and felt no threat! You actually apanying the strongest cultivator the world could offer!

"So getting a second version of the book might spell impossible." Jin Rou felt disappointed with this fact. He really wanted to deepen his knowledge about arrogance so that he would not lose to anyone again. He then said, "So if you got the power to back yourself up, you can be arrogant?"

"That would be the case." Old Mo answered.

"Then I will make you stronger!" Jin Rou said in an active tone, "Prepare yourself in three days. Accumulate energy essence as much as you can."

"Yes?" Old Mo did not know what to say and was dumbfounded.

Young master will make me stronger?

Old Mo did not dare to believe it! However, he was planning on earnestly accumulating the essence.

Energy essence is the most important factor for cultivating. In order to break through, one needed to accumulate enough energy essence. The higher the cultivating, the higher the required energy essence. Of course, this was not all. One needed toprehend the energy essence and be one with it! And this could only possibly be done by meditating, concentrating one's mind to understand nature.

Accumulating energy essence could be done by moving and meditating. Meditating accumulates energy essence faster than moving. In three days, Old Mo could not meditate but knew something to fasten the speed of accumulation by moving! It would probably increase his essence stored in his dantian by four percent!

Old Mo's current cultivation was the third stage of the Nascent Realm. He breakthrough last ten years ago and did not mind cultivating again and thus, he was stuck at the 80% bottleneck and could not proceed through. However, since he gained knowledge regarding culinary from his young master, he was confident that he would be able to break this bottleneck also! The culinary knowledge actually contains tips to break the bottleneck and proceed to cultivate again! And he was feeling that this was a hundred percent effective!


The two decide to just walk first and find someone who has the big heart to let them hop in. The horse that was left in Old Mo's possession could not possibly carry two persons. The horse itself stated its expression that it would not allow it!

"Young master, I'm sorry." a while ago, Old Mo proposed that Jin Rou ride the horse and he will just walk instead. However, the young master declined and decided to walk with him. They were now outside of the Cygnus City and was on the way to a nearby town to rest in.

"I really liked walking, so I don't mind." Jin Rou smiled.

It was the fact. Jin Rou was imprisoned in the mansion so he didn't have the luxury to walk outside. Now that he had the opportunity, how could he let it slip? Even he had so much time, he would not let it slip if the opportunity presents itself!

"But.." Old Mo still had something to say but didn't continue. "Okay, young master."

The whole journey was filled with silence. Old Mo noticed Jin Rou's eyes lit up as he glanced the surroundings. It seemed like he was really enjoying walking like this was the first time he did this!

Old Mo decided not to bother him and just smiled silently. He deduced that Jin Rou was really from some highly prestigious family and was the loveable and doted son, so he never experienced the outside world that made him ignorant of things that even their restaurant was seen as a banquet.

After which, the two finally arrived at the gates of the town. However, they were greatly alarmed because there was amotion not far away from them before the gates. There was someone lying on the floor and getting beat up! The victim did nor retaliate nor blurt a single word. However, it was obvious that it's hurting him! It was a man in his late twenties, wearing a red robe. But the robe was already tattered. He has long red hair.

"That guy claimed that he was a prince, and wanted to enter the town without pay. Heh. What an idiot claiming that he is a prince. He is being beaten up because he still stormed his way to enter and act arrogantly."

"Probably an insane person who was abandoned by his family or sect."

"But Imend his strongness. He did not express the pain as he is still getting beaten up! What a strong heart!"

The spectators just stood to the side and watch this scene.

However, Jin Rou could not! Seeing an innocent person being beaten up for a shallow reason!

Jin Rou immediately rushed and just blew away the persons beating him up. They were the guards, and have a powerful cultivation. However, they were instantly blown away like a paper without any gestures from the young man! This stupefied them! Even Old Mo was stupefied and instantly panic!

One of the guards glared at Jin Rou, "Young man, do you know what you just did? This is the Emperor's Town! This is not a place for you to behave atrociously!"

"So what?" Jin Rou arrogantly said to the guard, turned his vision and helped the man prepped up, "Are you okay?"

However, the man stood up with unfriendly expression, "Don't touch me!" he harrumphed and asked, "Who told you to help me?"

Jin Rou got tongue-tied by this. Eventually, he said, "You are being beaten up that's why I helped you. Isn't it the norm?"

"I don't need your help!" The man said in an annoyed voice!

Didn't expect that this man would be so ungrateful, Jin Rou still said calmly, "Then should I left you there and be a pighead?"

"That should be the case!" the man said in an aggressive manner. His eyes sparked and added, "Because I like being hit!"

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