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The Adventures Of The Young Master

Chapter 101 - Handling Matters

"Handle this matter? How will you do that, Young Master?" Old Mo said in confusion. Although the matter about the fund was really concerning, he could not just let his young master do the job, especially now that he knew what kind of terrifying existence this young master was.

"That's right, Young Master. Just leave this matter to us, your subordinates." Yuna Sierra agreed and added, "You don't need to worry about this. This was just a trivial matter, to begin with. Although the funds could not be forced, there are still ways and plans in my arsenal. So really, take it easy, Young Master."

She had indeed plans on getting the funds for their sect and effective ones at that. One, rob a rich man. Two, annihilate a first-tier sect and rob them clean. Three, threaten the ruler of this world, that if he did not give sponsorship for at least a hundred million purple stones, she will kill his family, and everyone connected to him. Well, with her current power only below Jin Rou, that was a piece of cake. But still, her plans were basically the same. One way or another, it was still robbery after all.

"No, no. Let me handle this since I am planning on going out for a while." Jin Rou said.

"Going out for a while?" Everyone was taken aback.

"What for, Young Master?" Yuna Sierra said anxiously. It was evident that she did not want Jin Rou to leave. If it's possible, she would carry all the responsibility of the sect. In fact, it was her pleasure doing this trivial matters.

"Uhm.." Jin Rou pondered for a moment and said, "Since we are a sect, we needed disciples, right? So I will go out to pick the first primary disciples of us."

"I can do that in your part, Young Master." Yuna Sierra offered. "I can bring no matter how many disciples you want. Just say the count and I will bring it immediately."

"Nope." Jin Rou shook his head and rejected it, "Since I am the sectmaster, I hold the responsibility for the selection of primary disciples. I guess I will only pick a few ones. And I will only be away for a while. What are you guys being anxious for?" He noticed the expressions of his subordinates filling with anxiety. It was like he will leave them for years and they were reluctant to accept it. He could not help but let a chuckle and continued, "What. you guys want me to just idle here lazily?

"This.." Yuna Sierra did not know what to say anymore. It was really what she wanted to begin with. In fact, everyone here just wanted Jin Rou to sit idly while they were busying themselves.

"I guess, we can only support Young Master regarding this." Unexpectedly, Ran Haoyu, who liked to be silent all time, spoke up, which made all heads turn their attention to her with a little-surprised expression.

"What?" She was getting uncomfortable with the attention being poured onto her.

"Nothing." Yuan Gu said. But it was obvious that he wanted to say something more.

This made Jin Rou's eyes lit, "See, Ran could understand me!" Then he shifted his gaze to Ran Haoyu and smiled. This made her lower her head with a red face.

"If that is Young Master truly wants, who are we to stop you? Your decision has still the final say no matter where this point goes." Yuan Gu threw his hand and revealed a helpless expression. But this guy was feeling happy that Jin Rou will leave for a while. This way, the attention of the girls would be shifted to... him! After all, when Jin Rou depart, the second good-looking man was him. In fact, he believed that he only lost to Jin Rou's handsomeness by a slight margin. At least, this was what he currently believed himself.

This was a joyous occasion for Yuan Gu. So naturally, he will be the first one to shoo Jin Rou away. Such a rascal, right?

"You imbecile!" Probably Yuna Sierra felt his inner motive with his words, she lashed out to her in anger.

"What did I do?" Yuan Gu feigned ignorance and averted his gaze to Jin Rou, "Young Master slash sectmaster, when are you leaving?"

"Uhh?" Jin Rou was surprised by this. He did not know why he was feeling irritated by the way Yuan Gu asked. But did not mind at all, "Probably today or tomorrow at dawn. I don't want to waste any more time idling. I already idled enough when I was home."

"Oh? Then what are you waiting for?!" Yuan Gu said in joy, almost leaping, "Please prepare to depart now. The disciples are waiting for your arrival!"

"Animal!" Yuna Sierra was infuriated by this. Old Mo also glared daggers at him revealing his hostility.

"Just kidding, just kidding." Yuan Gu raised his hands up signaling surrender, "Why are you guys so hyped up? Are you all on steroids or something?"

"Alright, calm down. He was really joking. No need to take it seriously." Jin Rou meditated the situation, "But maybe it's not the best time to depart now since it is already evening. Maybe before dawn, I guess."

"Right, Young Master." Old Mo agreed, "Just stay for the night."

Jin Rou nodded. He was about to leave the hall when suddenly he remembered something, "Oh right. I need someone to accompany me to handle the money. So who's willing?"

"ME!!!" Everyone, except Yuan Gu, raised and shouted in unison. Even the silent Ran Haoyu was not an exception! They glared to daggers to each other as if a free-for-all war will about to break out.

"It should be me to accompany Young Master. I guess no one will object, right?" Yuna Sierra took the initiative completely forgetting that she was the vice-sectmaster, who will overtake the orders, while Jin Rou was away.

"What you?" Old Mo sneered, "I am the one who holds the finance since day 1 for Young Master. So naturally, I should accompany the Young Master! Don't fight it out with me, Miss Yuna."

"Just because you are the finance manager, you think you are the only one who could handle money? As the personal maid of the Young Master, I am obliged to do that kind of job. Besides, don't fight it out with you? It should be don't fight it out with me!" Yuna Sierra refuted, not backing away.

"You!" Old Mo was displeased.

Ran Haoyu and Yalan Na wanted to try their luck to join the argument. However, seeing the tense atmosphere, they just decided to stay on the sidelines and let Jin Rou decide. But to think it logically, Yuna Sierra and Old Mo was the best choice to make.

One was a capable butler assigned by Jin Rou himself who accompanied him to his journey up to this date. While the one was former celestial general with an unimaginable power! So obviously, they were the best choice.

Upon seeing this fight just to accompany him, he could not help but be confused why would they fight each other just for this?

He pondered for a moment, thinking how to handle this, and came to conclusion, "Alright. Enough fighting."

"You already chose who will accompany you outside, Young Master? That's me, right?" Old Mo said.

"Dream on, old man." Yuna Sierra rolled her eyes. "So it is me, right Young Master?"

Jin Rou smiled, "Yep."

"I decided to take Yalan Na with me."







Silence filled the entire hall.

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