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Chapter 27: Victoria Clarke Is Here!

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Victoria mingled in the upper-class society of Orlando and hence, knew all the tycoons. She had a long list of suitors too.

However, no one had ever heard of her having a boyfriend.

‘Maybe Victoria Clarke is into women!’

“Hey, what are you thinking about!?! Hurry up and answer me. Why are you here at our office!?!”

Ashley said in a firm voice.

Jordan snapped back to his senses and said, “I’m Jordan Steele, the new president of Ace Corporation.”

Ashley Rose’s jaw dropped, and her mouth was so wide open that it could fit an egg.

“I’m so sorry! I’m sorry, Mr. Steele! I’m too stupid. Since you had the key to the door, you must be the president! But, please forgive me, Miss Clarke said that there’s a suspicious person in the office, so I…”

Jordan was surprised after hearing her explanation.

‘Suspicious person?’

“Damn, the Camdens have been tailing me! Annoying pests who won’t leave me alone!”

Jordan immediately figured out what was going on.

“Okay, you may go out and resume your duties. Oh, by the way, I heard that Miss Clarke is the most beautiful deputy president in the city. So when she arrives, tell her to come to my office immediately. I’d like to see how beautiful the deputy president of our company really is.”

Jordan instructed Ashley.


Ashley walked out of the president’s office, went to the restroom on the same floor, and called Victoria Clarke.

“Miss Clarke.”

Victoria was already on her way to work when she spoke with Ashley Rose over the phone via the Bluetooth function in her Porsche.

“Ashley, how is it? Have you found out clearly? Are there any suspicious people in the office?”

Ashley whispered, “I have, and there are no suspicious people, but there’s someone you’ve wanted to meet!”

“Who?” Victoria asked curiously.

Ashley was Victoria’s trusted confidante whom Victoria would talk to about everything under the sun in private.

Ashley exclaimed, “It’s Mr. Steele! The new president of our company! He’s already arrived at our office, and he says that he wants to meet you!”

“What? Mr. Steele is at the office!?!”

Victoria was so flustered that she almost rear-ended a Land Rover.

She had been looking forward to seeing the new president for a long time!

Hence, Victoria stepped hard on the gas pedal, and the speed of the car instantly increased to 100 kilometers per hour. She even constantly overtook several vehicles, all for the sake of meeting Mr. Steele sooner!

Ten minutes later, Victoria arrived at the lobby on the first floor of the office building.

“Miss Clarke!”

Tyler, who had arrived earlier, immediately called out to Victoria when he saw her.

“Mr. Collins?” Victoria immediately recognized him.

Tyler walked up and asked with concern, “Miss Clarke, I was afraid that punk Jordan would hurt you, so I rushed over here to help you out. Let me go upstairs with you!”

Victoria had dinner with Tyler’s father once. But, in her opinion, Tyler was her junior and wasn’t qualified to hang out with her.

Hence, she declined, “No need for that. I’ve already checked and found out that there’s no suspicious person in the office. I have something urgent to handle. I’ll head upstairs first.”

“Hey… Don’t go, Miss Clarke, believe me, Jordan Steele is really upstairs!” Tyler exclaimed.

However, Victoria ignored him and quickly took the elevator to go upstairs.

As soon as the elevator doors were opened, she saw Ashley chatting about something with a few other female employees.

“Miss Clarke, you’re here!” Ashley exclaimed with excitement written all over her face.

Victoria nodded and glanced at the supervisor of the investment department and an intern who was beside Ashley.

She asked, “Why are you guys here too?”

The supervisor and the intern were both female and were equally excited. “Ashley told us just now that the newly appointed president of our company has arrived and he’s really handsome! So we rushed over without even putting on any makeup!”

The two of them lived in a rented apartment that was within walking distance to the office.

Victoria asked in surprise, “Oh? How handsome is he?”

Ashley answered excitedly, “He’s more handsome than a celebrity, and he’s really young too. He seems to be about 23 years old!”

“So young?”

Victoria was a little surprised. She was already 32 years old and yet, he was so much younger…

Ashley flailed her hands about with great excitement. “He must be the heir of a really wealthy family! Otherwise, how could he have suddenly been appointed as the president? His future girlfriend is going to be really lucky!”

Victoria glared at the three of them and chided, “You three are man-crazy. Don’t harbor designs on Mr. Steele!”

Ashley said, “We’re not worthy of Mr. Steele. He’s such a domineering president. Only you can be compatible with him, Miss Clarke. By the way, Miss Clarke, Mr. Steele wants you to go to his office as soon as you arrive.”

The supervisor of the investment department said, “Yes, I heard Ashley say that Mr. Steele complimented you on being the most beautiful deputy president in the city. He might have come early in the morning just to see you earlier!”

Hearing their words, Victoria smiled.

She didn’t want to act like a man-crazy woman like the three of them.

Hence, she ruffled her hair and said, “I’ve been part of the business circle of Orlando for so many years. There’s no man that I, Victoria Clarke, can’t subdue!”

“The domineering president in your eyes is just a lowly bootlicker to me!”

“He’s just a 23-year-old boy! Come with me and see how I can make him succumb to me within three minutes!”

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