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Chapter 28: Victoria Clarke Kneels Down!

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Victoria had always been the idol of all the female employees in the company.

The reason was that all presidents of major corporations would seem lowly in front of her, regardless of how rich and powerful they may be!

All the women wanted to be like Victoria and have the powerful presidents wrapped around their fingers and be at their mercy.

There was once a president of a partner company worth billions of dollars who would often create trouble at the office and leave everyone with no means to handle the situation.

However, after Victoria intervened, she managed to subdue him and make him kneel down to put her shoes on for her in less than two minutes.

Everyone in the company was dumbfounded!

Ashley exclaimed with great excitement, “Ah! I must learn how to subdue a domineering president like Miss Clarke has this time!”

The other two girls were also excited to watch the excellent show that was about to come on. They wanted to witness with their own eyes how the domineering president was reduced to a bootlicking dog!

Victoria first went to the bathroom, where she looked in the mirror to fix her makeup and then tidied up her outfit.

She was clad in a pink Chanel Haute Couture two-piece set today which made her look very much like an imposing president, accentuating her noble and elegant aura.

Any overbearing president would instantly be attracted to her. They would also notice that she was different from other female influencers and Instagram models.

Victoria said, “After I go in later, I’ll leave the door slightly ajar so that you guys can watch through the crack, just how I subdue this greenhorn!”

Ashley guffawed loudly and said, “Sure, sure, make him kneel down and put on your shoes for you. But, haha, we want to see this classic scene again!”

The other two also said joyfully, “We want to see it too!”

Victoria chuckled gently. If the company’s other employees caught wind of the fact that the deputy president of the company had subdued the president into kneeling down and putting on her shoes for her, they would know that even the president had to obey her!

In the future, no one in the company would dare to defy her again!

“Okay, I guarantee that I’d be able to make this greenhorn kneel down before me within three minutes!”

Victoria said with a face full of confidence.

After all, she had once conquered a forty-year-old president who was even more imposing and had seen countless beautiful women before.

Victoria thought that a mere greenhorn in his early twenties would definitely be unable to resist her enormous charm!

Victoria strutted towards the president’s office where Jordan was.

Bang! Bang!

Victoria knocked gently on the door twice.

“Please, come in.” Jordan’s voice came from inside.

The door hampered Victoria from recognizing Jordan’s voice.

After Victoria pushed the door to enter, she did not close the door fully but left it slightly ajar.

On the other hand, Ashley and the other two girls walked silently to the door barefooted and peeped in through the crack.

Ashley said, “Do you think Miss Clarke can take down the new president, Mr. Steele? He doesn’t seem to be a lustful man.”

The head of the investment department said, “Oh, there was once a gentlemanly president who claimed to be ascetic but when he saw Miss Clarke take off her jacket to bare her shoulders, he had a nosebleed. Trust me, Miss Clarke is a president killer. Unless he’s a virgin, any man who has gotten intimate with a woman before would know how perfect Miss Clarke is!”

The graduate students who were working as interns at the company gazed at Victoria with admiration in their eyes. They secretly vowed to learn well from her and strive to use some tactics to take down one or two presidents, or at worst, two “backup guys.”

In the office…

Victoria walked in and discovered a young man seated on the president’s chair with his side facing her. He was holding onto a large company annual report in his hand while looking out the window.

From the angle Victoria was standing, she could only see a third of his side profile.

Victoria did not speak and instead observed him carefully.

“What a cool haircut. He looks like a K-pop idol.”

Generally speaking, the bosses Victoria came into contact with were either bald or had thinning hair. However, Jordan had a head full of hair and seemed very stylish.

“He’s got such a high nose bridge!”

“His side profile is so handsome too. He gives me déjà vu!”

Upon seeing Jordan, Victoria burst with joy.

She was not a lesbian at all. She fancied men, and the only reason she never had a boyfriend was that she was afraid that having a boyfriend would hinder her from coming into contact with other rich tycoons.

On the other hand, she also had high requirements for her other half. Not only must her boyfriend be rich, but he also had to be good-looking, interesting, good taste, and a mind of his own!

“Mr. Steele, I’m Victoria, the deputy president of the company. I heard that you want to see me.”

Victoria said in a tender, gentle and delicate voice.

At this moment, Jordan put down the document in his hand and turned his chair around.

Outside the door.

“Ah! He turned around! I wonder if Mr. Steele will get a nosebleed on the spot when he sees how gorgeous Miss Clarke is. Haha.”

“I reckon he’d probably kneel down on the spot and call her Queen. Haha.”

In the office.

When Jordan turned the chair around, Victoria finally saw his face!

“Jordan… Jordan Steele?”

That was probably the most shocking moment in Victoria’s life and the most disoriented she had been.

Jordan actually made Victoria, who had always been high up in the air and viewed men as playthings, go to her knees!

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