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The Adventures Of The Young Master

Chapter 117 - Administration

Jin Rou was surprised to hear this. This unknown lady in a black cloak wanted to help him? As far as he remembered, there was no time that they had a talk, not even exchanged glances. After all, this young lady always averts her gazes to anyone. No, it was more like she was not putting anyone in her eyes. Just like what happened in the horse carriage a while ago.

"Oh..." The captain of the guards was a bit shocked, he never thought that these two were acquaintances, "So this is your friend. Sure, you may enter now."

"Thank you." The black-cloaked young lady said, getting past Jin Rou. He also followed suit as he gave his thanks to the captain.


As they were already inside, Jin Rou suddenly stopped walking, who's behind the cloaked young lady, "Thank you for that."

The cloaked young lady also stopped her tracks and said without turning her face back, "Don't get me wrong. I just helped you here because something really bugs me ever since."

"Bugs you?" Jin Rou said in confusion. What was this young lady spouting of?

"Why I could not see your cultivation?" The cloaked young lady asked what she wanted to ask, "No matter what item I use, I could not still see your cultivation like you don't cultivate at all. Are you perhaps a human mortal?"

"Ahh." Jin Rou came into realization. So this was what bugged her the entire time, he smiled and answered, "I am just wearing something that hides my cultivation." Since the amulet he used to suppress his cultivation broken when they transported here to this world from Shred Case, he had no items to suppress it, thus this what happened.

"Really? What kind of item is that? To enable you from hiding your cultivation even with my eyes. That's something worthy of praise." The cloaked young lady said. Up until now, she still had no idea that Jin Rou had already seen through her deepest.

"Well, it is a worthy item." Jin Rou said, of course, this young lady would not able to see his cultivation of Zenith God. Unless she was standing foot on foot against him.

Although this young lady had many questions, she had very important matters to attend to, "Very well, I will be leaving now since I have many businesses to attend." She did not wait for an answer from Jin Rou as she just disappeared in his sight.

"Well, thank you again." Although the young lady was gone in his sight, he still could crystal clearly see that she was still nearby, thus he said it and began walking to the Administration's building.


Inside the building of Administration.

The place was packed with people. This place was so lively that you would think that you did not come to the market, instead, you came to a market with a 50% sale.

This building had only two floors yet the place gave off an imposing vibe. That's expected of a power who overlook the entire sects of this world.

Soon, a lady approached Jin Rou in a stunning working suit, she must be a staff of this building, "Hello! I am Gerene, I am one of the staffs of Administration, how may we help you?"

"I will just reregister my sect." Jin Rou answered simply.

"Reregistering..." Staff Gerene murmured and gestured, "The reregistering is on the second floor, Sir! Please follow me."

Jin Rou followed suit.

As they were on the second floor, compared to the first floor, this was not lively at all. There were only a few people here, around ten or so. Staff Gerene also explained why this was the case.

In the first floor, there consists of assisting a sect for complaints, land division and such. And the second floor was for registering or reregistering a sect. Since there were already tons of sects around, the second floor was seldom to have someone visit this. After all, who would want to create a sect all of sudden? Not to mention you need to pay a fee to the Administration, establishing a sect was also costly. This was experienced by Jin Rou firsthand. Unless someone wanted to revive a sect, just like what Jin Rou was doing.

"Okay, someone will assist you here, sir. I will be going back to the ground floor since that is my post." Gerene bade farewell.

"Sure, thank you for assisting me here." Jin Rou said with a smile.

Soon, he reached a staff who was currently handling some papers, and said, "I want to reregister a sect."

"Oh..." The staff, who was a lady, smiled, "What is the name of the sect, please?"

"Lovey Dovey Sect." Jin Rou answered.

"!!!" The people around turned their heads to Jin Rou shocked.

The staff was bewildered by this, "Lovey Dovey Sect?" She repeated it, reconfirming that she heard it right.

"Yes." Jin Rou answered. Of course, he also felt the uncomfortable gazes being shot to him by those around him.

"This..." The staff did not know what to say, "If you are here to revive the sect, I presumed you are the sectmaster, right? Then please show us a proof of being a sectmaster."

Jin Rou did not say anything as he handed over the golden coin representing one as the sectmaster.

The staff gasped as she inspected the golden coin. It was real! She muttered to herself. She quickly returned the golden coin back and said, "Then I will immediately take care of the papers regarding your re-registering. But please do note that there is a fee of 50,000 purple stones charge for this."

"Okay, no problem." Jin Rou said.

Soon, the news of a new sectmaster of Lovey Dovey Sect spread across the Administration's building. Of course, this was really news! After all, no one had thought that there was a successor who survived the wrath of Bitter Sect! Everyone knew the miserable end that was faced by the LD sect. It was really miserable at its finest.

As the news quickly spread, immediately passing across the entire mountain range, an old man, who was wearing a green-robe with words 'BITTER' on his back, suddenly revealed a terrifying killing intent that made his subordinates behind shiver.

The old man said in a grave and sinister tone, "Someone dared to revive that shitty sect while my sect is here? That's some guts he has there!"

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