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The Abandoned Husband Dominates

Chapter 74 - Jordan and Hailey Arent Divorced Yet!

Chapter 74: Jordan and Hailey Aren’t Divorced Yet!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Outside the hotel.

At this moment, a male guest walked out smilingly from the hotel and looked through the contacts list on his cell phone before calling someone named Devon Blaine.

“What’s the matter?” Devon questioned coldly.

The man asked with a smile, “Devon Blaine, I remember that the Camdens from Orlando seem to be your relatives, huh? How is Hailey Camden related to you?”

Devon answered, “My mother is her grandfather’s sister, so Hailey is my niece. What’s the matter?”

He said, “Haha, oh, so that’s how you’re related. It’s your niece’s wedding today, why didn’t you come? You missed a good show, buddy.”

“It turns out that the president of Ace Corporation is the man that everyone thought was a good-for-nothing. He used to be the live-in son-in-law of the Camdens, but your niece has divorced him.”

“Today, your niece married Tyler Collins, but she really regrets her decision. Haha…”

At this moment, in Boston.

After Devon hung up the phone, an old lady lying in bed beside him immediately tried to probe.

“Devon, did something happen to Hailey?”

The old lady was Devon’s mother, the sister of Hailey’s grandfather, which makes her Hailey’s grandaunt.

Looking at his feeble mother, Devon could not bear to tell her the truth.

Thus, he said, “No, Mom, Hailey is doing well.”

To his surprise, his mother said something that couldn’t be closer to the truth. “Are Hailey and Jordan divorced?”

Devon stopped hiding the truth and nodded.

“Oh, it turns out that Hailey’s live-in husband, Jordan Steele, is the billionaire president of a large corporation!”

“Wow, the Camdens have suffered a huge loss this time!”

“Mom, I know you care a lot about Hailey but don’t get too upset. Your health is important.”

Devon’s mother, Lily, was in poor health and her days seem to be numbered…

However, Lily didn’t get too worked up and simply said calmly, “Don’t worry, I’m fine. Hailey and Jordan are still married.”

Devon asked with a look of bewilderment, “Mom, are you muddled up? They’ve already gotten a divorce. How can they still be married?”

“Besides, Hailey has married Tyler Collins.”

In a mysterious smile, Lily said, “Your uncle, who is Hailey’s grandfather, had known Jordon’s identity long ago, and therefore allowed him to marry Hailey.”

“Besides, he had long guessed that the willful and arrogant Hailey would one day choose to divorce Jordan.”

“So, he has long arranged for the people at the lawyer’s office to tamper with the divorce papers, should there be any. The divorce papers are fake, and so is Hailey’s current marriage certificate with Tyler Collins!”

Devon was so astonished that his jaw dropped. ‘Hailey’s grandfather is so wise that he had actually made all the appropriate arrangements before his death!’

Devon said gleefully, “In this case, I’ll call Hailey immediately and tell her about it!”

However, Lily put her pale hand on Devon’s arm to stop him.

“Don’t tell her for now,” Lily said with a somber expression.

“Hailey is too arrogant, and she has been belittling Jordan all this while. It’s a good thing to make her regret now and learn her lesson.”

“Let her figure out how to win Jordan’s heart again and salvage their relationship. You can tell her when nothing else works.”

Devon nodded and exclaimed, “Sure!”


In West Lake residential estate.

After Hailey and Tyler returned to their new matrimonial home, Hailey began to pack her bags and got ready to leave. 𝚒𝓷𝚗𝚛𝚎𝙖𝐝. 𝒄૦𝓂

Tyler hollered lividly, “Hailey Camden, where are you going with your luggage? We just got married today. Are you going to sleep at Jordan’s place!?!”

Hailey said, “Yes, I’m going to Jordan. Tyler, let’s get a divorce!”

Anyway, Hailey had already said no during the wedding. She even leaped into Jordan’s arms right in front of him and everyone else.

She knew that Tyler would never be able to tolerate such an insult.

Just as she expected, Tyler snapped, his face as red as a beet, “Fine! Let’s get a divorce then! A cheap and shameless bitch like you is not worthy of being my wife!”

Both of them soon headed to the lawyer’s office to file for a divorce.

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