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The Adventures Of The Young Master

Chapter 21 - Battle Of Arrogance, Jin Rou VS Horse

"You horse.." Jin Rou glared angrily at the horse who tried to kick him. He did not expect this horse to be so arrogant in front of his presence! This horse was seeking his own demise!

"Neigh—!" The horse snorted in disdain while maintaining his chin up high like he was looking at everyone was an ant!

"Let me get on your back or I will make you get me on your back!" Jin Rou annoyingly said.

"Neigh? Neighhhh!—" the horse glared and snorted again in disdain! He was telling that 'with just you? Heh.'

"You are seeking death!" Jin Rou was about to take a move when Old Mo hurriedly said, "Young master... Please spare this horse. He was that arrogant because of some circumstances."

"Circumstances?" Jin Rou asked. He then added arrogantly "Whatever the circumstance, he dared to act arrogantly in front of this high-esteemed young master who could look down with disdain in the world!"

"Neigh neigh neigh? Neighhhhh!—" the horse was saying that 'such a tone you have there, huh? As if you could back it up!'

"Heh." Jin Rou sneered. Of course, he understood the neighs of the horse by using beast language. He eventually revealed a smile, "Of course, I could back it up. I can defeat you in just a single move."

"Neigh neigh neigh!" the horse meant 'You can defeat me in a single move while I can defeat you in half a move!'

Seeing this horse still arrogant, Jin Rou said back, "I can defeat you in one-fourth move!"

"Neigh neighhh—!" the horse said 'I could defeat you in a one-eight move!

"One-sixteenth move!"

"Neigh neigh!" means One-thirty-second move

"One-sixty-fourth move! Think you still can? Try me then!"

"Neigh neigh!" saying 'sure!'

The two stand in a fighting position. The horse created a friction with his left leg back and forth preparing to take the offense while Jin Rou was holding a red cloth and stanced like an experienced fighter.

Old Mo did not know whether to laugh or cry.

Young master. That's a horse. Not a bull..

Seeing that the two could not be stopped, Old Mo just sighed and prayed that nothing would happen to his horse. Because purchasing these two horses required him a big fortune to have!

The horse glared at Jin Rou like he was signaling Jin Rou that he would be taking the offense already. The horse then snorted, this arrogant horse really did not put Jin Rou in his eyes!

Beasts like this horse did not need to be tamed because most of the horses were just for transportation and could use when fed. Who thought that this horse was actually arrogant?

The one he purchased this horse warned him that the other horse had some trust issue. However, Old Mo paid it no heed and go with it. It was just that this time he discovered it. After all, all he used was the other one horse who was obedient that almost reached the heavens!

"Come, horse!" Jin Rou said as he was fluttering the red cloth.

The horse stanced in a charging position. After a moment, the horse charged at a breakneck speed! The horse turned into a ray of light! Seeing this, Old Mo was stupefied by this. No wonder he could act arrogantly! This horse was not an ordinary one!

However, it picked the wrong opponent. Actually challenging and acting arrogantly in front of the Celestial King? This horse must be tired of living!

Of course, this horse did not know the identity of Jin Rou. Supposedly, the horse's beast instinct would tell it that Jin Rou was not someone he could offend. However, upon remembering bitter memories of his past, it was blinded by hatred and did not mind his instinct.

Jin Rou's current appearance actually resembled someone the horse hated the most!

The moment the horse was about to reach Jin Rou. He suddenly clutched his ground aggressively and stopped all of a sudden. The horse looked to Jin Rou filled with disdain like he was saying, 'You are lucky. Human'

Of course, Jin Rou was infuriated more by this. He was always a calm andposed person fitting his position as the true ruler of the universe, however, for some unknown reason, he was really pissed by this horse!

Jin Rou said in a very annoyed tone, "What now? You stopped because you got afraid? Heh." of course, if there was a chance to get back to the horse, he will not let it slip away!

"Neigh? Neigh neigh!—" The horse said, 'who do you think you are? Are you a god for me to be afraid of you?'

Idiot horse! You were actually talking to a God, the King of Gods at that!

"Heh. Then why don't you fight me?" Jin Rou smirked.

The horse only snorted and turned his back. It began walking away. After a moment, it stopped its track and looked back at Jin Rou. Its eyes were still filled with disdain and contempt!

Jin Rou almost spurted blood by this. He could not get used to it and he was not planning on getting used to it! He eventually said, "What now? Walking away because you are really afraid? Coward!"

"Neigh!" the horse sneered.

Seeing this exchange between the two, Old Mo could not help but be amazed by this and left him jaw-dropped. These two actually could understand each other? Judging by their exchange, it seemed like they really understood each other! This was an amazing thing because the beast language was one of the most difficult mysteries to uncover! Even though there are some that couldmunicate with the beasts, jt was not to the point that they would understand each other word by word! At least, in Quu Empire, it did not and would not happen.

But Old Mo's lips involuntarily twitched.

Young master, if you couldmunicate with the horse, why don't you use it in order to mend things?

Jin Rou harrumphed upon seeing the back of the horse walking away, "Humph. You dared to act arrogant yet you did not have the strength to back it up. Shameless!"

"Neigh? Neneneneneneigh!" the horse laughed and neighed, "Neigh neigh neigh neigh? Neneneneneneigh!" the horse means lt 'you sure are confident, brat. Think you can defeat this king? Hahahahaha!' Eventually, the horse disappeared.

"You.." regarding arrogance, Jin Rou actually lost to the horse! He thought that he already got the profoundness of arrogance. To think he was only this shallow. This was a shameful thing for the Celestial King!

Jin Rou took a deep breath and looked at Old Mo. "Old Mo, do you still have some books like the profoundness of arrogance? Please lend it to me for a while!"

"…." Old Mo

"…." Book of the profoundness of arrogance.

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