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The Adventures Of The Young Master

Chapter 1002 The Scion’s Proposal

"Princess, let me ask you something." Abyss Scion wouldn't let this matter go. He glared at the princess and asked, "Do you think I'm not worthy of you?"

Fiarra expected this question and shook her head, "No, it's just that I'm not compatible with you. You are a future dragon to soar above the sky and the firmaments. How can I dare to chain you down with marriage?"

Abyss Scion was being praised on the surface. But he surely felt that the princess was mocking him.

How could his pride take it when he was being insulted this way? He held down his rage and asked, "Princess, you cannot nullify the marriage yourself. After all, your ancestors have already agreed to this."

"That's true but the final verdict is still on me. I can just choose to die or run away. I still have two options in this mess." Princess Fiarra smirked. She sounded as if dying was a trivial matter. 𝐢𝗻𝒏𝓻ℯ𝓪𝚍.𝒄𝗼𝘮

The princess wouldn't, of course, want to die. She was just speaking to sound the victim as much as possible. She knew that Treemountain wouldn't be moved by her act, but at the very least, it might give her Young Noble a path to intervene normally.

"Princess Fiarra, please watch your words." Treemountain was no longer happy with the current events. His eyes were glaring coldly at the princess. His eyes were telling Fiarra that should she spout another bout of nonsense, he would personally shut her up.

Fiarra's body shook from the pressure. This ancestor was going this far to oppress them.

Abyss Scion's pride was hurt, on the other hand. He was thinking about those mocking words and he couldn't live with it. He stood up and looked at the princess and said, "Since I am a magnanimous scion, I will give you a chance to nullify the marriage."

Treemountain Ancestor widened his eyes and spoke hurriedly, "What are you saying, scion? This is not part of what we talked about."

King Blumur was also surprised. The Abyss Scion, knowing for his arrogance, was willing to give Fiarra a chance to nullify it? Wasn't it basically giving up his right here?

Of course, the king was aware that it wouldn't be free and easy. Abyss Scion raised his finger and explained, "If you can defeat me in a one on one match, the marriage will be automatically nullified. If you want to be assured, we can use the soul contract."

"Abyss!" Treemountain was glaring daggers at Abyss Scion this time. How could he put the marriage on the line just for his measly pride? "Do you know what you are doing?"

"Ancestor, it's okay. As long as I win, it all that matters, right?" Abyss Scion smiled, "Moreover, with this, if I win, she can no longer decline and has no choice but to accept the marriage."

In other words, Abyss Scion was planning in cornering the princess to leave her no choice. Dying was also out of the options, and running away too.

"Are you sure about this?" Princess Fiarra felt like a big pie fell from the sky. She couldn't help but have a radiant smile this time.

Abyss Scion, for the second time, dug his own grave and he wasn't aware about it.

"Of course. We can use everything we have and the first to fall down loses." Abyss Scion nodded. He was very confident with his abilities. In his mind, there was a little to none chance of the princess defeating him.

He wasn't the greatest genius of their Three Elves Race for nothing.

King Blumur tried to persuade the princess, "My daughter, fighting the Abyss is very dangerous knowing his dao laws. You cannot."

Princess Fiarra smiled and shook her head, "I cannot back down, Father. The Abyss Scion has given us a chance, how can I shame our forefathers and not grab the opportunity?"

King Blumur was touched by her words. Truly she was the heir of their kingdom. With her, the prosperity of the kingdom was inevitable.

Treemountain Ancestor had no choice but to accept this. It would look bad for his image if he didn't approve of it. Let the youngsters deal with their stuff.


The Thousand Elf Kingdom had a very large arena used for annual competitions between the families and sects under them. It was called Thousand Arena.

Fiarra and Abyss Scion were facing each other with serious expressions. King Blumur was praying for her daughter's safety no matter what the results was, while Treemountain was aiming for a win.

Abyss Scion cupped his fist and said, "Princess, please show me your dao arts."

Fiarra did the same gesture and spoke, "I'm ready to learn from you, Scion."

"Bang!" Fiarra made the first move as she rushed towards the scion. Then, she took out her treasured sword, Elfborn Blade, to try to finish this in one blow.

Unfortunately, how could the scion let her be? He already predicted this and backed off several steps. He took out his Quasi-Emperor Arms, Three Ball, and shot it towards her.

"Activate!" Fiarra roared as thousand sword hymns appeared above her. They were threatening and powerful.

"Whoosh! Whoosh!" The sword hymns rushed and descended to Abyss Scion without stopping.

"Break!" Abyss Scion used his Three Balls to circulate his body and assumed as an unbreakable shield. Countless fluctuations appeared as the sword hymns met the encircling Three Balls.

Fiarra used this open opportunity to cut the distance between her and the Abyss Scion. When the scion was paying attention to her, she would stop and back off again.

When the sword hymns vanished, the Three Balls became three planet-like spheres. They were almost as large the as the Thousand Arena when the three combined.

"Since you're done, it's my turn!" Abyss Scion howled. The planet-like spheres had different elements, namely water, land, and air.

King Blumur stood up and said, "Hey. Isn't this too much?"

Using the Three Planets Formation, one of Three Elves' imperial dao laws, was a bit over the top. This was just a sparring match to determine who's going to defeat who. Must the Abyss Scion really do this?

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