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The Adventures Of The Young Master

Chapter 16 - Cooking While Sleeping

"What did you say?" Mao was trembling in anger again, the same for the other men. Even theposed Gayu had his hand shaking while clenched! If the young lad was the only one arrogant, they could still bear it for a bit because he was still inexperienced. But to Old Mo that actually a man in his fifty's dared to look down on them? That's a different case!

"Did he just mock the preferred cuisine of the masters? "

"Is he out of his mind?"

"It was one thing for his young master to mock the old men. But to think that he would also do the same."

"Heh. He has no way of escaping now. I doubt he would remain unscathed after this."

"Let's just see where his arrogance came from."

The crowd went into huge uproar andmented about the scene unfolded right in their eyes. A one-star master chef actually mocked the three-star master chefs!

Knowing that he had no way back and just had to push it through, Old Mo clenched his fist and said, "I said, is that all? If that is all, may I start now?"

"You.." seeing the unaffected Old Mo, Modu almost leaped into a rage. "Fine. Let's see how you will do three perfect dishes with different main ingredients within such a short amount of time."

The three old men knew that making Alania Western Cuisine required the main ingredients to be usually tough and soften it by boiling. For example, the Por Fish is a meat that usually used to make Alania Cuisines. Por Fish meat requires four hours at the breakneck pace.

Making Alania Western Cuisine in just a concise amount of time and three different dishes at that, how could one aplish it? It was evident that they were making things difficult for the other party. they expected aplaint because of this unfair preferred cuisine since this was really a difficult task to do even for them or their guild leader in the Shagu Empire, but who would expect that they would be mocked instead and was asked if that is all? They were utterly humiliated again!

It seems like humiliation is the best friend of this three old men!

Old Mo calmly picked the ingredients at the kitchen that he supposed to use on the examination. But since he could no longer participate, might as well just slap their faces before leaving this ground!

Old Mo said in a very calm tone, "Then let me start."

Old Mo closed his eyes and remained unmoved. It seemed like he was sleeping.

"What is he doing? He has only a very short amount of time and yet he was.. Sleeping?"

Snore... Snore...

"What the hell! He was really sleeping!"

"That idiot!"

"He still has the luxury to sleep even in this kind of situation!"

The current scene stupefied the crowd. It seemed like their eyes were playing tricks on them and rubbed their eyes. But seeing this was a reality, they could not help but twitch their lips. A chef actually was sleeping in the middle of a challenge?

Did you stay all night last night that you chose to sleep right in front of us and the masters?

You must have been to heaven last night, huh?!

"Mo.." the guild leader muttered but his voice was full of annoyance.

Even though he banished him, Old Mo at least hold some face for the guild even he was no longer a part of it. But what was this now? He was actually sleeping!

This was a great humiliation for the entire chef guild of the Quu Empire!

Seeing this scene, the three master chefs could no longer know whether to laugh or be angered at the current scene. Laugh because this was really looking laughable that the other party was sleeping in the middle of cooking that in fact, not yet had started. Old Mo was really looked like an idiot. Angered because this was like the other party was telling them that he was not putting them in his eyes.

But Mao was feeling gleeful at this moment, no matter what, he just really wanted to humiliate the arrogant young lad who opposed them and build their might again in this low-tier empire. Seeing the other party making a fool of himself, Mao sneered, "It seems like you are just all talk."

However, Old Mo remained unmoved and still, his eyes were closed.

"Something was amiss," Gayu said in a low tone. As a very cautious person, Gayu was indeed capable of interpreting things. No matter how devoid of clues the scene was, he could still a tell one or two links.

Confusedly looking to Gayu, Modu asked: "What do you mean?"

Gayu's eyebrows narrowed and with a serious expression, "If that man was really making a fool for himself, why that young lad was not worried and instead of carrying a leisurely expression? It seems like this was only normal."

Hearing this, the two immediately realized that the brat they so much hated was actually sitting on a chair nicely while still holding his arrogant attitude high. There was no trace of worry that could be found in his face!

If something was really amiss, then what is it?

Gayu was about to speak but choked it back as he was extremely stupefied at the next scene unfolded right in front of him! Seeing the stupefiedpanion of theirs, they also looked back at the place where Old Mo was.

However, upon seeing this, their faces instantly paled from the current scene!

The ingredients were flying around the cauldron with a white fire surrounding it! Golden sparks could be seen around the hall. Nature was dancing with the ingredients! All of the people were instantly aghast from this! What was more, is that the one who probably caused this was the one who was still snoring, Old Mo!

Gayu's lips involuntarily twitched.

What the hell?! Since when it was that cooking could also be done while sleeping and snoring at that?

However, after which, Gayu was frozen for a moment the moment he remembered something, his expression paled and looked again at the Old Mo who was still cooking. He was now cooking the second dish! The first dish was done magnificently and majestically!

Gayu gathered all of his thoughts to confirm his speculation. After pondering for a while, he reached into a conclusion. His face got paler!

"Gayu, what's wrong?" seeing the pale expression of theirpanion, they worried and asked. There were only a few things that could make this always calm andposed Gayu to pale his expression to this extent!

Gayu tried to calm his emotions down and said in a low tone, "We hit a huge wall this time. This is someone that we could not afford to offend!"

Mao and Modu also realized this but could not help but have paler expressions than a while ago. It seemed like the other party could back his words up!

But the hell! Their lips twitched. Cooking while sleeping?

That's kinda. Absurd. Right?

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