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Chapter 21: The Theft Of The Watch Worth 800 Thousand Dollars!

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After Victoria finished smoking, she got up and said goodbye to the Camdens.

“Old Mrs. Camden, Mr. Camden, I have something to handle at the office, so I’ll get going.”

Old Mrs. Camden and the others walked Victoria to the door together.

“Miss Clarke, we’ll count on you for the investment.” Old Mrs. Camden said as she held Victoria’s hand.

Victoria also agreed gleefully, “Rest assured.”

Seeing that Victoria was taking her leave, Zack followed suit. “Old Mrs. Camden, Mr. Camden, we ought to get going too.”

Upon seeing that a thief was amongst the Camdens and that the baller, who had given the bracelet, had not appeared after a long time, the guests all parted ways.

Soon, the Camdens were the only ones left at the banquet.

Old Mrs. Camden looked at Sylvie and asked, “What did Hailey say? Why did you discover that he had stolen from us only after the divorce?”

Jordan and Hailey had a prenuptial agreement to keep their property separate before they married. In the event of a divorce, Jordan would not be entitled to a single cent of the Camdens’ assets.

Hailey indicated that she would take away all the money Jordan earned from delivering takeout in the divorce agreement.

Sylvie answered, “Hailey said that Jordan had spent almost 70,000 dollars on a one-week stay in the presidential suite of the West Lake Hotel. So she guessed that he had stolen from you.”

Old Mrs. Camden was a little panicked too. In the past three years, she often asked Jordan to go to her villa and play with her beloved poodle because it liked Jordan very much.

Jordan definitely had the opportunity to steal things in her villa!

Old Mrs. Camden hurriedly said, “Let’s go back to the villa immediately!”

However, Elle pulled Old Mrs. Camden to stop her. “Grandma, don’t be in such a hurry to leave. My suitor might be here soon!”

The little girl with a gorgeous figure was still fantasizing and imagining that the jadeite bracelet was given by her suitor.

After thinking about it, Old Mrs. Camden said, “Drew, Benedict, Sylvie, you guys go to my villa and check what’s missing. Herman, Susan, Elle, you guys stay here with me and wait a little longer.”


Drew quickly drove Benedict and Sylvie back to the villa.

Old Mrs. Camden’s valuables were kept in two rooms in the basement, one of which was filled with accessories, liquor, and watches, while the other was filled with antique paintings and calligraphy.

Although she had lots of items, there were detailed records for each one of them.

Upon arriving in the basement, Drew said, “Uncle, let’s split up to check. You guys check the room with the antiques and calligraphic paintings while I check this one.”

“Okay.” Holding onto the notebook, Benedict and Sylvie went to the room where the antiques and calligraphy paintings were placed and checked everything according to the records.

Likewise, Drew also checked the room that he was in according to the list on the notebook.

Twenty minutes later, Drew completed his check and discovered that nothing had gone missing.

At this point, Benedict was already done.

He walked over and asked, “Drew, nothing is missing from the room we checked. How about you?”

Drew froze in shock for a moment because nothing was missing from the room where the antiques and calligraphic paintings were placed.

That proved that no valuables were missing from Old Mrs. Camden’s villa!

In other words, Jordan stole nothing from the Camdens.

Thinking about how he had been beaten up by Jordan twice in a row, Drew felt indignant and wasn’t willing to prove Jordan innocent just like that.

Besides, he had also been short of money recently, so he could take the opportunity to make some extra money.

Drew said, “Oh, I haven’t finished checking. You guys better check again, lest you miss something out.”

Benedict nodded and said, “Okay, I’ll go check again then.”

Watching Benedict walk out of the room, Drew smiled.

He closed the door of the room and then quietly grabbed a Richard Mille watch.

“This is the watch Grandpa used to wear when he was alive.”

There were only 48 pieces of this watch in the entire world, and each one was worth over 800,000 dollars!

“Jordan, from now on, you will become the thief who stole this watch, hehehe.”

Drew put the Richard Mille watch into the pocket of his clothes.

Two minutes later, Drew hurriedly ran to the room where Benedict and Sylvie were in and frantically exclaimed,

“There’s a watch missing from the room I checked!”

Benedict and Sylvie rushed over and checked, only to realize there was indeed an 800,000 dollars watch missing!

Sylvie barked furiously, “No wonder that good-for-nothing Jordan could afford to stay in the presidential suite of West Lake Hotel. That beast!”

At this point, Benedict had already called Old Mrs. Camden on the phone. “Mom, we found out that the Richard Mille watch Father used to wear when he was alive has gone missing!”

Old Mrs. Camden was so furious that she almost died. “Bring him back to me! I’m going to chop his hand off!”

Benedict hung up the phone and said to Drew, “Drew, Grandma wants us to go and bring Jordan back to her.”

As soon as Drew heard that they were tasked to bring Jordan back, he immediately chickened out. “Aren’t… aren’t we going to call the police?”

Benedict said, “As you know, Grandma has always disliked dealing with the police.”

Drew suddenly pretended to be in agonizing pain as he covered the wound on his face and said, “Ah, my wound hurts so badly, I have to go to the hospital to have it treated. Uncle, you guys go over first. I’ll be there in a little bit.”

As he spoke, Drew left.

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