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Chapter 26: Ashley Rose

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Jordan was excited to take on the role of a domineering CEO after spending three years as a live-in son-in-law.

However, Jordan’s excitement was not due to his new identity as the CEO.

Growing up in a wealthy family, he had long gotten tired of the sense of superiority derived from being above others.

What made Jordan feel excited was Victoria, the beautiful deputy president of Ace Corporation. The latter could charm all the men in the upper-class circle of Orlando!

He walked to the lobby on the first floor of the building, where there was a security gantry.

Orlando was a developed city with cutting-edge technology. A gantry on the first floor, for example, can already be accessed via fingerprint and face recognition.

However, since it was Jordan’s first day at work, he had yet to register his fingerprint and face into the security system.

Hence, Jordan took out the card that Butler Frank had given to him and swiped it to get past the gantry to board the elevator.

When he arrived on the floor of the president’s office of Ace Corporation, there was no one in the office yet. So Jordan unlocked the door with the key and entered his personal office to read some documents.

At the same time, the people whom Tyler had sent to tail Jordan also reported to him.

“Mr. Collins, Jordan Steele has entered the Ace Corporation’s office tower in the central business district.”


At this moment, Tyler was still lying in bed and was puzzled to hear that Jordan had gone to the Ace Corporation.

“What is Jordan Steele there for? Miss Clarke, the deputy president of Ace Corporation, said she would make sure Jordan never gets to live in this city in the future. Could Jordan be there to take revenge on Miss Clarke?”

Tyler asked for Victoria’s number at Old Mrs. Camden’s birthday banquet yesterday. As a man, he was also wildly attracted to Victoria!

He would be willing to lose ten years of his lifespan in exchange for a chance to make love to Victoria once on a large bed!

Unfortunately, he knew that, given Victoria’s standards, she would never take a liking to him.

Tyler dialed Victoria’s phone number.

The phone rang several times before Victoria answered in a weary voice, “Who’s speaking?”

Tyler smiled and said, “Miss Clarke, this is Tyler. I toasted to you at Old Mrs. Camden’s birthday banquet last night.”

Victoria assented and asked, “Mr. Collins, is there a reason you’re calling at such a late hour?”

Tyler answered anxiously, “Miss Clarke, you still remember Jordan Steele, the son-in-law of the Camdens, don’t you? Yesterday, we stood in solidarity with the Camdens. We vowed to ensure that Jordan Steele will never be able to make a living in this city from now on. That punk went to your company early in the morning today. I’m guessing that he’s trying to take revenge on you!”

Victoria chuckled and said, “Don’t worry, the building is locked and guarded by security officers. He won’t be able to go upstairs.”

Tyler exclaimed, “The people I sent to keep tabs on him informed me that that punk has a card in his hand that gave him access through the gantries to go upstairs! He might be hiding in your office right now. Could your life be in danger if you go up?”

“What? How could he have our company’s access card?”

Victoria sat up in surprise, and the quilt covering her body dropped too, revealing her spotless and beautiful shoulders and arms.

If a man had seen that scene, he would definitely get a nosebleed.

Tyler explained, “That punk stole a watch from the Camdens and sold it for over 800,000 dollars. He’s rich now. There are so many employees in your company, he could have paid them some money to get a card. There’s nothing strange about that.”

“Miss Clarke, I’m worried about you. You’re so beautiful. It’d be such a shame if you get slashed by that punk!”

Victoria also got worried, and she said, “Thank you for the reminder. I’ll send someone to the company to take a look immediately.”

“Yes, I’ll go help you out at the office too. Miss Clarke…”

Tyler took this opportunity to suck up to her.

Hearing how deferential he was, Victoria smiled without saying anything.

Afterward, Victoria immediately called her personal secretary, Ashley Rose.

“Ashley, go to the office immediately and check if there are any suspicious persons. If there are, call the police at once!”

Half an hour later…

A woman dressed in a white shirt, black silk skirt, and black-framed glasses hurried to the office building of Ace Corporation.

“Good morning, Miss Rose.”

The security officer who was on duty widened his eyes when he saw Ashley Rose.

Although Ashley Rose was inferior to Victoria in all aspects, the latter was too far away in terms of status in the eyes of the security officers.

On the contrary, Ashley Rose was the person whom the security officers of the building often fantasized about.

Besides, Ashley Rose was a secretary and was often dressed in a business suit that made her seem like a flight attendant, leaving a lot to their imagination and fantasies.


Ashley Rose answered perfunctorily and hurried upstairs.

Having finally arrived at the floor where Jordan was, Ashley Rose found that the door had surprisingly been unlocked by someone.

She thought it was her colleague, but after calling out twice, no one answered.

All of a sudden, she discovered that there was someone in the president’s office!

“He must be the suspicious person that Miss Clarke mentioned, right?”

Ashley Rose immediately pushed the door and questioned, “Who are you? How did you get in? What are you trying to do trespassing in our office!?!”

Jordan was reading the reports of the company and was stunned to see Ashley Rose.

He asked, “Who are you?”

Ashley Rose held up her black-framed glasses and said, “I’m Miss Clarke’s personal secretary, Ashley Rose!”

Jordan stared at Ashley Rose’s sexy ensemble and wondered, “Why would Victoria want to have such an attractive secretary? Isn’t that a usual habit of men?’

‘Could it be… that Victoria is lesbian?’

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