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The Adventures Of The Young Master

Chapter 112 - Grand Auction

"This is your room, Esteemed Customer. This kind room is usually reserved for the VIPs of our auction house, but since you are also someone at the level of VIPs, we are letting you stay here. Just think of this as our appreciation for choosing our auction house to auction your items." Mao Ren led Jin Rou's group to a large and grand room with a transparent glass at the front. At the other side of the glass, one could see a magnificent hall with a stage. This was the auction hall that the auction house boasted.

"So big." Lin Fan exclaimed as he roamed his eyes. Even though he stayed for this world for so long, he still did not experience to enter a room such as grand as this.

Mei Xiao's eyes were also glittering as she looked in amazement, while Yalan Na and Ran Haoyu tried to compose themselves.

"Is this really okay?" Jin Rou smiled wryly. He was just auctioning some trash from his inventory, does the auction house needed to give him such hospitality?

If the manager could hear him saying that the two pills were just trash, he will puke blood right in front of everyone from frustration.

"No, of course, this treatment is only right for someone with a high status as you, Esteemed Customer." The manager said, leaving no room for Jin Rou to interrupt, "Now, please wait here... I will add these pills to the auction items and we will start." He then left hurriedly, afraid that Jin Rou will take back the pills.


More than half an hour had passed, someone in a black suit walked over the stage with a voicer (microphone) holding in his left hand. This was Mao Ren, the manager of the Black Aria Auction and the one who assisted Jin Rou about his business. He was wearing all smiles as he looked at everyone in the audience here wearing a mask, probably to hide their identities. There were also sizeable box-like hanging on the high walls of the hall, these were the rooms that only meant for VIPs, and one of these was Jin Rou's. In the audience's point of view, they could not see who was inside the room, but in the VIP rooms, they could clearly see the audience, along with Manager Mao Ren at the stage who was smiling brightly.

This grand auction was the gathering of all powerhouses of this world. Not only this hall was filled with third and second-rate sects. There were also first-rate sects inside the VIP rooms. It was a sight to see. Although all of them were wearing masks, Mao Ren could still tell who is who.

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Grand Auction of the Black Aria Auction!" Mao Ren said as he lifted his right hand in a joyful manner.

The crowd gave him an applause filled with excitement. They were really looking forward to this grand auction as this only happened once a month. Some here traveled for days and weeks just to participate, it could be seen how excited they were... After all, the auction house with its reputation for more than hundreds of years never disappointed them.

"Let's not beat to the bush as some of you may have scheduled works after this. So we shall start now!" Mao Ren said, "We have a total of 5 items to be auctioned today. Let's get it on with the first item, the Green Buddha Statue! It can give help you breakthrough to the Emperor Realm. The bidding starts at 10,000 purple stones!"

The Green Buddha Statue's final bid was an astronomical amount of 456,254 purple stones by someone with a number tag 201 on the chest. Next to be shown was the Quasi-Emperor Armament, Shglr Dagger. That's right, a Quasi-Emperor Armament, although it was not as powerful as the real deal Emperor Armament, it was still partly an Emperor Armament, to begin with. So the power it blasted is still frightening. There were only a few sects who owned such armaments as of this day. Only second-rate and first-rate sects had the budget to buy this. But still, even they already own a some or few, who would let a Quasi-Emperor Armament slipped by their hands? The final bid was 560,000 purple stones by number 201 again.

The next was the Congopolitan Herb, a medicinal herb that said to cure any illnesses. And again, it was won by number 201 with an astronomical amount of 704,000 purple stones.

This time, everyone looked suspiciously at the person with a number tag 201. As he was wearing a cloak and mask that alternate his or her voice, no one could determine whether number 201 was a man or a woman. As they could not do anything inside the auction house, they will wait until it ended and settle the matters with this unknown number 201. They were extremely displeased by how greedy this person was.

Those people in the VIP rooms did not mind the number 201. After all, those items were not that significant to them.

"Alright, the next two items will be something that everyone would be dying to have, I bet!" Mao Ren said excitedly.

The audience was baffled this time. Number 201 eyes also focused, eyes glowing. Even those from the VIP rooms, who were already bored to death, gathered their attention.

Seemingly expecting this scene, Mao Ren smiled and clapped his hands, a small bottle with a white-colored pill inside appeared, "Since everyone's attention is already into me, I will not let you all wait any longer. Behold! The fourth item to be auctioned, the Breakthrough Pill with a 100% success rate!"

Everyone's eyes shone as they saw the shining pill inside. Some of them were also master alchemists, "Indeed! This pill guaranteed a hundred percent success rate in breaking through!"

"Im... Impossible!"

Everyone stood up from their seats. In fact, even those from the VIP rooms stood up as one could see their shadows.

A young noble from a first-rate guild inside the VIP room smiled mysteriously, "I never expected that the auction house will give us a surprise. Interesting." He chuckled, "This pill is mine."

Mao Ren, seeing everyone stood up due to probably shock and excitement said, "The starting bid for this pill is 50,000 purple stones with a minimum 10,000 purple stones up-bid."

"Let the bidding war begin!"

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