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The Adventures Of The Young Master

Chapter 12 - So What?

The culprit had no idea what kind of uproar he caused. He just closed his eyes and smiled like an old man who was satisfied in his life. Of course, he knew about the Heaven's Harmony. But he didn't think through that it would actually create a hugemotion that shook the world to its core! This bum thought that the changes were only in the range of his room! Look, this young master of ours is still sleeping soundly while the people outside were rampaging from excitement from this magical scene! Some came from a conclusion that an overlord wille into being this era! After an hour or so, the phenomenon vanished into thin air and was not seen anymore. Outside of the Shack's Dine, Old Mo and his waitresses were still staring at the sky with mixed expressions, some were frightened, some were smiling, and some were agitated! Especially Old Mo, if one could only see his expression, it was an extreme excitement! Why would he be so? Because he had a gut feeling that even though he didn't know what really happened, he had a great feeling that the young master had something to do with this. What's more, he never actually been mistaken when ites to his feeling, more for this greatness!

"Young master.." Old Mo muttered to himself with a trace of excitement.

"Master, what was that?" one of the waitresses could no longer hold her curiosity and asked Old Mo if he knew something.

Old Mo smiled and looked at the sky again, "I do not know either." He shooked his head, "but at least I think that was not a bad omen. You see how beautiful it is, right?"

The waitress who asked nodded in silence. She also thought it so, however, knowing the personality of their master, he was probably hiding something. But if the master didn't want to tell, she could not help it but just let it through.


It's been three days since the phenomenon happened. Themotion finally died down. But it was still the talk of all, who would forget such a scene that majestic in the sky? Even the Emperor Realm experts could not do it! In fact, some sects were planning in printing it on their books and let the next generations know that!

Sitting on some fabulous chairs inside the Chef Guild, three old men could be seen wearing white robes with twin knives-logo at their upper left, below the logo, there were three stars on it! Three stars Master Chef! These old men were from the middle tier Shagu Empire hundreds of thousands of miles away from the Quu Empire. These old men carry airs of arrogance while they were seating, feeling like they were the overlords of this place and overseeing slaves. They do have the qualifications to be so, however, it feels like a little off that made the members of the Chef Guild irritated a bit. But since the other party was a behemoth to them, no matter how deep their grudge against them, they could only keep their mouth shut and sit by the side behaved.

The guild leader paid it no heed and just smiled politely. Today is the Chef Promotion Examination of their Guild that would be examined by the three stars Master Chefs of the Shagu Empire! Shagu Empire is a middle tier empire in the southeast direction. The strongest Master Chef of them was a four stars Master Chef and only a half step away from reaching the five stars! In each star, there were minor ranks to the breakthrough in order to be promoted to the next star. These were First Step, Second Step, Half-minor Step, Half-major Step or the pinnacle and the Half Step.

One of the three stars Master Chef, Gayu asked with a tone of disappointment, "Are these your people who will take the exam of the two-star Master Chef?"

Gayu was a three-star Master Chef at the Half-minor Step. Today was the Chef Promotion Examination of this Chef Guild. Yet, by looking at the examinees here in the Grand Hall, he could not help but shook his head.

The guild leader of the Chef Guild noticed the disappointment but just ignored it and politely said, "Yes yes, they were my proud members who would take your examination."

Another Master Chef of the other party named Mudo said in disdain, "Humph. Proud? Just a bunch of ipetent one-star master chefs can only be seen here. And you are telling us that this is proud? Hah."

The last master chef, Mao, alsomented and agreed in a tone of arrogance and belittling, "Indeed. Our one-star master chefs in our empire are morepetitive than this bunch. This is why you from Quu Empire will never be promoted and just be stuck at the low-tier."

Hearing this, the participants almost vomited blood on the spot. Hearing such words full of disdain and mockery and directing it and slap it into their faces, how could they not be infuriated? Even they knew they were not as strong as the other low-tier empires, at least they still hold their dignity and master chef at that! To be belittled by the very master chefs themselves directly, what was this?

Just because you guys were from the middle-tier Empire and all three-star master chefs, it doesn't mean that our Chef Guild is a push-over that you can bully anytime you desired to!

A participant could no longer hold his anger and was about to shout when a voice suddenly rang the Grand Hall, "Sorry, I'm late!" Old Mo said while catching his breath, he was apanied by a young man in his twenties, wearing a robe that was more than a bit normal, his looks was a little bit higher than average, however, his movements were like a king who was walking down his throne! Of course, this is Jin Rou.

"You are a participant here yet you only came just now? You really arrived after us? Audacious!" Master Chef Mao shouted! His voice shook the entire hall at this moment! He was feeling disrespected by this!

However, Old Mo seemed unaffected and just said usually, "Ah, yes. I'm sorry for being late." His tone had a bit of arrogance!

"You!.." Seeing the unaffected middle-aged man, Master Chef Mao said, "Judging by your unaffectedposure, it seemed you don't know us. We are from the Shagu Empire and will be the examiner of your Chef Promotion Examination." he said it with full of arrogance! He was expecting now a seen that Old Mo would be scared silly upon hearing this.

However, contradicted to what he expected, a casual voice said in a tone of mockery,

"So what?"

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