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The Adventures Of The Young Master

Chapter 17 - Marriette Sauce

After a few minutes, Old Mo opened his eyes and held the three dishes floating in the air. He put it on the table and a burst of craving aroma could be smelled! One could already deduce what kind of dish that was presented! But they could not help but twitch involuntarily. The other party only slept and snored while the ingredients were flying away. How could this man create such incredible dishes in just a short amount of time and sleeping at that? This was way too ridiculous!

Old Mo did not pay heed to the reactions of the crowd, no matter what happened, he could not care anymore about them. He said to the masters, "The dishes were done. The first dish I made was called Creme Sasaer from the main ingredient, Sasaer beast. It was gently seasoned with blue onions and crack crumbs. The second dish I made was Magaruet Chicken Wings. As the name it says, its main ingredient is Magaruet Chicken. A very hard meat to soften. It was apanied by erastic herbs and latuma spice that came from the high tier empire. The third dish is Sasing Sauchet Leaves, this could be considered as an appetizer before eating the first two dishes. This dish was made from the Sauchet Leaves that was aging 50 years already. I also prepared the sauce for the three dishes which willplete the food."

Old Mo then uncover the bowl beside the Sasing Sauchet Leaves and a more craving aroma surrounded the entire hall! Even the three masters could no longer hold themselves back and gulped a mouthful of saliva. They were also salivating by this!

"This sauce is Marriette Sauce. Please dig in and evaluate me." Old Mo said passively.

"Marriette Sauce, you say?" Gayu was instantly aghast from hearing this. This sauce is actually a legendary sauce that every master chefs craved to have! Just this sauce recipe could bring a calamity for those who possessed this kind of item!

"That's right, this is a Marriette Sauce. If you all are not convinced, then please help yourselves and dig in along with the sauce." Old Mo said confidently. Of course, he would be confident! The one who imparted him the recipe for the Marriette Sauce, one of the legendary sauces of the Culinary Arts, was actually his young master, Jin Rou during the impartation of the profound. However, what was imparted to him was not just this, this is only a portion of what he had learned!

Marriette Sauce is a sauce that was said to be an all-purpose sauce. It could automatically blend with the food it touched and enhance its flavor and exert the maximum potential of the dish. This sauce was categorized as a legendary sauce recipe by the records of the past generations of the chef guilds of the mortal worlds. In fact, some records said that once the Shred Case Mortal World has the recipe of the Marriette Sauce but eventually lost due to the river of time. The convenience of this was actually the ingredients were allmon but the challenge for the procedure is ten times more difficult than the Chef Promotion Examination! Even one had the recipe, one needed at least to be a seven-star master chef in order to have a bit chance of making this sauce. The procedure making this required the basic fire essence in a very profound control! One wrong even slight increase or decrease in the exact temperature could make the sauce nothing but a trash!

The doubtful trio looked at each other and contemplated for a moment, Mao and Modu also knew the Marriette Sauce but they never expected to be presented right here in this low-tier empire! Feeling their craving stomachs because of the aroma it was released, the trio no longer hold themselves back and took a bite.

The moment they tasted it along with the Marriette Sauce, everything seemed blank their minds! Their bodies were like floating in the air and enjoying a blue moon scenery at noon! All they could think of was that the dishes presented and the Marriette Sauce! They already speculated that even without the Marriette Sauce, the dish was still a perfect dish at five stars! But since the Marriette Sauce was added, Gayu exclaimed in a shocked expression, "Perfect Dishes at seven stars! How... How is this possible?!"

"Indeed! These were all Perfect Dishes at seven stars!" Mao could not help but agree. The fact was right in front of them, no matter how unwilling he was, Old Mo already shown his skill! And his skill was already enough to be a seven-star Master Chef! This means that they were beyond the other party's means!

Hearing this, the crowd especially the people who gloated from Old Mo's misfortune narrowed their eyes with paled expression. Even the guild leader's expression was turning red from green! No one knew what he was thinking right now!

Old Mo was instantly delighted by the current result. He only thought that that would be enough for him to take the three-star Master Chef Chef Promotion Examination. Who would have thought this leaped him by a great margin! This is a six stars promotion in skill's aspects! He then looked at Jin Rou who was casually sitting on his chair with great reverence! If not for this person, how could he make such dishes and the Marriette Sauce? In fact, he was already sure that he could not master the Marriette Sauce because that was a very hard thing to make even for seven-star master chefs. What's more is that this was the first time again that the Marriette Sauce actually appeared from the surface again after hundreds of years it was lost!

Old Mo also knew this Marriette Sauce since the start and was not planning to reveal this. However, being banished from his guild made him so infuriated that he wanted to show what the chef guild had lost this time!

Gayu calmed himself and gestured the other two old men, they lost the bet and holding to their last bit of prestige and dignity, even shameful, they will not renege on the bet. Gayu kneeled and gestured the two to kneel also, they contemplated for a bit before kneeling and said in unison, "We ask forgiveness from the young master!"

Gayu was only the one who was sincere when he said it, while the other two only forced themselves to throw out the words. They were regretting at this moment, they challenged someone who was capable of making Perfect dishes at seven stars with their measly skills. What was terrifying is that they came from a high-tier empire! If the other party will pursue matters, they could kiss goodbye to their loved jobs! They lost all of their faces this time and probably would not able to get it back. But all they could do was regret and blame their blind eyes from not seeing a real expert.

Jin Rou was already satisfied by this and nodded his head to gesture them to get up.

Gayu looked at the guild leader with a bit of annoyance, "He was one of the examinees for the Chef Promotion Examination, right? Howe he could do this? Are you toying with us?"

"This.." the guild leader did not know what to say, however, he was sure that the Old Mo he knew was actually stuck at his bottleneck, yet now he created a Perfect Dishes at seven stars!

"Nevermind." Gayu knew that he would not get what answer he wanted so he dismissed it, he looked at Old Mo with great respect and asked if his speculations a while ago was right, "Master Chef Mo, the technique you did a while ago that you were sleeping, is it called Nature's Dance of the Invisible Knife?"

Old Mo looked at the young master to confirm whether he should answer or not, seeing the nodding of the young master, he smiled and confidently said, "It seems Gayu was knowledgeable.

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