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The Adventures Of The Young Master

Chapter 13 - The Book Named, Profoundness Of Arrogance

Of course, the one who said it was none other than our bum protagonist, Jin Rou.

This scene dumbfounded the spectators, an unknown man actually tell the three-star Master Chefs 'So what?'. Even the man who was about to retort a while ago got his jaw dropped! Although he would retaliate against the old men, it was not to the extent that he would casually say that in a tone of mockery and arrogance. He did not have the guts to do so!

Naturally, the old men were extremely infuriated by this blatant disdain from the young man's words, Master Chef Mao was about to furiously shout when the guild leader had said in an angry tone and looked directly to Old Mo, "Mo, do you know that kid?"

The guild leader was angry at this moment, this was a momentous occasion yet an unknown man just popped out all of a sudden and said those mocking two words right to the faces of the examiners. Take note, these old men were from the middle-tier Shagu Empire! Shagu empire has two Mentors ranking from two and three stars added by the four-star Master Chef of the empire's Chef Guild. If the empire desired the Quu Empire to be history, it would not be a difficult task for the said empire! That is how terrifying the Shagu Empire for the Quu Empire. Yet, this man arrogantly said that to them! If not seeking death, what was this?

Old Mo awkwardly smiled and said, "Yes. This is my young master."

"Young master?" the guild leader's lips twitched.

You have a young master? since when?

Old Mo answered, "Yes. He is my young master Jin."

The guild leader had something to say but was interrupted by Master Chef Mao and disdainfully said, "I bet your young master is from some decent family. However, just a low-class bunch kind of family. Just a young man and experienced yet dared to mock us. You sure have the guts, no?"

Old Mo twitched.

Master, if you just knew that this young man is actually at least five-star Master Chef who can use the Resonance of the Two knives and was a Mentor, you would probably die on the spot!

Master Chef Mudo added, "That lad disrespected us and we were humiliated, however, if so he should apologize to us right now and admit it was his mistake sincerely, we will let this go. That is an easy thing to do, right?"

Of course, this people would never let this go just like that! They just casually said it to appear benevolent in front of the crowd. They obviously noticed that a while ago, many were shaking in anger by their attitude, so in order to control the people here and maintain their prestige and might, might as well do it this way. After all, even though this was only a low-tier empire, it still has some extravagant resources that even in the Shagu Empire were rare enough.

The crowd was a bit amazed by this sudden twist of events. They thought that the old men would go punish the young lad because of the disrespectful remark that he said. Who would have thought that they were willing to let it go and let him be? It just means that the old men were giving the other party a chance! Mixed feelings were now contained in their hearts, just a while ago, they were infuriated by the old men, now, seeing the magnanimous attitude, they could not help but contemplate.

However, Jin Rou was not affected by this and said in a leisurely manner with a tone of arrogance, "Apologize sincerely? I did not do anything wrong, why should I?"

Jin Rou knew that these guys were not up to something good. He could see the inner heart of a being just by a single glance. Judging the darkness of the inner hearts of the old men, it was pretty sure that theymitted such inhumane acts against others. So why should he, the overlord of the universe, apologize to these devils? If not for the fact that if he used his power, he might get exposed and be traced by his family, he would have already dealt with these bastards!

When Jin Rou was staying in the inn of Old Mo, he found a book named "The Profoundness of Arrogance". This book was read by him and was amazed by its contents that he didn't know that being arrogant is such a cool thing to do! And thus, rather than punishing the old men, he could just act arrogantly! The book said that being arrogant could save lives and suppress your opponent! And the Celestial King himself actually bought the information!

Seriously, who the heck of the author made that book?

The eyelids of Master Chef Gayu twitched, "What did you say?"

He did not expect that this lad actually dared to talk to them like that again! The lad was not putting them in his eyes. This is a great humiliation!

"Didn't you hear what I said? Why should I apologize to you bunch of fools who actually just knew how to bully people weaker than you? Now, scram before I throw you out!" Jin Rou said in a very arrogant tone!

The crowd's jaws dropped to the ground and were stupefied by this. Even Old Mo twitched violently because of this blatant humiliation for the Master Chefs!

Young master, that line you said just now was precisely from the book you read. You seriously took it that being arrogant is cool?

Old Mo knew that the young master read that kind of book. Actually, the book was given to him as a bonus when he purchased a bulk of Flower Santeria, one of the spices. Seeing the title of the book, and it is apparent that almost ancient, he knew that he would not need it but still accepted it as a respect. The vendor also claimed that the one who made the book was actually a Master Mentor! However, this was not proven so Old Mo did not believe it and take it to heart. Who would have thought someone would seriously want to learn its contents? This was basically will lead you to instant death because at the very first page of the book, it said "Arrogance is a must to learn! Offend as many people as you can and slap your arrogance directly to them and said: "Scram to the side before I throw you out!"

What the heck is this?

Seeing that the old men were not saying anything, Jin Rou leaped up in joy in his heart. The book was effective! he then said to the old men with his chin up, "Humph. Bit your tounges? Wanted to apologize? It's too late! If you kowtow three times and said: "I am your grandson". I will let you all be."


At this moment, the old men got their vision blackened and almost fainted from the spot.

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