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The Adventures Of The Young Master

Chapter 120 - Forging Potential

The Apprentice Examination consisted of only two stages. The Forging Potential Examination and the live Armament Forging. In the Forging Potential Examination, the examinee would be tested by a crystal ball, which could determine one's forging potential. Most of the time, the examinees would already fail from this first step and only a few could move on to the final examination. In live Armament Forging, just like its name implied, an examinee will forge an armament. But of course, it was not some high-grade armaments since they were only aspiring master forgers.

However, this Armament Forging Examination was not to be underestimated. After all, what would be the reason why this was the last exam? And depending on what the examiner wanted, the examinees had no right to complain.

Once an examinee passes all of these, they would be entitled as Apprentice Forgers.

"Alright, now that I explained everything, if anyone of you has questions, ask it now. I would not be entertaining them later once the exam started." Selestine said.

The examinees did not respond to this, indicating none of them had questions.

"Okay then, let's proceed to the first examination!" Selestine led everyone to another room where the first examination will be held.

The room was not that big, with walls painted with plain black. There were also hanging armaments here. This room was giving off a silent aura like this was a room of emptiness. In the middle of this room, there was a white crystal ball that was glowing faintly. It seemed that this was the ball that could determine their potential.

"Now, let's start the Forging Potential Examination." Selestine declared, "Just touch the ball and it will determine your potential with a hundred percent accuracy. Whatever the result, never doubt what the ball gave you since it never got mistaken. After all, that was a high-grade Emperor Armament."

"Emperor Armament!" Everyone gasped and repeated the words. They found themselves unable to breathe for a moment. What was Emperor Armament? This was the symbol of a true powerhouse! After all, not all sects, in fact only a few, had Emperor Armaments.

"Yes, that's right. This was an Emperor Armament that personally created by the founder of this Blacksmith Guild. So of course." Selestine smiled proudly.

The examinees were in awe. To think that this ball was personally created by the most powerful forger of the history of this world, the founder of Blacksmith Guild, who would not be in awe? Oh, except Jin Rou.

"Alright, enough talking. Go one by one in the front to take the test. Remember, your potential should be at least 7.0 and up." Selestine said.

The ball will give numbers indicating the forging potential of the one who touched it. The lowest was 1.0 and the highest was 10.0. In order to pass the first exam, one should have a potential of at least or more than 7.0, and less than this would be considered fail without any negotiations. After all, the Blacksmith was already merciful enough to pass aspiring forgers with a forging potential of 7.0 where in fact, it was supposed to be 7.8 quota.

As per Selestine said, the examinees took the exam one by one.

Several minutes passed, only three people passed the first exam out of 30. But this was quite a bit disappointing for Selestine. After all, those who passed only barely made it by having 7.0 forging potential.

For Master Forgers, the forging potential was very important. It could be compared to a Master Forger's secret forging skill. Why would be this very important? It was because the forging potential actually dictated the first success rate of an aspiring forger. After all, in the path of forging, one could be determined as professional by their respective success rates. If one had 10.0 forging potential, it does mean that he was a genius capable of forging with a 10% success rate! Thus, it was crucial for master forgers. Even a single .01% increase in success rate was significant for them.

Now that the three who passed with barely 7.0, it just meant that they only have 7% success rate. It would be a tough road for them and may take a while before breaking through to 1-star master forger since the requirement of being a 1-star master forger was to have a 10% success rate. So basically, they need an astronomically 3% in order to be promoted to the master forger realm. That's right, astronomically. After all, raising your success rate by a single percent could take long, probably a few or several years! But of course, there were also artifacts or pills that could raise a person's forging potential. It was just that it priced more than a million per item.

"Alright, there were three left. Let's get over this." Selestine looked at Jin Rou, the black-cloaked young lady, and a fat boy. These were the three who had not yet taken the examination. But she was not expecting anything from here onwards, she just wanted this to be done already so she could do her piled and pending works. As a 4-star master forger, she had many works to do.

"Then I will be the first! I am waiting for this moment!" The fat boy said as he took the initiative to be the first of the three. Once he touched the ball, it glowed brightly. After which, it started analyzing the forging potential of the fat boy. Soon, it showed numbers of...

"9.1?!" Selestine almost felt that her soul got out of her body in shock. She was not believing her eyes! Someone had actually a forging potential of 9! If she was to tell this to the guildmaster, he will be so elated!

"Hehehe. As expected of the great me, Jumong Hualing." The fat boy named Jumong Hualing topped his chest with his fist proudly. It seemed that he already expected this outcome.

"So you are the young master of Hualing Clan? I did not expect that you will take the exam! If you sent us a letter in advance, you don't need to take the exm and immediately be an Apprentice Forger!" Selestine was overjoyed.

Everyone was stupefied by this.

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