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The Adventures Of The Young Master

Chapter 2 - Banquet Your Head!

"My grand plan had succeeded! I waited for so many years and now I am finally able to see the world myself!" Jin Rou excitedly said while jumping up and down.

Actually, this "Grand Plan" of his was just actually waiting for his parents to be away for a moment so that he could activate his Hundred Golden Gate. Once Jin Rou activated this, his father would immediately feel its presence and woulde into his path to stop him. Of course, Jin Rou obediently sat his throne for several years to caught them off guard. And today, he finally reaped his harvest!

"Oh right, Mother told me that my face could kill people. I better disguise myself so that I would not harm anyone." saying that, Jin Rou turned himself into a 20 years old looking guy with a bit over good looks. He made his snow-white hair into a charcoal black average long hair. His looks could be said handsome, but not that extraordinary or attractive at its best.


Jin Rou walked tens of miles away until he reached a city that filled with people. He could just teleport in that place with just a split second, but since Jin Rou was enjoying the outside world, he chose to walk.

This city was called Cygnus City, the largest city and one of the successful places built in Shred Case Mortal World.

With a beaming smile on his face, Jin Rou was amazed by the scenery of this city. The tall buildings, many people in robes talking happily together and flying saucers!

Flying saucers are used by cultivators who were incapable of flight. This flying saucer actually appeared like an egg with a blue colored at the middle and red at the surrounding parts. This could be used by fueling it by essence qi.

After walking for several minutes to sightsee, suddenly Jin Rou's attention was caught by something in his front. After which, his eyes suddenly lit up. In his front was a two-story building that was average looking at it is with a plaque "Shack's Dine". Of course, this was not what caught his attention, it was the people eating inside that was transparent through the glass.

"They are holding a banquet!" Jin Rou leaped in joy. In his life, he had never yet to experience going into a banquet and eat together with someone who he can call a friend.

But unfortunately, due to lack of knowledge of the outside world, this restaurant was actually recognized as a banquet by Jin Rou. And so, he entered the building.

His eyes glow in excitement more because it was more amazing when you got inside. If the appearance outside was average, inside was grand! The surroundings were sparkling gold. And it gives off a mild and majestic vibe!

"Esteemed customer, what table do you prefer?" a waitress walked into him and asked politely. Seeing Jin Rou in a decent attire with over average looks, she deduced that this boy came from a well-off family at least.

Seeing the waitress and her great hospitality, Jin Rou smiled and answered gleefully, "Any table will do!"

Receiving the young man's answer, the waitress was startled by a bit but immediately gestured the young man while smiling, "Then, this way please."

Jin Rou followed the gesture and sat on the chair. The waitress handed over a two-page book and gave it to Jin Rou.

"What is this?" Confused, Jin Rou flips the book and realized that the book was filled with food names and with some digits right after it.

What a unique banquet! Maybe these digits are the corresponding essence qi that you will get? Then that's great! I never yet experienced any qi other than heavenly essence qi so this would be great!

Even though he never attended a banquet, he knew that there is no book-like that waitresses give to its guest. And so he discovered that this 'banquet' was unique and even deduced that the 'digits' was the essence qi you will get upon eating the specific dish.

"Sir, have you already picked your choice of a dish?" getting impatient, the waitress asked with a bit of rudeness.

I have been waiting here for almost twenty minutes yet you just looked at the menu and smile like it was your first time seeing it. You were even agitated! I know our restaurant is famous for its delicacies.

But hell! You should order first rather than looking at the menu like it was an artifact!

Humph! I guess you are just a country bumpkin!

Oblivious to what was in the waitress' mind, Jin Rou answered, "Yes. Please give me these with the highest numbers!"

"Highest numbers?" The waitress' lips twitched a bit because of the term used. However, she paid it no heed and sighed in relief. She thought that she would wait for an entire hour waiting for this young man to choose. The waitress immediately walked away to fulfill the young man's order.

After several minutes, the waitress came back with a tray on her hands. Filled with three dishes that were the most expensive ones of their restaurant.

Upon seeing the dishes, Jin Rou's eyes glowed immensely. He immediately dug in and found the dish delicious. Even though the dishes couldn't bepared to the ones in his realm, nevertheless, he had enjoyed the delicacies!

In just twenty minutes, the dishes prepared for him was eaten entirely. Jin Rou was extremely satisfied by this 'banquet'. He then stood up and said to the waitress that was personally assisting him, "Thank you for your hospitality! I'll be taking my leave!"

Jin Rou then began to walk to the door. The waitress stared at the young man with an indescribable expression.

"Taking your leave?" finally, the waitress seemed to go regained her wits and began to give chase to the young man. Her expression got darkened as she glared.

Stopping his footsteps, Jin Rou smiled, "Yes. I enjoyed the banquet. Oh, wait, who was the host of the banquet? Please tell me his name so that I would give him a favor."

"Banquet..?" the waitress' lips twitched intensely.


Banquet your head! This is a restaurant! Who the hell told you that this is a banquet?

Surely, you got something loose in your head!

Seeing the innocent confused face of the latter, the waitress almost spurted blood and faint on the spot.

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