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The Abandoned Husband Dominates

Chapter 73 - Hailey Regrets!

Chapter 73: Hailey Regrets!

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In the luxurious and grand hotel, Hailey, clad in a white wedding dress, refused to complete her wedding vows in front of the public!

Everyone immediately got into an uproar!

Ever since Jordan revealed his identity as the president of Ace Corporation, Hailey had already begun to waver.

Subsequently, she saw how the bigwigs of Orlando behaved subserviently to Jordan, who was just like the king of Orlando!

Her former husband was now a tycoon that everyone admired, respected, and looked up to!

How could Hailey feel comfortable marrying Tyler?

He wasn’t as handsome as Jordan, nor was he as gentle as Jordan. Furthermore, he wouldn’t take care of her or pamper her like Jordan did.

The only advantage Tyler had was that he came from a wealthy family that could help the Camdens.

However, Tyler had now lost his only advantage over Jordan.

Hence, Hailey rejected Tyler right on the spot!

Clad in a white wedding dress, Hailey scurried down the stage with tears in her eyes and leaped straight into Jordan’s arms before exclaiming, “Jordan, I love you!”

The commotion got even louder!

“Oh my God! The bride actually ran to hug another man at her wedding!”

“Haha, now that’s interesting. We’ve got a show to watch.”

Tyler, who was wearing a suit and standing on the stage, turned pale immediately!

Jordan remained seated quietly with complicated emotions within him as Hailey, his former wife, hugged him.

He was overjoyed, conceited, resentful, and furious!

He recalled the time when he stood in front of Tyler and Hailey in a hotel, dressed in his humble takeout delivery man uniform. At that time, Hailey even self-righteously told him that he didn’t deserve to step into the hotel.

The two of them definitely couldn’t have imagined that this would happen today!

Victoria, seated beside Jordan, took out a cigarette from her bag and lit it up with a playful smile.

“Hailey Camden, do you think Jordan will forgive you now that you’ve come scurrying over!?!”

Victoria made a sarcastic remark. As a woman, she felt an urge to say to Hailey: “If you had known that this would happen, you shouldn’t have done it in the first place!”

Although he was the host, Leonard’s face, hands and legs were all trembling!

His daughter-in-law actually had the nerve to tell another man that she loved him at her own wedding!

What a huge disgrace!

It was a huge disgrace to the Collins!

The Collins were thoroughly embarrassed!

At this moment, Benedict suddenly came forward. He pulled Hailey out of Jordan’s embrace before giving her a tight slap on her face!


Benedict said anxiously, “You must be out of your mind! Are you trying to implicate all of us by offending the Collins!?!”

Benedict was well aware of how serious of a matter and Hailey had just embarrassed the Collins, making them the laughing stock of Orlando.

In addition, the Collins were not to be trifled with either, and they would definitely deal with Benedict and his family.

However, Sylvie walked over and hugged Hailey.

She hollered at Benedict, “Benedict, why did you lay a hand on Hailey!?! Hailey and Jordan have been married for three years, and they have strong feelings for each other. It’s only right for her to choose Jordan over Tyler. Besides, Jordan is the president of a huge corporation, isn’t he?”

“You… Shut up, you wastrel!”

Benedict was livid, and he raised his hand again in a bid to slap Sylvie.

Benedict knew that Jordan definitely wouldn’t take Hailey back and that he wasn’t there to stop the marriage either.

No matter how much Hailey pleaded, it was to no avail.

Since Hailey was now married to Tyler, the only option she had was to spend the rest of her life with him.

Otherwise, she would offend both Jordan and the Collins, which would land them in hot soup.

Jordan did not say a word to the Camdens.

The three of them were his former wife, father-in-law, and mother-in-law, respectively.

However, they no longer had anything to do with him now.

Jordan got up from his seat, buttoned his suit suavely, and said, “Indeed, it’s such a top-notch wedding, Mr. Collins, it’s no wonder you insisted that I come and witness it with my own eyes.”

“Now that I’ve already witnessed it, I’ll get going. I have work to do.”

Victoria pinched the slim cigarette that she had just lit up and rose from her seat as well. “I should get going too.”

Dustin, who was seated at the same table as them, also quickly got up and said, “Mr. Steele, Miss Clarke, please wait for me. I’ll leave with you guys.”

After the three of them left, surprisingly, the remaining guests at the table also walked towards Leonard to bid him goodbye.

“Mr. Collins, I have some work to do. I’ll take my leave now.”

“The people at the office have called to rush me. I’m sorry, I gotta go.”


Soon, all of the wedding ballroom tables that were initially very lively were empty except for two tables.

The remaining guests at those two tables were relatives of the Collins.

Basically, all their business partners had left.

They were all intelligent people who knew when to defect to those who were powerful.

Knowing that Jordan had a conflict with the Collins, who would dare to be close to the Collins?

Suppose they continued to stay there and ended up letting Jordan hear of it. In that case, Jordan might just destroy their companies like what he had done to those dozens of unlucky companies.


Tyler moved a chair over and smashed it against the table.

They had spent close to a million dollars on the wedding, but all the guests had left!

Seeing this, Leonard remained composed and said, “Tyler, take Hailey to your matrimonial home. It’s your big day today, don’t fret over this. Your mother and I will take care of it!”

Leonard then said to Hailey, “Hailey Camden, I know you want to go back to Jordan Steele now, but as you can see, he doesn’t want you at all. Since you’ve married me, just be content!”

“The Collins may not be as wealthy as Jordan, but we at least have hundreds of millions of dollars in assets, which is still a notch above your family! You’re not losing out by being my wife!”

Hailey bit her lips. All that was running through her mind now was Jordan!

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