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The Adventures Of The Young Master

Chapter 10 - Impartation Of The Profound

"This is.. Impartation of the Profound!" Old Mo said in disbelief. He looked at the young master of him with fear and reverence. This young man is really not an ordinary person!

Impartation of the Profound is a skill that only Mentors possessed. It is extremely hard to learn the skill that even five stars Mentors will not have a chance at all! This skill is actually as what it implies, an impartation. However, it imparts profound knowledge of a specific field with the giver's understanding. The more profound the knowledge of the giver, the more the receiver will benefit. Of course, this is not an easy task at all. In order to learn this skill, one had to be a profound understanding of the knowledge of Qi Cultivation. And this skill is one of the requirements to step into Master Mentors Realm!

Mentor is one of the major jobs of the entire universe. This job is the most difficult one to work with. However, the prestige a Mentor would get is almost reaching the sky! Mentors are actually the ranked first major job of all jobs! This is the most prestigious job the world could offer. Different from all the jobs, Mentors job actually has three different realms. The Mentors Realm, Master Mentors Realm, and Celestial Mentors Realm. Each realm also contains one star to nine stars rankings. However, each Realm has stringent requirements for promotion. Also, Mentors could only be counted even you include the entire universe. A rough estimation is that no more than a thousand! If a sect has Mentor, no one who has a mind would dare to bully them. This is the power of the prestige of being a Mentor!

Seeing the young man in front of him that could execute the Impartation of the Profound that a five stars Mentor could not. How could he not be shocked to the point of almost fainting? Take note, the Quu Empire has only a one star Mentor!

"Yep, this is Impartation of the Profound. Old Mo seems knowledgeable." Jin Rou smiled.

Jin Rou learned this skill when he was five. That time, the Celestial Mentor of the Celestial Mansion saw it on the spot and almost fainted. Because even for the Celestial Mentors Palace, the ruler of all Mentors, the most excellent one of them learned the Impartation of the Profound at the age of fifteen. What's more stressing is that their genius learned it for five months before succeeding, but this Jin Rou actually learned it in ten minutes! No, five minutes! How terrifying was that?

"That's not it young master. I just happened to be present in the preaching of Mentor Zu and he mentioned the Impartation of the Profound. He also said that this skill is one of the requirements to have a chance to step into the Master Mentors Realm." Old Mo said in a hurried voice.

"Oh?" Jin Rou was slightly taken aback. He didn't know that this skill was a very profound one here that it required it to step into Master Mentors Realm. He also didn't know that The masses highly revered Mentors. All he knew is that the Mentor is one of the major jobs.

Seeing the slightly surprised expression of Jin Rou, Old Mo was confused for a moment and deduced that probably the young master didn't know this specific details. However, he immediately brushed off this thought.

The young master is a formidable character. Since he knew the Impartation of the Profound, then he must be a Mentor. If the Quu Empire will have two Mentors, how would the other low empires dare to bully them? Not to mention the other party was a high ranking Mentor that at least seven stars or so in his estimation. Besides, a man in 20's bing a Mentor? That's unheard of such a thing!

One must know that a Mentor, is a job that not everyone could apply even if they do have the qualifications. Being a Mentor was being recognized by the Celestial Mentors Palace. The Palace is the one choosing cultivators who were suited to be Mentor and take its path. And also, the Palace was the one promoting a Mentor. They hold the decision if one could be promoted to another star or be stuck for life. Of course, Celestial Mentors Palace depends on their decision via reasoning and justifications and they don't hold favoritism. In other words, the Palace is fair and square with every mentor and aspiring Mentors. If one became a Mentor, his knowledge would soar by leaps and bounds.

Old Mo kowtowed several times and with utmost sincerity, "Thank you, young master, for imparting a part of your knowledge! Please accept this kowtow and gratitude of mine!"

"No, get up. You don't have to do this, Old Mo." Jin Rou was awkward by the sudden scene unfolded in his sight.

"No, young master! Please let me do this!" Old Mo insisted. His heart was filled with gratitude and respect for this young master. The knowledge he imparted was more than enough for him to reach three stars in the future! This time, Old Mo was very sure that he would be promoted to two stars this time around!

Seeing the attitude of Old Mo, Jin Rou just sighed and smiled a bit. He was delighted by this human. His heart felt warm all of sudden. This is the first time he received such a gratitude from someone.

In their mansion, all he could interact was with his mother most of the time. Sometimes, his maids. But even the maids were restricted seeing him for more than five seconds for some unknown reason. Most of the time, he was alone. He was never thanked before.

And he never felt this feeling but now.

After several kowtows, Old Mo propped up and stood. One could see his expression filled with excitement. It feels like that he was reincarnated! He was filled with expectations for the uing Chef Promotion Examination.

He was confident that it would be his stage!

After chatting for a moment, Old Mo bade farewell because he didn't want to disturb the young master anymore.

After which, Jin Rou laid down to his bed and stared blankly.

At the moment, he was reminiscing the memories that made him smile when he was still in the Celestial Mansion. Slowly, his lips curved up and revealed an earth-shattering smile. This time, he removed his disguise and revealed his actual appearance as he was smiling! The earth shook literally and songs of praises could be heard! Nature was dancing as if an exciting occasion happened!

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