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The Abandoned Husband Dominates

Chapter 70 - Im The Main Character!

Chapter 70: I’m The Main Character!

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The sense of superiority Hailey felt as a result of her family’s affluence was the reason that she was able to hold her head high, justify her wrongdoings before Jordan, and even make him apologize to her previously.

Hailey grew up attending aristocratic schools and had learned to play the piano, violin, and dance when she was a child. She felt that she was much more cultured and had a better upbringing than Jordan.

Although she adored Jordan, she had always felt that Jordan belonged to a different world from her.

Now, Hailey finally realized that they indeed belonged to two different worlds.

However, unlike what she had thought before, Jordan belonged to a world that was better than hers!

On the other hand, Dustin said to Evan, “Evan, how much did the Collins pay to hire you? Haven’t you always refrained from playing at weddings? When I asked you to play at the wedding of my friend’s son the other time, you turned me down immediately. Is it because you think I can’t afford it?”

The wealthy usually liked hiring famous singers, actors, or pianists to perform at their weddings to show how powerful they were.

Evan said, “Nah, you’ve misunderstood me, Mr. Wills. I’m not here to perform for the Collins. In fact, my piano teacher, Gary, called me to say that it’s Jordan’s birthday today, so he asked me to come over specifically to perform a piece for him.”

Jordan said somewhat politely, “Mr. Graffman shouldn’t have asked you to come all the way here when he knows how busy you are with the preparation for your performance at the White House next week.”

Evan laughed and said, “Haha, it’s okay. I haven’t seen you for so many years. I missed you! By the way, Jordan, what song do you want to listen to?”

After thinking about it, Jordan said, “La Campanella.”

As soon as he said that, many people got extremely excited, especially one of the ladies present who must have learned how to play the piano. She screamed and exclaimed, “La Campanella is one of the world’s top ten most difficult songs to play on the piano!”

Almost everyone in the upper-class circle, including children, would be able to play classics like ‘Canon’ and ‘A Comme Camour’.

However, La Campanella was a complicated piece that not just anyone can play or have the honor of hearing!

Evan said, “Sure, I’ll play that one!”

It just so happened that there was a piano on the stage that had just been tuned. Evan tested it and found it to be satisfactory.

He said into the microphone, “I’m going to play a song named La Campanella as a gift for my senior, Jordan Steele’s 25th birthday!”

The sound of applause filled the air.

As Evan began to play the piano, everyone began to dance as soon as he played the first note in the high range.

Jordan could also play that song, and even piano players of Hailey’s caliber have tried it.

However, the standards of different piano players varied. The guests present who could play the piano were all aware of the massive difference between themselves and Evan.

The playing of this piece required a large variety of complex techniques, such as large leaps, tremolo, 4-5 trills, fast octaves, and so on.

Everyone present who claimed that they could play La Campanella, would never say they could play it again in their lifetime after seeing and hearing Evan play it with their very own eyes.

“This is such an enjoyment! I’ll never play this song again! It will be an insult to this piece if I play it!”

“Thanks to Mr. Steele, I had the opportunity to enjoy the performance of a piano master up close!”

The piece was about four and a half minutes long, and during these four and a half minutes, everyone’s heart was racing as they listened to the tune that made tears well up in their eyes!

Finally, Evan played the last note of the piece.

Many people who learned music already started to clap their hands because they knew that the song had ended.

However, it wasn’t the end of Evan’s performance.

Evan then used the final chord as the beginning of a new song— ‘Happy Birthday’.

Everyone present began humming and singing along.

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you.”

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you.”

Finally, Evan showed off his impressive piano-playing skills again and ended the performance.

“Thank you, everyone! Jordan, happy birthday!”

Evan wished Jordan once again.

All the guests in the room stood up and applauded while many strangers even walked towards Jordan to toast to him.

Tyler was dumbfounded.

‘Isn’t this my wedding? Why did the guest performer play the birthday song for Jordan? Why are the guests wishing Jordan a happy birthday too?’

‘Isn’t a wedding more important than someone’s birthday?’

Besides, Tyler was the one who paid for the venue and the piano!

‘Why has Jordan Steele stolen the limelight?’

Feeling extremely humiliated, Tyler walked towards Evan and said, “Master Cadence, could you please play another song, Mariage d’amour, for Hailey and me?”

Evan looked at his watch and said, “Hey, I’m really sorry, I’m running late for my flight, and I really have to get going. I’ll definitely make it up to you another day.”

After saying that, Evan hugged Jordan and left in a hurry.


Tyler and Leonard couldn’t make Evan stay regardless of how he tried.

With a look of embarrassment, Tyler thought, ‘Evan Cadence is obviously here for Jordan Steele’s sake, not for the Collins!’

Victoria sipped on some coffee proudly. She had waited for a long time for this day for Jordan to take revenge on Tyler and Hailey. 𝓲n𝗻𝗿𝙚𝘢𝘥. 𝓬𝚘𝒎

Moreover, it was only the beginning!

Less than a minute after Evan left, a young man suddenly walked in and said to Leonard, “Mr. Collins, there are suddenly dozens of people at the entrance of the hall. They don’t have any invitations, but they insist on coming in.”

Leonard humphed coldly and said, “The wedding held by the Collins is not something that any Tom, Dick, or Harry can attend. All my guests are dignified figures of Orlando. Tell those people to get lost!”

The young man said, “Mr. Collins, they all claim to be bosses of large companies. They even said that they’re willing to give $1500 each as a wedding gift, in exchange for a chance to attend the wedding.”

Hearing the young man’s words, Leonard was immediately surprised.

When the other guests heard it, they began praising him too.

“Mr. Collins is indeed worthy of being a powerful figure of Orlando. So many company owners are all interested in befriending you at your son’s wedding today.”

“It might be true that they have small businesses, but having so many people requesting to attend your son’s wedding is not easy

Leonard heard the compliments and said loudly, “Since so many young owners of small companies want to befriend me and this is also my son’s big day, I will make an exception and share the joy with them!”

Afterward, Leonard said to the young man, “Let them come in. Inform the hotel staff to add more tables.”

“Yes!” The young man quickly scurried away.

Feeling extremely dignified and proud, Tyler bragged to Hailey, “Did you see that? That’s how high my father’s status is in the business industry of Orlando! The owners of those small companies are all trying to butter him up so badly!”

Hailey smiled stiffly. Now, all she could think about was Jordan.

However, she was still delighted to see that her father-in-law had such a high status.

However, what happened next made her dumbfounded again!

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