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The Abandoned Husband Dominates

Chapter 82 - Telling The Camdens The Truth!

Chapter 82: Telling The Camdens The Truth!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Jordan likewise ignored Diana, who commanded great respect and held high authority among the Camdens.

He wasn’t there for the Camdens but for Lucky.

“Where’s Lucky?” Jordan asked Drew.

Drew was the only Camden whom Jordan was willing to talk to properly.

Drew immediately answered, “Lucky is inside with Hailey.”

Sylvie stepped forward and said, “Jordan, don’t blame Hailey for not coming out to receive you. She was on her knees for too long yesterday, and it took hours of emergency rescue in the hospital for her to be resuscitated. Her condition has just improved a little, and she can’t walk yet.”

Jordan knew that Hailey had a fragile body, so it was normal for her to be worn out after kneeling for two hours.

However, Jordan didn’t believe that it took a few hours of emergency rescue to save her.

For the past three years, Jordan had always been the one taking care of Hailey, and he was so meticulous that he knew better than anyone what Hailey’s health was like.

Jordan entered without saying anything else.

As soon as he entered the familiar house, Jordan saw Hailey sitting at the dining table with Lucky in her arms.

There was already a sumptuous spread of dishes on the dining table, which was unprecedented in the past three years.

Seeing that Lucky’s paw had really been bandaged, Jordan quickly walked over, feeling heartbroken.

As soon as Jordan reached Lucky, he saw the wound on Hailey’s leg.

Hailey was wearing a short skirt. She initially planned to wear a pair of long pants to hide the wound, but Rachel advised her against it.

If she were to cover it up, she wouldn’t be able to win Jordan’s sympathy!

However, Jordan did not sympathize with Hailey after seeing her wound.

Well, because she didn’t spare a thought for his feelings when she checked into a hotel with Tyler at that time!

“Jordan, you’re here.”

Hailey said feebly, her lips as pale as a sheet.

Even so, she was still absolutely gorgeous.

Jordan ignored her without showing her any concern or asking about her condition at all. He simply reached his hand out to carry Lucky over.

Upon sight of Jordan, Lucky, which had been excited for a long time, leaped towards him.

Seeing that Lucky was limping, Jordan knew that it was really injured.

Jordan was heartbroken, and he hoped that the Camdens hadn’t deliberately hurt Lucky just to make him visit them.

Hence, Jordan said to Diana, “Mrs. Camden, I hope you sell this dog to me. I’m willing to offer $150,000.”

Diana entered while supporting herself against a cane. She said smilingly, “Jordan, sit down and have some food. Since we’re a family, Lucky belongs to you too. You don’t have to buy it from me. That would seem too distant.”

Jordan said sneeringly, “Hailey and I are divorced. You and I are really not family.”

“I don’t plan to stay for a meal either. I’ll leave immediately after I buy Lucky from you.”

Jordan was very resolute and firm in his decision, making things somewhat awkward for the Camdens.

Diana said, “Okay, even if you don’t want to eat, you should at least tell me what’s going on, right? Why did you marry Hailey as a live-in husband when you’re so rich? Why is my late husband the only one who knows about your background?”

“Jordan, if you don’t tell me the truth, I really won’t be able to die in peace!” 𝐢𝗻𝑛𝓇𝚎𝚊𝘥. 𝙘o𝓂

Jordan knew that the Camdens had been kept in the dark about his identity for the past three years.

Jordan ought to give them an explanation today!

Hence, he said, “Fine, since you want to know, I will tell you.”

“There’s a peculiar rule in the Steele family that all male heirs have to go through various trials and tests before they can inherit the family business.”

“In order to hone my character, my grandfather arranged for me to marry Hailey as a live-in husband three years ago.”

“The Camdens may only be a second-tier family, but you guys are at least prestigious and dignified. It would be difficult for me to marry Hailey without my grandfather’s help.”

“So, my grandfather looked for Hailey’s grandfather and discussed this matter with him.”

“Hailey’s grandfather was very glad to be in-laws with us, but my grandfather told him that this matter must be kept strictly confidential to the both of them. Hailey’s grandfather is the only Camden who knows about it. Once he reveals it to you guys, the engagement will be void!”

Everyone came to a sudden realization when they heard that.

“No wonder Dad has been so adamant about not telling me anything before he passed! For the past two years, I’ve wondered, what did Dad want to tell me that required so much hesitation?”

Benedict sighed emotionally when he recalled the past.

Hailey’s grandfather didn’t dare to tell any of them because once he let Benedict or Sylvie find out, they would definitely change their attitude towards Jordan.

Once their attitudes changed and they began to treat him better, Jordan’s trial would be meaningless.

At this moment, Diana began to reprimand Hailey.

“Hailey Camden! You will never be able to find another man who’s as good as Jordan. He’s such a rare gem, but you didn’t cherish him!”

Elle walked towards them slowly and chimed in, “Yeah, Hailey is at fault for this. If I had married Jordan, I would never have done what she did!”

“Jordan, do you want to be my live-in husband for a year and let me train you this time?”

Jordan looked at Elle speechlessly and refuted, “No, thank you, I don’t need it!”

‘What a lunatic. After three years of being a live-in husband, why would I continue staying with the Camdens!?’

‘I’ve long honed my character!’

“Elle, don’t spout nonsense!” Diana chided Elle.

Diana then looked at Jordan again and said, “Jordan, we’ve all mistreated you in the past three years. Today, we would like to toast to you and apologize!”

“Herman, Benedict, quickly pour some wine!”

“Yes, Mom.”

The Camdens each grabbed a wine glass and toasted it to Jordan as an apology.

Jordan watched coldly with Lucky in his arms.

When they all finished drinking, Jordan asked, “Can you name your price now? Your apology really doesn’t matter to me. Don’t worry. I don’t intend to take revenge on you. My company will still continue to cooperate with you on Hailey Residences. However, this is the first and last cooperation we will have.”

Feeling extremely complicated, Diana glanced at Hailey before saying, “Jordan, I know you like Lucky, and you’ve lived with us for three years too. You should know how much I adore Lucky.”

“How about this? Lucky shall stay with you for five days a week and at my place for two days. Is that alright?”

Jordan knew how attached Diana was to Lucky, whom she had long regarded as a companion she would otherwise be lonely without.

Jordan nodded and said, “Okay, name your price.”

“You don’t have to pay us at all!” Sylvie walked over with a smile. “We’re all a family. There’s no need to talk about money. Besides, the bracelet that you gave Mom for her birthday is worth several million!”

Sylvie was very proud that her son-in-law was the one who gave that gift to Diana!

Diana looked at the bracelet on her left wrist and removed it before handing it to Jordan.

“Jordan, thank you for giving me such an expensive gift, but I don’t deserve it because I’ve failed my duties as your grandmother-in-law. Please take it back!”

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