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The Adventures Of The Young Master

Chapter 110 - Manager Mao Ren

"Esteemed Customer?" The lady blinked, seeing the contemplating Jin Rou.

"Ah yes?" Jin Rou snapped out of his contemplation and smiled, "Uhm... is there no less cost than the low-grade Sky Armaments? I mean, Earth Armaments or others?"

"This..." The lady put up a stiffed expression, "We are very sorry but this is Black Aria Auction, which only sells or auction Sky Armaments and equipment and above. But you can find what you are looking for in some shops around our auction house."

"Is that so..." Jin Rou was not confident about this suggestion. After all, what he had seen so far was not the real deal things.

He was in a difficult situation right now. Although he could buy a single armament of his money, what could he possibly do with only one? He needed to mass purchase armaments as Yuna Sierra per told since the future disciples will use the armaments. Besides, aside from the grand appearance and imposing aura a sect location emit, one still needed to show how much high realm armaments a sect has. Although the disciples might be only from Elementary Realm to Earth Realm, those armaments would entice their fighting spirit to pursue breakthroughs all around. After all, who would not want to have a Sky Armament? Even if it was only a low-grade if appropriately used and considerably, it could destroy a single mountain. Such power would definitely trigger their perseverance.

Yuna Sierra had told him that they needed at least 10 to 12 Sky Armaments and at least 1 Quasi-Emperor Armament. And a bunch of Randomic Armaments.

Randomic Armament, this was an armament that could be used by Elementary Realm to Earth Realm cultivators. Once used, it will adjust its power to its owner. For example, if a cultivator is an Elementary Realm, the armament will release a power that could only be used by an Elementary Realm, no more and no less. This armament, according to Yuna Sierra's report, was only worthed at least 5,000 purple stones. This was the basic price from the market and it was possible that it would increase depending on the current supply.

As Jin Rou was contemplating, a flash suddenly past through his mind, with his eyes glowing like he suddenly thought of an idea. "That's it! That should solve the problem!"

His companions were confused about what he said as they all revealed a question mark above their heads. But seeing the glowing excitement circling and sparkling inside Jin Rou's eyes, they knew that he must have something plausible in mind. Of course, the stewardess was also confused.

"Miss, what time would the auction today?" Jin Rou asked the lady.

"Today...?" The stewardess lady was still confused but answered, "Esteemed Customer, as a matter of fact, we will have a grand auction today!" She answered joyfully and professionally.

"Oh... grand auction, you say?" Jin Rou smiled.

"Yes! We are having a grand auction that only happens once a month. We will be auctioning tons of rare goods that will trigger everyone's appetite. Might our Esteemed Customer here is interested in participating? So many big shots across the entire Farna's Mortal World will be participating as well!" The stewardess lady asked in a beaming smile. As an expert in the field of conducting business in front of clients, she easily found out what Jin Rou was thinking. Or so to say, what she thought he was thinking. "But, you need to have a VIP card to participate. Seeing that you are first time here...—"

Jin Rou suddenly interrupted, "Ah no no. I'm not particapating with the auction. I am planning to auction something."

"Auction an item?" The stewardess was a bit shocked as her eyes widened as she sized up Jin Rou, "Esteemed Customer, may I remind you that in our grand auction, we will not be accepting any above average worth of items. Since this is the grand auction, we will be having rarer than rarer items that the market had not yet seen." Although she was not belittling Jin Rou, she could not help but ask what should he possibly have to auction in their grand auction today? If it's a daily auction, she might give her permission already, but this grand auction is another story. In fact, she does not have any authority to give him the permission to auction an item, unless he was a reserved VIP of the auction house. After all, what would be going to be auctioned today will be more or less 500,000 purple stones as the final bid!

"Yes yes. I know. So can I auction something here?" Jin Rou said, aware.

"This..." The stewardess was speechless for a moment, "I'm going to call my superior about this matter since I don't have an authority to permit you. Please wait here."

"Please do." Jin Rou smiled. The stewardess walked away in a hurried manner.

After several minutes...

The stewardess came back with a middle-aged man walking alongside her. This man was not emitting an imposing aura but one could detect danger upon great observation. What was more, this man was hiding his cultivation that left everyone except Jin Rou be cautious. Of course, Jin Rou would not be surprised as he already knew the cultivation of this man.

The middle-aged man, wearing a black suit with a polished and gelled black hair sized up Jin Rou and his companions before saying with a smile, "Greetings, Esteemed Customers! I am the manager of this Black Aria Auction, Mao Ren. My subordinate told me that you want to auction something today in our grand auction?" Although his voice is amiable, there was a hint of sarcasm in it.

"Yes." Jin Rou did not mind it and answered.

"May I see the item you seek being auctioned, then? I need to verify whether it qualifies to be auctioned or not." Mao Ren demanded.

"Sure." Jin Rou flicked his finger and a small bottle appeared. Inside the small bottle was a bright-colored pill. This was the most he could sell right now. He could not sell most he owned since it varied from Immortal items being the lowest. As this world has no immortal, what would everyone think of him if he had so many? He did not want to gather attention as possible. He wanted to stay low profile.

Everyone gasped as Jin Rou showed this pill. This pill emits brightness and clarity. Mao Ren, who was uutterly shocked said, "A Breakthrough Pill!"

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