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The Adventures Of The Young Master

Chapter 11 - Heaven’s Harmony

The entire Shred Case Mortal World shook in harmony as if nature was so agitated! The trees were dancing gracefully while the wind began whipping gently. The clouds were turning around and the land was shaking!

A million kilometers away from Quu Empire. In Gian Empire, the supreme empire of the Shred Case Mortal World, a meeting was being held at the moment when suddenly the world shook in harmony!

"What's happening?" an elder was flabbergasted.

"I don't know. Let's take a look!" another elder said.

They immediately rushed outside to seek answers to their questions, however, the moment they reached outside, all of their faces turned pale at the extravagant and majestic seen appeared before them! Their pale faces turned into a calm expression but filled with joy!

"What a majestic scene. I don't know what's happening but at least, this is not a bad omen in my perspective!" an elder said in a very excited tone. Seeing this majestic scene was already enough reason for them to say that they already had lived enough and satisfied!

"That's right. This is my first time seeing a majestic scene like this. What sort in heaven happened to create this?" another elder answered.

"A genius wille into being this era and rule the world?" a woman elder in her twenties muttered to herself. Even she, one of the most beautiful maidens of the Gian Empire, she could not help but mesmerized and praised to the sky this scenery!

"No. That's not the case." after which, an elderly voice sounded from behind them."It is the Heaven's Harmony."

They retracted where the voice came and suddenly revealed excited expressions, "Mentor Shao!" they hurriedly clasped their hands and unison and said, "We pay respects to Mentor Shao!"

Mentor Shao is the most potent Mentor of the current era of Shred Case Mortal World. No one knew the exact cultivation of this old man. However, they deduced that he already reached Emperor Realm! Mentor Shao was also a six stars Mentor!

In this World, the Emperor Realm is the pinnacle that a mortal could reach. The cultivation ranks were, Elementary Realm, Nascent Realm, Inner Core Realm, Profound Realm, Earth Realm, Sky Realm, and Emperor Realm! Each realm has nine stages before advancing to another realm. In this world, if an empire has an Emperor Realm expert, even if they don't have any Mentors, they could apply to be a high empire! And also, Emperor Realm experts could only be counted in fingers as of the current era.

"I told you not to bother with that. I don't care about kinds of stuff like paying respect. As long as you don't disrespect me, Shao Gan, then all is well." Mentor Shao chuckled.

"This.." the elders didn't know what to respond so they decided to change the topic and asked what pique their curiosity, "Mentor Shao, what is heaven's harmony?"

"Hoho." Mentor Shao chuckled and excitedly said, "Heaven's Harmony is a phenomenon when once a member of the Rou Celestial Family unable to control his happiness. "When the King smiled, the heavens smiled back". Just like the old saying."

"Rou Celestial Family..? That... That is.." an elder paled from fright. In fact, all of the people present paled from fright at the moment! Their bodies were trembling like hell! No one could say a word! They just blankly stared at the old man who was smiling ears to ears!

"That's right. The Rou Celestial Family, the true overlord who governed this universe for billions of years." Mentor Mo said and chuckled lightly upon seeing the frightened gazes of everyone, "But you don't have to worry. An envoy from one of the Prime Clans, Shi Clan, passed a message." even though Mentor Mo said it in a calm way, there was still a trace of excitement in his expression. In fact, he was extremely excited!

"An envoy from a Prime Clan?" all of them was immediately got paler from the information.

What were the Prime Clans? They were the overlords of the worlds under the order of the Rou Celestial Family, They only obey the orders from the family itself and none more! Just an ordinary guard of a Prime Clan could wipe out their world in a blink of an eye! Even though that Mentor Shao told them not to worry, they couldn't help it. This matter is way beyond their control!

"Mentor Shao, did we offend the heaven?" an elder asked in a terrified voice.

Hearing this, Mentor Shao almost burst into laughter, "What are you talking about? I said you all don't need to worry! It was just that the Celestial King ran away and from my speculations and this Heaven's Harmony, it seems that the His Majesty himself is here in our world!!" Mentor Shao said in a very excited voice!

"His Majesty is here?!" all of the present persons almost leaped in shock. His Majesty, the current grand ruler of all is actually in their world. What's sort of situation was this?

Although they are a billion kilometers away from the Rou Realm, the Shi Clan always deliver the messages and news since Mentor Shao was the current most influential in the world and a trusted aide of them. He also resides in the palace of the Gian Family that receives the message. Thus, they were not ignorant of the current happenings. They even knew that His Majesty is actually only a youngster who happened to be throned at the age of eight and has a universe-shattering handsomeness!

"If my deductions were right, then yes. However, the envoy told us that we should only watch by the sidelines if ever His Majesty was here in our world. The Celestial Family intended to let His Majesty experience the outside world, and thus even if I badly wanted to invite His Majesty to our palace, we don't even know where he was. And certainly, he was on disguise at this moment not to gather unwanted attention." Mentor Shao said in a calm tone. However, his voice had a trace of disappointment.

Of course, they would be disappointed! His Majesty was in their world yet they don't know where, even though they could not intervene in His Majesty's matters, at least, they wanted to wee him with the most magnificent hospitality! Who was this? It's the Celestial King! The genius of all geniuses who reached the Pinnacle of Cultivation at the age of seven!

This was especially for the elder woman in her twenty's dreamed of! To see and serve His Majesty! But now, it seemed like even he was here, she had no chance of seeing him at all.

However, she will not give up! This is her dream, now that His Majesty was here, how could she not give her all? The beautiful woman clenched her fist and said fiercely, "Mentor Mo, allow me to find His Majesty! I will depart tonight and search his whereabouts! I will search every inch of Shred Case to find him!"

"Ah?" everyone was shocked and their lips twitched.

Why do you say it like His Majesty was a missing child? Or more like His Majesty had an irreconcilable feud with you and you are to hunt him down?

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