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The Abandoned Husband Dominates

Chapter 80 - Chapter 80

Chapter 80:c

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Be it a nurse, a doctor, or a pilot, or an entrepreneur, all humans would, to a certain extent, feel a sense of empathy towards those of the same sex.

In the female nurse’s opinion, Hailey was an absolute goddess-like beauty!

‘Men should cherish such a gorgeous woman. Why would he make her get on her knees and apologize to him? This is outrageous!’

The female nurse was actually an extreme feminist who had a large number of followers on Instagram, most of whom were feminists who would often publish posts with long captions to show support and stand up for women.

Last year, the renowned pianist Evan Cadence got married to a woman more than ten years younger than him. Not only was she young, but she was also pretty, well-educated, and had an enviable figure.

This female nurse had once called Evan out on Instagram and slammed him for being a disgusting cradle-snatcher who wasn’t worthy of such a brilliant wife!

Evan was a world-class pianist and a rare prodigy, after all.

Despite being such a successful and accomplished man, in the eyes of the female nurse, he wasn’t worthy of marrying such a young and pretty woman!

Clearly, she was highly biased against men!

Hence, the female nurse deliberately fabricated a story and lied, “When we reached the villa, she was in the bedroom of the second or third floor of the villa.”

Everyone was elated that Jordan had brought Hailey back inside the villa and wasn’t that heartless after all.

Of course, Jordan was a gentleman, and it was only expected that he would do that.

After all, Hailey had already passed out, and he couldn’t possibly continue to leave her under the rain while she was unconscious.

The female nurse continued, “When we brought Miss Camden away from the villa, we discovered that the rainwater had already been wiped away, and apart from her hair and clothes, her body was completely dry.”

The female nurse was obviously lying because all Jordan did was carry Hailey inside and place her on the couch in the living room.

He had also only wiped her face and neck with a towel, leaving the rest of her body untouched!

Hearing this, a few of them were shocked.

‘Did Jordan wipe Hailey down?’

Hailey was shy too!

She really hoped that that was the case!

However, she also knew that there was a maid in the villa, so it was not necessarily Jordan who had wiped her dry.

At this moment, the female nurse continued, “I also found that Miss Camden’s clothes were a little messy at that time. I suspect that the man in the villa might have taken liberties with her!”


Both Hailey and Sylvie were overjoyed to hear the nurse’s words.

Hailey said gleefully, “Jordan loves me. I knew it. He still loves me!”

The female nurse was puzzled by their reaction, and she asked, “Miss Camden, you’re so beautiful. You can have any man you want. Why did you have to kneel for a man? That’s such an embarrassment and disgrace to women!”

“Apart from his wealth, that man doesn’t seem to have much to offer. He isn’t that tall either. He’s just a scoundrel!”

“Miss Camden, if you want a boyfriend, I can introduce you to a tall, handsome and rich man!”

When Rachel heard this, she took out a 20-dollar banknote from her purse and handed it to the nurse, “Okay, you can go out now. There’s none of your business here.”

‘How dare she call Jordan a scoundrel?’

If Hailey weren’t her best friend, even Rachel would try to snatch such a rich and eligible dreamboat like Jordan!

After the nurse left the ward, Hailey happily shook Sylvie’s hands and rejoiced, “Mom, did you hear that? Jordan might have kissed me when I was unconscious!”

Sylvie said happily, “I heard it, I heard it. Well, my daughter is so beautiful. How can Jordan hold back when he is gazing at you? He’s a man, after all.”

“Does this mean he has forgiven me?”

Hailey looked at Rachel, her “adviser”.

Rachel laughed and said, “I told you that Jordan just has a bark that’s worse than his bite. Deep down, he had probably already forgiven you a long time ago, but as a man and the president of a big corporation, his ego kept him from giving in.”

“Hailey, just keep working hard, and one day he will get back together with you.”

Hailey nodded vigorously. “Yes, yes!”

Drew and Elle were also present. Of course, they were not concerned about Hailey’s health but mainly wanted to determine Jordan’s attitude towards Hailey.

Elle thought to herself, ‘Jordan had the guts to take advantage of Hailey when she was unconscious! I have a better figure than Hailey. If I pass out in front of Jordan one day, will he do the same to me?’

Elle began to have unrealistic fantasies again.

Drew then stepped forward and said, “Hailey, you have me to thank for this. You may be beautiful, but if I hadn’t supervised you during this period and stopped you from moving in with Tyler premaritally, do you think Jordan would still want you after Tyler Collins has tainted you for such a long time?”

At this point, Hailey indeed felt grateful to Drew!

Hailey could lie about being in the hotel room with Tyler, but if Drew hadn’t stopped Hailey from moving in with Tyler by pretending that it was Diana’s instructions and calling her every night to supervise, she would have probably slept with Tyler numerous times by now!

After all, they had already registered their marriage then and were considered a lawfully married couple. Besides, they would live together in the future anyway, and Hailey would never turn Tyler down.

However, if that happened, Jordan would despise Hailey!

“Thank you, Drew,” Hailey said, thanking Drew with utmost sincerity.

After saying that, Hailey pulled the needle out of her hand. “I passed out because I was too devastated. I don’t need the drip anymore; I’m going to go home and inform Grandma of the good news!”

Earlier on, Diana said that if Hailey could not get Jordan back, she would not acknowledge her as a Camden.

Having made so much progress during her first attempt to beg Jordan, Hailey, of course, wanted to let her grandmother know.

An hour later, in the Camdens’ villa.

“Really? The nurse said that?”

After hearing this, Diana said with a heartened smile, “Thank God for giving my granddaughter such a beautiful face. Haha, as long as Jordan still has feelings for you, you have a chance to get back together with him!”

Rachel agreed and chimed in, “The problem now is that Jordan has to pretend to be heartless on the surface because of his ego. I’m afraid he might not let Hailey see him again.”

Diana nodded and said, “That’s just how stubborn Jordan is! He will indeed do that! We should give Hailey a chance to meet him!”

“How should we do that?” Sylvie asked impatiently.

She wanted so badly to have Jordan as her son-in-law again.

While thinking about it, Diana suddenly looked at her poodle, Lucky, which she was now holding in her arms.

Diana threw Lucky onto the ground and stepped on its front paw.


Lucky immediately began screaming and whimpering in pain.

“Grandma, what are you doing?”

Hailey was also astounded because Diana usually pampered Lucky the poodle to bits!

Diana said, “Drew, call Jordan tomorrow and tell him that his favorite poodle, Lucky, is injured!”

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