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The Abandoned Husband Dominates

Chapter 85 - Im Not Willing To Resign To Fate!

Chapter 85: I’m Not Willing To Resign To Fate!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Jordan looked at Rosie in bafflement, unable to figure out what she meant.

Rosie stopped kneeling and got up from the ground while her expression changed drastically. Her eyes were full of determination as if she was ready to go all out and die bravely.

Rosie said, “”Mr. Steele, Leonard, Tyler, the Ace Corporation personnel, and those from the Collins’ company know I am here to see you today,” Rosie said.

Jordan nodded and said, “I know, and what about that?”

Rosie suddenly said, “I can stay here for the night!”

Jordan was really taken aback by her words. ‘What a callous thing to say!’

At this moment, Jordan finally understood what Rosie meant.

Many people knew that Tyler had slept with the ex-wife of Jordan, the president of the esteemed Ace Corporation, which was a colossal disgrace and humiliation to Jordan.

If Jordan slept with Tyler’s mother today, no one would ridicule Jordan again.

Such a method of revenge was far more impressive than crippling Tyler.

Jordan looked at Rosie in astonishment. He totally didn’t expect that she would be willing to make such a huge sacrifice for the sake of saving her son!

“Mrs. Collins…”

Jordan looked at the ring on her ring finger and felt somewhat awkward in front of Rosie, who was twenty years older than him.

Rosie chuckled and said, “Of course, I know I can’t be compared to Hailey or Victoria Clarke. I’m just an old woman who is way past my prime. I can totally accept it if you’re not attracted to me.”

Jordan was even more at a loss for words. Rosie was indeed a bit too old for Jordan.

However, because she was a middle-aged woman, she had maintained her beauty well, and she was no less attractive than female celebrities of her age.

Jordan said, “Mrs. Collins, you’re gorgeous. You might be older than me, but you exude a mature charm that young women in their twenties do not possess.”

Rosie felt a lot less awkward after receiving a compliment from Jordan.

To her surprise, Jordan continued, “However, even so, I have no other thoughts about you.”

Rosie lowered her head again. Her plan to atone for her son’s mistakes had fallen through.


There was surprisingly another twist. “I heard that you can sing very well. I’d be glad to listen to you sing if you’re willing to stay behind.”

Jordan had watched some videos of Rosie singing on Instagram previously and had taken a liking to her singing.

Rosie had the elegant charm of a songstress in the 30’s and 40’s, and Jordan really wanted to listen to her sing.

Grinning widely from ear to ear, Rosie said, “Mr. Steele, I’m absolutely willing to sing for you for the rest of the night. What songs do you like to listen to? If you like popular songs that were released in recent years, I’m afraid I won’t be able to sing them because I’ve never heard them before.”

Jordan said, “Mrs. Collins, forgive me for being presumptuous, but when I first saw a photo of you, I thought that you looked like a songstress from the 30’s and 40’s in New York. It so happens that you’re from New York too. What a coincidence.”

“When I was a child, I often heard my grandfather talk about the olden days in New York, which he says are the most memorable for him. It was the era that represented elegance, romance, modernity, and classicism.”

“Grandpa would always describe the women from that era and the glamorous outfits they would don during their performances in halls. They would even dance along as they sang.”

“So, I’d like you to sing some classic tunes.”

Rosie was a little surprised to hear that. “Oh, Mr. Steele, so you’d like to experience the vibes of New York in the olden days. I was born much later than that era, so songs from that era are all a little too old for me as well.”

“However, my mother often sang those old classics so I can sing them too.”

“Mr. Steele, please give me a moment while I get someone to bring me a dress and a microphone.”

Jordan initially wanted to say that he would be preparing those items.

However, he realized that he couldn’t prepare a suitable dress for her on second thought because he didn’t know Rosie’s body measurements.

After about twenty minutes, someone delivered 20 dresses as Rosie had instructed!

It seemed that Rosie was a fan of dresses.

“Mr. Steele, please pick one for me.”

Rosie laid out all the dresses.

Jordan picked them up without any restraints and began scrutinizing each one carefully.

Finally, Jordan picked a long beige dress and handed it to Rosie. “This one’s it.”

Rosie took the dress and said respectfully, “Alright. Please wait a moment while I get changed, Mr. Steele. I shall perform ‘You Are My Sunshine.”


In the Wallaces’ villa at half-past two in the morning.

Leonard was smoking a cigarette in the living room on the first floor. The ashtray was already full of cigarette butts.

Tyler came down from upstairs and walked over relaxedly. When he saw the sad expression on Leonard’s face, he asked, “Dad, what’s the matter?”

Leonard snubbed another cigarette and said, “Your mother went to see Jordan Steele. She isn’t home yet.”


Tyler looked at the clock and realized that it was already 2:30 am. ‘It’s already the wee hours of the night, and she isn’t back yet. What could she be doing at Jordan Steele’s home!!?’

“Have you called Mom to urge her to come home?” Tyler asked.

Leonard said, “Yes, but her phone is switched off.”

“Switched off… Why would Mom do that? Could something have happened to her? Dad, let’s go look for her!”

Tyler was about to change into his shoes.

Leonard stopped him. “Before switching off her phone, your mother texted me and told me not to look for her.”


Tyler’s face turned pale, and he was so livid that he felt an urge to kill. He had already guessed what might happen between his mother and Jordan!

Rosie left Jordan’s villa at five in the morning.

Leonard and Tyler had already waited for the entire night.

Upon seeing Rosie, Tyler immediately ran towards her and asked, “Mom, why didn’t you come back all night? Did that scoundrel Jordan Steele do anything to you!?!”

Rosie rebuked furiously, “Enough! Don’t provoke Jordan Steele again! He’s not someone you can afford to mess with!”

“Tyler, Jordan Steele has promised me that he won’t harm you, so you can go out as per normal now. You don’t have to rush to have a baby anymore.”

Hearing this, Leonard’s face turned beet red.

He walked over and gave Rosie a hard slap on her face!


“Who gave you permission to do that!?! You’re still my wife! You’re a huge disgrace to me by doing so!”

Leonard hollered.

Rosie said stubbornly, “I can’t stand by and do nothing while watching my son get hurt! Leonard, it’s over for our business, and we will soon become poor. We’ve long lost all our pride!”

“No! No! No!”

Tyler yelled hysterically and said to Rosie, “Mom, Grandma is rich. The Huxleys are a top-tier family in New York, tell them to help me, and we’ll definitely be able to kill that bastard Jordan Steele!”

Rosie shook her head and said, “Son, my family was dead against me marrying your father, and now that this has happened, they’re not willing to help us at all. We’d better resign to fate.”

“No, I won’t resign myself to fate! If you don’t want to beg them, I’ll do it! Jordan Steele has caused the Collins to be reduced to a terrible plight and has even violated you! I must make him pay it back tenfold!”

Tyler dashed out of the villa in his slippers…

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