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The Adventures Of The Young Master

Chapter 15 - Is That All?

"How really arrogant!" Maoposed himself and harrumphed. "I don't know where your confidence came from. You sure know how to boast high like the heavens."

"Then, who will do the job in your stead?" Gayu said in a calm manner. However, deep inside, he was shaking in anger that he wanted this man to be pummeled to the death! If not for just his position, this man would have been laying down dead now!

Jin Rou casually said, "It's Old Mo. He will do it in my stead. He is enough to deal with you three old fools."

"Me?" Old Mo staggered a step back with a pale expression. Although he knew that he could do it, he was afraid of humiliating the three old men! If that happened, regarding the humiliation that the old master chefs received, it was a guarantee that they would not let this go!

Young master, please stop doing this... This is bad for my heart.

The guild master knitted his eyebrows and looked at Old Mo, "You are siding with that man?"

The guild leader's impression towards Old Mo could be said like he was a friend. However, seeing that the Old Mo was contemplating whether he would do it or not and even looking at the young man with a pathetic-looking face. He could not help it but feel dismayed! Today was the critical event for the chef guild yet this happened because of an arrogant brat popping out of nowhere and was actually a young master of an examinee of the chef guild, the most promising to be the next guild leader, Old Mo!

As the guild leader who only wanted to improve the current chef guild, he only wanted to hand the position over for someone who is capable of seeing the guild over and do his job well. His choice was obviously Old Mo since he was so sure that he would pass the examination today. But after seeing the current events, he needed to reconsider his choice or else it would be a fatal threat to the chef guild! He could bearmitting any grave sins but not the destruction of the guild!

Jin Rou noticed the hesitating Old Mo, "Old Mo, youpete in my stead. I guarantee that nothing will happen. So just be rest assured."

"This.." Old Mo did not know what to say and just gritted his teeth, "Okay then!"

Old Mo stepped forward and steeled his face. He could not bear to offend the three old men and the look of the guild leader was such painful to see but he could more not offend his benefactor! Besides, the young master himself assured him that nothing will happen. He did not know but he believed Jin Rou! Besides, by roping Jin Rou, the guild will be for a boost for a higher surface! Taking the serious guarantee of the young master, this was the best choice the heavens offered!

Modu harrumphed in disdain, "So you will do the job in that brat's stead. However, you must know that if you could not make an approving dish for us, you will also kowtow three times along with that arrogant young master of yours. Do you still accept the challenge?"

An examinee and an old friend of Old Mo said, "Mo, what are you doing? Why are you siding with that brat? Are you betraying our guild?"

Another one shouted, "That's right. That young man offended the masters. Why trouble yourself siding with him? He is dragging our feet and the destruction of our empire! Can't you see that? Or are you trying to turn a blind eye because he paid you an extravagant price?"

Hearing the last man saying that, Old Mo almost leaped in rage!

Extravagant price? You sure put words in an inappropriate way that seemed like you are trying to say that my young master is a but a treasure trove and I am getting the most benefits of it. If you all just knew...

If you all just knew that the arrogant man you guys were infuriated with is someone you could not hope to offend, let's see how could you kneel for forgiveness!

Old Mo disregarded the words of hispanions and said, "Let's proceed with the challenge. What would be your like of cuisine?"

"You.." seeing Old Mo ignored him. He snorted and said, "Siding with that brat? Fine! Go seek your own demise then! But don't pull our feet with you!"

Mao smirked and said, "Examinee, do not worry. Whatever happened, we will not touch your guild or empire. This was only for the arrogant brat and that man."

The guild leader heaved a sigh of relief and said, "Then I thank the masters." He then looked at Old Mo with a look of disappointment, "This is your choice, Mo. From now on, whatever happens, you will not be part of the chef guild anymore. Go look to the other chef guilds at the surrounding empires!"

The crowd shook their heads and hold their breaths for a moment. The most promising master chef of the Quu Empire was banished all of a sudden. His prestige would fall instantly overnight and will be the center of the mockery and laughs.

Old Mo paled from hearing this.. his eyes were filled with sadness and indignant. He just wanted to protect them by doing this but he was wronged instead and branded as a traitor. No one even asked him why was he doing this! They just all jumped to conclusions and treat him as a traitor. He thought that there was someone who could understand him, but it seems he was wrong along!

Old Mo gritted his teeth and said, "Fine then. Did you want it that way? I hope you guys will not regret doing this to me!"

The examinees leaped in joy after hearing that Old Mo was banished from the guild. Those who lost hopepeting for the position for the next guild leader were now brimming with high lives like they were reincarnated! Old Mo was the biggest obstacle in their path that they could not pass through, but now that he was gone for good, if no people were surrounding, they could had hopped from joy right now!

An examinee snorted in disdain, "Regret? why would regret losing you? You are the one who had a lost, not the guild or us! The guild could produce more capable than you!"

The other also nodded and approved by the examinee's claim, "That's right! You are not a lost to us!"

Seeing the chaotic conflict, Mao could not help but smirk, "Alright. After we deal with this two, we will proceed now to the examination for you all guys."

He then looked at Old Mo and said in a confident tone, "Our proposed cuisine is Alania Western Cuisine. We need three different dishes with different sauces and main ingredients. You need to finish it within one hour. Do you agree?"

"Alania Western Cuisine? He was doomed. That is an arduous task. He better just admit defeat rather than shaming himself."

"That's right. That cuisine is kinda hard for a mere one-star master chef. Three-star master chefs and so could only cook that. They were surely making things difficult for him. He was really finished."

"Humph. That's what he seeks. he offended the masters so he deserved it."

The three old men smiled deviously, they knew also that a three-star master chefs or higher could only make the cuisine.

Seeing the frozen Old Mo, Mao was gleeful and was about to say something when Old Mo said in a leisurely and arrogant tone,

"Is that all?"

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