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Chapter 9: Chased Out of The Door!

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Ryan already knew Jordan’s employee number. He only needed to enter the employee number into the app to check the takeout orders that Jordan had recently delivered.

After checking, Ryan nodded and said, “Tyler is right. He received a one-star rating yesterday! The reason for the bad rating is a poor attitude and throwing the takeout onto the ground, exactly like what Tyler said!”

Public opinion also shifted at this point, and the crowd began to believe Ryan and Hailey.

Jordan looked at Hailey and said, “Aren’t you going to explain why I dropped the takeout on the ground?”

Hailey folded her arms, accentuating her figure while pretending to be innocent. “You weren’t attentive at work, and you have poor tolerance!”

“Hahaha, well said!”

Jordan wanted to applaud Hailey.

‘How can she have the cheek to say that!?!’

‘Her husband dropped the things in his hands when he saw his wife in a room with another man and yet, she blamed it on him for having a poor tolerance!’

‘Am I supposed to pretend not to see it and hand the takeout over to your lover before getting down on my knees to beg you to give me a five-star rating!?!’

“Punk, you were the one who made a mistake at work. Yet, you maligned Tyler and Hailey.”

“Shut up if you can’t produce the evidence!”

“It doesn’t matter if she cheated on you. You have no right to make a scene because you are just a live-in son-in-law!”


Hailey was a famous heiress of a wealthy family in Orlando, while Jordan was a live-in son-in-law whom everyone despised.

No one spoke up for Jordan as they all stood on Hailey’s side.

“Haha, it really is a world where only the rich have a say.”

Jordan did not explain much, as he felt it was pointless. He simply looked at Old Mrs. Camden.

“You guys said I had an extramarital affair. Do you have proof?”

Old Mrs. Camden looked at Hailey, who shook her head.

Old Mrs. Camden said, “Since none of you have any evidence against each other, we’ll drop this matter.”

“However, the fact you beat Drew up cannot just be forgotten.”

Jordan looked at Drew and said, “He cut me with a knife at the entrance of Green Park Estate. There are surveillance cameras everywhere in the estate, and the estate security officers can testify that I was defending myself.”

“If you have to pursue this matter, we’ll call the police. If I get detained, I promise Drew won’t be able to escape either!”

Old Mrs. Camden, Herman, and the others were all flustered.

They knew the law. Jordan fought with his bare hands while Drew had a knife with him. Drew would face a heavier sentence.

Old Mrs. Camden pointed her finger at Jordan and said scornfully, “Great, you’ve been sponging off us, and now you’re very capable, huh? You’ve just hit my grandson. Do you want to hit me now!?!”

Jordan said respectfully, “Grand… Old Mrs. Camden, I’ve always been respectful towards you for the past three years, and I’ve been serving you wholeheartedly too.”

“I promise you, as long as Drew does not provoke me in the future, I won’t do anything to him.”

“I only have one request. I hope you will agree to Hailey getting a divorce with me!”

Jordan had taken care of Old Mrs. Camden for the past three years, more than Drew had ever done in his entire life.

However, Jordan was a live-in grandson-in-law of hers, after all. Regardless of how much effort he put in, he would never compare to Drew.

Old Mrs. Camden looked at the crowd and said,

“Everyone, as you all know, three years ago, the Camdens accepted a live-in son-in-law because of a marriage agreement that my late husband set. Many of you here were the close friends and business partners of my late husband for decades!”

“In the past three years, Hailey has been unhappy, but for the sake of fulfilling my late husband’s wishes, Hailey’s parents have mentioned a divorce to me several times, but I’ve turned down all their requests!”

“Everyone in town loves my granddaughter Hailey, and most of you refer to her as the most beautiful woman in Orlando, so there is no need for me to tell you which is the more unworthy person.”

“Today, Jordan beat up my grandson and maligned my granddaughter and Tyler. So, I’ve decided not to abide by my late husband’s wishes!”

“I declare that Jordan will no longer be a live-in-son-in-law of the Camdens, and he will be kicked out of the Camden Family with immediate effect!”

Old Mrs. Camden’s voice was loud and authoritative.

Hearing Old Mrs. Camden’s words, the crowd all raised their wine glasses.

“Congratulations, Old Mrs. Camden, congratulations, Hailey!”

“Congratulations, we’ve gotten rid of a good-for-nothing. We can now finally find a better man who’s compatible with Hailey!”

Sylvie also raised her glass happily and clinked glasses with the guests, unable to contain the joy that was showing on her face.

“Thank you, everyone. I now reveal a piece of information to you. Hailey and Jordan have always slept in separate rooms for the past three years, and he has never even touched Hailey’s hand before. Hailey… is still a virgin!”

After hearing Sylvie’s words, many of the bachelors present ogled at Hailey with great interest.

Hailey also began chiding Sylvie coquettishly.

“Mom, why are you talking about this in front of so many people? It’s making me shy.”

Hailey’s words delighted the guests.

The Camdens had finally agreed to let Hailey and Jordan get a divorce. However, at this moment, they were all rejoicing and celebrating.

That made Jordan disgruntled.

“Are you guys so happy to get rid of me? Hailey, if you find out my true identity, I wonder if you’d still be able to laugh!”

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