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"Do you dare repeat what did you say?" If the old men were angered a while ago, this time they were extremely angered! They, a prestigious Master Chefs that even the ruler of the Shagu Empire needed to give them face, actually received an utter humiliation from a younger generation!

Old Mo was crying in his heart. He thought that bringing Jin Rou was a right decision since he could give him pointers. Who would have thought that it would just only bring him instant demise? If not for the fact that he was his benefactor and a half a teacher, he would have already smacked this lad to death!

Young master, even you have a huge backing, the people of our empire didn't have. What would just happen if these old men were to pay the grudge by using us? Master.. please...

Oblivious to the thoughts of Old Mo, Jin Rou found being arrogant, enjoyable. Seeing the shaking bodies from the anger of

the three Master Chefs, he could not help but be in joy. He really did not expect that the book was so effective as this! In fact, he was planning to be arrogant from now on! Of course, this was for only those with dark inner hearts.

Jin Rou sharply glared at the three shaking old men and arrogantly said, "Are you all became deaf because of your old ages? I said that if you kowtow three times, I will let this matter go or else I will throw you guys out!"

"You!!" Master Chef Mao shouted, "Do you know what would happen if you treat us this way? We are from the middle-tier Shagu Empire! I will give you one last chance, kneel and apologize or else this whole empire will be history in the next few days!"

The crowd instantly paled from hearing this. This was not only a threat, if the said empire would really be serious, that could be done in just a night! The Quu Empire's destruction was now on the verge of happening! They glared angrily at the young arrogant lad who was the root of all of this, if stares had knives, Jin Rou would have been holed by thousands!

Old Mo also paled from fright this time, it would be over if the empire would be history! He hurriedly said to Jin Rou, "Young master please.. Hold your high horses and take a step back. Our empire is now on the line so I hope you will give this lowly one some face for consideration."

These words were sincere enough for the innocent Jin Rou to be shaken. He enjoyed so much being arrogant that he did not realized that it was putting the empire in danger. However, seeing the dark inner hearts of the old men getting darker, Jin Rou could not help but shook his head and glared at the three, "Take a step back? Why should I? They were the ones who were in the mistake in the first place, why should I apologize to them? And kneel? you better dream on, a bunch of fools! I only kneel to my parents, not anyone in this world deserves this Celestial K- young master to kneel!"

Master Chef Modu stomped his foot and the entire hall shook and shouted high-lungs "Okay, you are basically seeking death! You are only from the younger generation yet you dared to act arrogantly in front of us, old and experienced men?"

Master Chef Modu could not hold his anger any longer and decided to attack the young man! He didn't care of prestige this time because his reasoning was clouded by the intense anger!

The crowd instantly paled more from this! A Sky Realm expert! The Sky Realm is the door to the Emperor Realm. One must know that there is no Sky Realm cultivators in the Quu Empire! Yet, the Shagu Empire actually dispatched Sky Realm experts like cabbages.

"Stop!" However, Master Chef Gayu stopped him, he was infuriated by the utter humiliation from the young man, however, he still remainedposed.

Modu did not expect that Gayu would stop him, "What? Are you siding with that brat now? He humiliated us right in the face!"

Gayu answered, "You are from the old generation, you really plan to take action against that kid? Besides, don't you noticed that even he knew that we were from the Shagu Empire, he did not even put us in his eyes! If he was seeking death, this was not the best way!"

Hearing this, Modu and Mao trembled a bit and contemplated, if the young man was from a high-tier empire, their empire would be the one to be history! Judging by the fact that the young man didn't even look at them with a bit of respect, the other party must be from some behemoth empires that they could not afford to offend! But this only remains a possibility with a high chance.

Modu asked, "Then what should we do? Swallow this anger and let this be?" Even though he could not touch the young man if he really had a huge backing, it would not be the same with the Quu Empire! At least, he wanted to pay this debt by the Quu Empire.

Gayu smiled and said, "Of course not. That young lad actually dared to humiliate us decades older than him. Even I could not hold this anger for so long that's why we have to do this in an appropriate way."

The two old men were confused. Thus Mao said, "What are you trying to say?"

Gayu answered, "We are Master Chefs and the examiner of this Chef Promotion Examination, we have toplete this task no matter what. What us Master Chefs do?"

Mao seemed to get what Gayu was trying to say and his eyes lit up, "That's right! We can do it that way!"

Mao immediately looked at the young man and smirked, "Young man, judging by the arrogant tone you have there, you must be pretty skills at Culinary Arts. How about we make a bet?"

Jin Rou smiled, of course, he knew what the three talked about even they were sending telepathic messages to each other. He casually said, "Bet? Be sure you have the qualifications first. How arrogant you have there to shamelessly propose a bet?"

"YOUU!!" Did not expect that the young man would run his mouth arrogantly again, Mao almost spurted blood. "We have the qualifications! If you are scared, just tell us."

"Scared?" Jin Rou smirked, "Looks you are confident. Then don't blame me if you cry later. State the details of the bet.

"Humph!" Mao harrumphed and explained the bet, "If you could make a dish that would make us evaluate it as perfect, then you win. If you win, we will apologize to you and kowtow three times. But if you lose, heh. You will let us smack you one time each for us and you will kowtow three times. What do you say?"

"Sure!" Jin Rou said in a leisurely manner.

"Haha! I know you would not accept it! I--" Mao stuttered for a moment and confusedly said, "You agreed to it just like that?"

"Why not?" Jin Rou smirked, "It is not like I will be the one to kowtow. But I will not be your opponent since you guys are too unqualified to be even apetitor against me."

Jin Rou's words actually made the people around stupefied and shaking in anger at this moment!

Young lad, if you wanted to die, die somewhere else! Why do you keep bragging and behaving arrogant like you have the qualifications to do so? Dammit! Don't pull our legs to the death with you!

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