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The Adventures Of The Young Master

Chapter 106 - I Will Conduct A Robbery

Roping Mei Xiao in the sect, Jin Rou was happy with this situation. After all, he needed talented disciples in his sect, and Mei Xiao, this little girl, had matched Jin Rou's requirements. With a high innate talent and potential, it was a strange thing that no one had noticed this. Probably because all those people knew were she was only a mere slave, someone not worth mentioning. This was a good bargain in Jin Rou's part. If ever the owners of Mei Xiao came knocking to retrieve her, he would just get rid of them without further thought.

Inside the shop where diamonds could be converted.

They already reached the destination. This shop was unexpectedly large. If this building would be judged based on outer appearance, you can only tell that this was only average. But once entered, a big venue was to be seen. There were few people only here, transacting some businesses so the place was not that lively.

Afterward, Jin Rou had converted the diamonds to purple stones. At first, he was in a disagreement because of the conversion rate decreased. But since this was the policy of the shop, he could not just wreck havoc here just because of money. Besides, they could not afford to gather everyone's attention here. And thus, he could just accept the amount with indignation. If Old Mo was here, probably he already choked the staff to death.

All in all, Jin Rou supposed to gain 75,000 purple stones, but it turned out to 70,000 purple stones. A decrease of 5,000 in total.

"That staff is scamming you, Youngmaster! Why did you let him scam you?" Yalan Na was stumping her foot to the ground in rage. In actuality, this was the first person who disagreed and voiced it to the staff. And when the staff was adamant of scamming Jin Rou, her rage suddenly flared up.

"Well, it's okay. It's just money. I thought we don't need to argue with it since we can just take that back. right? Besides, I already caused a commotion a while ago. So I guess it was already enough." Jin Rou said. Indeed, he knew that he was being scammed, probably because the staff knew that they were newcomers in this town and judged that they were easy to fool with.

Jin Rou added, "Anyways, let's just forget it. At least, we have 70,000 purple stones, right?"

"If Youngmaster is okay with it, then okay." Yalan Na sighed. The 5,000 purple stones was indeed a large sum.

"Big Sis Ran, what are Big Brother Jin and Big Sis Yalan talking about?" Mei Xiao, who was currently being held by Ran Haoyu by hand, asked her. Her confused expression was so cute.

"Ah. That's nothing. Adult matters." Ran Haoyu dismissed.


The group had already gone outside of the Mangus Town. Jin Rou did not want to stay there any longer since it was being ruled by the Bitter Sect which he despised. They were currently riding a horse carriage that was leading to their next destination, the Aria City. Since the distance between Mangus Town and Aria City was far, they needed to take a carriage.

The carriage only contained few people along with Jin Rou's group which consisted of four. Aside from them, there was a young girl in front of them, who was wearing a cloaking robe which concealed her face. Although she was using a cloaking robe, it could not block Jin Rou's eyesight at all.

This girl was beautiful. Someone that could rival Ran Haoyu's beauty. But Jin Rou did not pay any heed about this. He was just curious as to why this girl was currently sealing her face.

Inside the carriage, silence ruled the void. No, if not for the fact about the stomping of the horses while running, a deafening silence could ensue here.

"Big Brother Jin..." Mei Xiao called out, breaking the silence.

"Yes?" Jin Rou answered while smiling. TheYalan and Ran also looked over.

Mei Xiap's face was beet red, saying, "I want to... uhm.. pee..."

"Ah?" Jin Rou was stumped as he heard this. This was the first name in his life a girl would tell that. Although Mei Xiao was only a little girl, she was still a girl. He called out for the driver of the carriage and asked, "Mister, can we stop for a moment? My little girl wants to pee."

"My little girl?!" Yalan Na and Ran Haoyu were shocked to hear this.

"Oh sure." The driver pulled off the carriage by the side. "Those who want to take a leak, do it. We will not be stopping after this since the next route ahead was a deadly road."

"Deadly road? Why?" Jin Rou's curiosity was piqued. Ran Haoyu accompanied Mei Xiao to do her business down.

"Oh, you don't know, lad?" The driver, who was burly, was surprised but still explained, "It is called deadly road because there are no living beings that could be seen there. We need to take that route in order to reach the Aria City. Of course, you don't have to worry. As I already crossed that place a number of times. So rest assured. After all, you paid me."

"I see." Jin Rou nodded, "Then how many days would it take before we arrive at the Aria City?"

"Hmm... let me see." The driver pondered for a moment and answered, "I think two days will do."

"Two days..." Jin Rou repeated.

"Yes, we will reach it in two days if we don't stop frequently." The driver said.

"Un." Jin Rou nodded.

He felt that the cloaked girl was looking at him for a while now. He decided to look back at her and met her gaze. The cloaked girl immediately retracted her gaze and averted it outside.

"Big Brother Jin, I am done!" Mei Xiao came running to Jin Rou and hugged him. It seemed that she was finally relieved of her burden. i𝑛n𝓻ℯ𝘢𝒅. Com

"Are you relieved?" Jin Rou asked while smiling genuinely caressing Mei Xiao's head.

"Yes, yes! Hehehe. Big Sis Ran accompanied me." Mei Xiao answered. This little girl completely blended with Jin Rou already and his group. This was probably the charm of Jin Rou.

"Then, that's good." Jin Rou said.

"Then if no one will do some business anymore, let's continue our—" Just as the driver was about to pull to make the horse run, a voice suddenly sounded, "Hold it right there!"

Next, a young man, probably aging 15 years old appeared in front of the horse carriage. Wearing a black robe, walking in a dignified aura that like a peerless expert. Every step he took was profound and carry a soothing music. His black long hair that was ponytailed was swaying back in forth due to the gentle wind. His facial features were above average. Except for his dashing black eyes.

With his chin currently facing almost the sky revealing his exaggerated arrogant manner, he suddenly said, "You lot, listen up! I will conduct a robbery here. Men to the right, women to the left! Hurry!"

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