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The Adventures Of The Young Master

Chapter 19 - Settling Matters

"You are the guild leader yet you act this way. You are the one who banished Old Mo and yet you are talking like he instead owes you something? You are quite something." Jin Rou said in a tone of annoyance. He stomped his foot against the guild leader and said with sharp-glaring eyes, "Know your place, mortal human."

Jin Rou gave off the air of a true ruler! Everyone held their breaths as they witness this scene. They did not dare to breathe out! Even Old Mo was stupefied at this moment! He just witnessed the terrifying side of the young master! His glares could pierce right through the soul of one's being! What was more terrifying was that even he released an aura, no one could determine the exact cultivation of Jin Rou!

The guild leader passed out from extreme anger and frustration. After which, Jin Rou released his foot that stomped the guild leader. He then said to Old Mo with a light smile, "I will be waiting in the inn. Settle your matters first. My journey is far and long. I do not know if you could ever return here. Of course, feel free to change your mind. I will not blame you."

"No, no young master." Old Mo immediately shook his head. "As long as I could apany you, everything is fine."

This is what really inside of his heart and desired. At least, by this, he could pay the incredible grace he was bestowed with even a tiny single bit! He did not know the background of this young master but he trusted him so deep that it almost could be said he was his family!

The young master only smiled and left. What left were Old Mo and the rest of the members of the guild along with the three master chefs of Shagu Empire.

He looked at the guild leader who already gained his consciousness and said coldly, "I treated you as my friend and my closest at that. But never did I expect that you kicked me in my teeth. And just now, you wanted the things my young master gave me? Even though I am not a match for you, I will fight you to the death and will never let you snatch this away even I be a corpse!"

His voice was filled with fury! No one dared to talk back or defend the guild leader. They were afraid that they will anger the young man backing this Old Mo and decide to destroy their sects or clans! The young master came from a high-tier empire. So it was obvious that the guild leader will not be a match to a genius of such an empire that actually could impart knowledge of a legendary recipe like it was no big deal! What's more is that he is an actual Mentor! Just this could already shake the entire Quu Empire!

Old Mo then looked at the persons who gloated and wished him misfortune. Seeing that Old Mo was staring at them, they immediately lowered their heads and did not dare to look back.

Old Mo then casually smirked, "I thought you guys could understand me too. Who knew that my downfall was your greatest desires. It was really a good thing that I did not trust anyone of you. If I am a disgrace of the guild because I am a 'traitor', then you guys belonged to the pinnacle of disgrace for the guild."

He turned his back and added, "I am still thankful because the guild really molded me. But that's it. I don't have any obligations with you or the guild from now on. Farewell."

Before Old Mo reach the end, a soft voice sounded in his ears with full of sincerity, "I'm sorry."

It was the guild leader. However, he remained unaffected and eventually left.

After he left, most of the people inside the hall felt their legs weakened and fall butt-first. They heaved a sigh of relief from this. The show had finallye into an end! However, the result of the show was not favorable to the guild nor the three master chefs. All of them were greatly humiliated. However, all they could do was swallow this anger and move on.

The news of the event happened at the chef guild spread just a matter of hours. The people went into a huge uproar upon hearing this! A Mentor actually appeared here in the Quu Empire which was only a low-tier empire and was speculated that he was from a high-tier empire. Thus, the royal family seek further investigation of what happened and pursue the matter about the appearance of a formidable character!


Oblivious to the current uproar the chef guild caused, Jin Rou was still meditating. It has been three days since the happening at the chef guild.

Knock knock!

A knock was heard inside the room, Jin Rou opened his eyes and saw Old Mo walking in. Jin Rou smiled and asked, "You settled your matters already?"

Old Mo smiled back and politely answered, "Yes, young master. I transferred the ownership of this building to Myu Hanfeng. We can depart anytime now."

Myu Hanfeng was the girl who assisted Jin Rou at the restaurant that he thought a banquet. Concerning management, Myu Hanfeng was more capable than the other apprentice chefs he had. So picking her was not a wrong decision, it would benefit them and the restaurant greatly.

"That's good." Jin Rou smiled. "However, I still don't know where to go. I just wanted to go to a place that was something thrilling." Jin Rou stretched his arms.

"So young master likes thrilling places. Then this old Mo had something in mind." Old Mo smiled.

"Oh?" Jin Rou was slightly taken aback. "Please speak."

Old Mo did not waste time and began explaining, "The middle-tier Tyy Empire will hold a Painting Competition from aspiring painters, the Painting Guild will supervise thispetition. As you already noticed, our empire doesn't have any painting guild. That was because only middle-tier empires and above could hold this. So the Quu Empire was out of the question. Even Painter was only a minor job, it was greatly revered by the masses and could be said that this job could rival the major jobs!"

"Middle-tier Tyy Empire? Not bad. I don't know if this would be exciting but I wanted to go!" Jin Rou's eyes lit up and said it. All he wanted was travel around. What more could he ask for? Besides, he wanted to witness what paintings the mortals could make.

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