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The Adventures Of The Young Master

Chapter 118 - Smithbreak Town

After several minutes, Jin Rou was done re-registering the LD sect. With this, everyone will know and recognize the return of the dead sect. In fact, as he walked down the hallway, it seemed that he was the center of attraction due to people whispering and muttering. He did not pay any mind to this and just minded his own business. As long as there would be no one to provoke him, he would not create a scenario. Not that he wanted it though. After all, he wanted to stay low key.

Since his aim here was completed, it was time to move on to the next. So he walked down the mountain range to find some horse carriage that will lead him to his next destination.

As soon as he got outside of the gate of the Administration, he found a group of people blocking his way. No, it seemed that they had waited for him here. These people were wearing a green robe with a word BITTER. Their chins were high up indicating their arrogance. What's more, an old man, who was likely the leader, walked over revealing a terrifying killing intent.

Jin Rou already knew who were they and muttered to himself, "Perfect timing."

"Brat, tell me, are you the new sectmaster of that shitty sect?" The old man did not beat to the bush and immediately asked what he wanted to ask from the start.

"What shitty sect?" Jin Rou feigned ignorance.

"Don't give me that! What else could it be other than that Lovey Dovey Sect?!" The old man revealed a denser killing intent. This type of old man seemed to be short-tempered. One you could not pull a joke with.

"My sect is not a shitty sect. Would you mind taking that back?" Jin Rou was displeased to hear that his sect was shitty. His eyes narrowed.

"What's wrong with it? It was really a shitty sect, to begin with! A bunch of ants dared to defy me, the sectmaster of the Bitter Sect?!" The old man said as he kept on provoking Jin Rou.

"Shitty huh..." Jin Rou was angry now. He was about to attack this old man when he felt an existence behind him.

"What's with this commotion?" It was the captain of the guards. He was currently patrolling the surroundings when he found them here.

The old man immediately retracted his killing intent and said joyfully, "Ah.. we are just having a talk here. We are about to leave so if you please..." He walked away along with his subordinates. But he gave Jin Rou one last glance, indicating this was not the end of it.

Jin Rou was not afraid in the slightest. In fact, he would be happy to welcome this third-rate sect to be razed down in their own grounds.

"Be careful, okay?" The captain said to Jin Rou, "Those people are from the Bitter Sect, you should not provoke them. Although they are only a third-rate sect, they have a powerful backing that anyone from third-rate sects shivers and did not even dare to look them in the eyes."

"Un." Although Jin Rou was not afraid of them, he understood that the captain was just concern about him, thus he nodded in agreement.

"Okay, I will continue patrolling now. Heed my advice!" The captain bade farewell to Jin Rou and walked away.


As soon as he got out of the mountain range, he immediately searches for available horse carriages. Luckily, he found one. After all, this was the last horse carriage here waiting for passengers and there was only one seat left.

A couple of days had passed. Finally, Jin Rou reached his destination. It was the Smithbreak Town. Compared to Mangus Town, this was relatively smaller, but it was not to be underestimated, because this town boasted to have the most master forgers of the world! This Smithbreak Town was, as its name implied, the town of master forgers and being governed by the Blacksmith Guild.

Master Forger, this was one of the primary jobs of this universe and was highly revered! Compared to Essence Masters and Master Sealers, Master Forger was relatively stronger in a sense! After all, almost all cultivators preferred or needed armaments to use in battle since it increased one's battle power. Just like Master Alchemists who mastered the art of alchemy, it was necessary for a cultivator to have armaments that created by master forgers who mastered the art of smithing.

If one may ask why Jin Rou set this place as his destination? It was because Yuna Sierra was told by Grenas to tell him that he needed to acquire the badges of all jobs available in this universe and reach the peak of mastery in exchange of his freedom which Jin Rou gladly accepted. What were the mere jobs if it could be exchanged to his freedom, right? In fact, he was really planning to get some badges of primary jobs when we had time. Coincidentally. the Clau Zuxi Mountain Range was only a couple of days travel to this place.

As Jin Rou roamed his eyes, all he could see was Blacksmith Shops that sell or repair armaments. Some had cheap prices while some had sky-high prices. Take for example the Sky Armament middle-grade, it priced a terrifying half a million purple stones!


While he was walking, he sensed an existence of someone he was familiar in his back. Jin Rou reacted by looking back who it was and discovered it was the black-cloaked young lady.

Jin Rou was bewildered and murmured, "Just how adamant you Yuria Agis, the Goddess of Fate, letting us meet? Are you trying to matchmake me with her?!"

"What are you doing here?" The black-cloaked young lady said in a genderless voice, she was also bewildered. Just how many times do they have to meet? This was scarier than coincidence! It seemed that fate was toying with them.

"That should be my question. What are you doing here, young lady?" Jin Rou said instinctively.

"Young lady?" The black-cloaked young lady subconsciously took a step back with her eyes widened, her expression was really taken aback as if she saw a ghost, "How... how..."

Jin Rou finally realized that he made a mistake this time. This young lady was sure a while ago, that he could not see through her. However, just the word 'young lady' spoke everything.

He found this incredibly awkward and smile wryly.

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