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The Adventures Of The Young Master

Chapter 1001 Declining The Marriage

Andreo smiled wryly after hearing this. It was true that those monks would get angry and spank his butt. How could he say that the lineage should stop at him? The bloodline should continue on and on until its decline.

In any case, Jin Rou could not force the man. He was merely suggesting of who he was good to pair with.


The day when the Three Elves Race would visit personally had come. Abyss Scion and Treemountain Ancestor was having a grand parade of their arrival as people were lined up. They were waving at them like superstars from a recent hit movie.

Furthermore, the race even brought their strongest legion, Threemost.

King Blumur was displeased with this grand show the Three Elves Race was putting. It seemed that they didn't care about them particularly.

Soon, the scion and the ancestor had arrived at the palace. They were received by the king with warm words despite his displeasure, "Welcome to our humble abode, Abyss Scion and Treemountain Ancestor."

Treemountain nodded and said, "We will be in your care, King Blumur."

The two didn't need to show respect to the king. After all, the ancestor's position was higher than the king so he didn't bother calling him Your Majesty. King Blumur expected this and didn't mind it. It was no use getting hyped up over something like this.

"Please, we have prepared the best meals for you." King Blumur said with a smile, "My daughter is also waiting, excited to meet the scion."

Abyss Scion smiled with satisfaction as he heard this. He thought that she would be head over heels for that bastard man. Fortunately, she was not that dumb to stay with him.

The scion always thought that the rightful place for the princess was in his arms, all this time.


? Thousand Elf Kingdom had prepared extravagant food for this occasion. They were very meticulous and aligned the food to what the Three Elves Race liked.

Fiarra was already waiting for them and met the scion with a smile, "Please, let's eat."

Abyss Scion nodded and sat down. The ancestor also sat and looked at the food, "The kingdom sure loves us. Preparing food to our liking."

"Why, it's natural." King Blumur laughed, "We have to prepare our best. After all, we are going to be one family from now on."

"Indeed." Treemountain Ancestor smiled. He was very satisfied with the accommodation and hospitality of the kingdom.

Soon, they first ate the food. After cleaning the plates, Treemountain got down to business, "Princess Fiarra, our Abyss Scion is very handsome and talented. He is regarded as a genius, and no one can be compared to him. Your offspring will be, surely, a prominent figure in the future."

The princess shook her wine glass and observed the reddish wine inside. She was playing with it at one moment before taking some sips, after. She looked at the Abyss Scion who was looking at her also with confidence.

"The Abyss Scion is indeed a talented genius." Princess Fiarra nodded, "But I don't know, but I feel like he still seems to be lacking something."

Abyss Scion's brows met each other. Nevertheless, he still smiled and asked, "What do you mean, Princess? Are you saying that I'm incompatible with you?"

Treemountain Ancestor was also looking at the princess. He was waiting for the response from Fiarra.

"How can I dare?" Princess Fiarra spoke calmly, "It's just that the scion is very talented while I'm not. This is embarrassing."

She paused for a moment and resumed, "Thus, I decided not to marry the Abyss Scion to save the shame of both our kingdom and race."

It sounded that she was sacrificing herself for the greater good of the kingdom. With the way she phrased it, she seemed to be a noble hero willing to suffer alone.

Treemountain Ancestor, of course, didn't buy it. His expression immediately showed displeasure and asked King Blumur, "King, what is the meaning of this? I thought that we have talked about this already."

King Blumur was horrified. His girl had actually turned the proposal down right on their faces! He smiled weakly and explained, "Pardon my daughter, Ancestor. She has been exhausted for the past few days and frustrated due to the recent events she suffers."

"Is that true, Princess?" Treemountain Ancestor remembered that this woman was with that person who offended them. He remembered that man's face clearly.

Princess Fiarra sipped some wine again before replying, "Treemountain Ancestor, I am truly exhausted this few days as some holligans are trying to bethrot me with force. What can I do? I don't want to marry yet. At the very least, I don't want want to marry someone I'm not compatible with. After all, I'm not as talented as the Abyss Scion."

Seeing that the script fell off, and the direction turned towards the worst, King Blumur glared at his daughter and immediately said, "What are you saying, my daughter? You can't be like this. You already agreed to this marriage!"

"I agreed to this marriage?" Fiarra laughed coldly and said, "Father, it's you and the ancestors who sold me off to save your butts. And now, you're telling me this? In the very first place, I never agreed to anything like this."

Fiarra knew that the Three Elves Race was exerting pressure upon them. And unless they agreed with the marriage, their kingdom was soon to be in a scandalous position. As the king, he didn't want this to happen. So with the ancestors.

Abyss Scion clenched his fists. He was angry that he almost grit his teeth. What's wrong his face? With his talents? Any woman would even want to get on his bed by all means, yet Fiarra wasn't appreciating the chance of being his wife.

Soon, he remembered a familiar face who he hated the most. The very person who shamed him in the Dragon's Plate and swore to exact revenge against. He wanted to puke blood just by thinking the shameful past he had because of that bastard.

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