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Chapter 20: Jordan Is A Thief!

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Tyler and Hailey were all astonished.

They never thought that the live-in son-in-law whom they had abandoned would actually be able to stay in a five-star hotel!

It cost more than 1,000 dollars a night!

Tyler asked, “Hailey, are you sure he only has a few hundred dollars? Has he secretly stashed away any money behind your back for the past three years?”

Hailey shook her head and said, “I’m not sure… maybe he did.”

Tyler pursed his lips and remarked, “Jordan is quite gutsy. I said that he can forget about staying in any hotel that’s four stars and below, and yet, this guy paid so much to check into a five-star hotel!”

Tyler thought Jordan was afraid of his power and hence, bore with the pinch and checked into a five-star hotel.

Little did he know that Jordan had always only stayed in five-star hotels.

Hailey asked, “Do you have a way to make him unable to continue staying here?”

Being put in a spot, Tyler said, “That’s indeed a bit troublesome.”

The owners of five-star hotels were all big bosses whom Tyler could not afford to provoke. Besides, reputation was important for five-star hotels.

Despite his status and connections, Tyler would not be able to handle the consequences if the public ever found out that a guest of West Lake Hotel was chased out due to him.

Feeling a little ashamed and guilty, Tyler whispered, “Why don’t we just let him stay here for one night? Even if he has a secret stash of savings, he can at most afford to stay for only one night.”

Hailey was obviously a little displeased because just now, Tyler had confidently declared that he would make Jordan sleep on the streets, but now there was nothing he could do to Jordan.

Seeing that Hailey was angry, Tyler got a little anxious and looked at the service staff.

“Is Jordan staying here for a night?”

The front desk attendant had just finished processing Jordan’s check-in administrative procedure. Hence, there was no need for him to check at all.

He simply answered, “Mr. Jordan has paid for a seven-night stay.”

“Seven nights?” Tyler was a bit surprised. “This punk is pretty relentless. Each night costs about 1,000 dollars, and seven nights would cost 7,000 dollars. Hailey, he has saved quite a lot of money in his secret stash!”

Hailey was so furious that she stomped her feet and exclaimed in disgruntlement, “He must have siphoned some of the money that was going to be spent on groceries, dog food, and daily necessities. He’s so greedy!”

The Camden family was a second-rate wealthy family in Orlando with high living expenses. Jordan was usually the one who did the shopping.

It wasn’t impossible for him to take a few thousand dollars from the money that was meant to be spent on daily expenses.

However, at this moment, the front desk attendant said, “Um… Mr. Jordan did not check into an ordinary room but a presidential suite.”


Tyler and Hailey were so frightened that they were about to leap up!

‘Presidential suite?’

‘He’s going to stay in it for a week?’

‘The presidential suite of the West Lake Hotel costs 10,000 dollars a night!’

‘The cost for a week is 70,000 dollars!’

“70,000 dollars! Did Jordan just pay 70,000 dollars?” Tyler asked the attendant, looking at her in horror.

The beautiful female attendant nodded and said shyly, “Yes, he even gave me a 1,000 dollars tip…”

Upon hearing her words and seeing how beautiful the front desk attendant was, Hailey suddenly felt jealous.

She rebuked furiously, “Who said you could take his tip!?! That’s my family’s money!”

Tyler didn’t want Hailey to cause a scene in the five-star hotel, so he pulled her aside and said,

“Hailey, don’t bother about the tip for now. Where did he get so much money? It’s impossible to get 70,000 dollars by pocketing some of the money meant for daily necessities and groceries for the past three years.”

After thinking about it, Hailey felt that he made sense. Although the Camden family had given him monthly allowances, they wouldn’t add up to that much after three years.

Hailey suddenly thought of something as she pondered. In a concerned tone, she asked, “He used to go to my grandmother’s place often and take care of her dog. She has many antiques at home. Could he have stolen one or two and sold them?”

Tyler knew how powerful Old Mrs. Camden was and was aware that she would receive many expensive gifts on her birthday each year.

Those gifts were enough to form a massive pile at home.

Jordan just needed to steal one or two pieces, and he could sell them for a hundred grand or two.

Tyler exclaimed, “This must be the case, quickly inform your family and ask them to check if something is missing!”


Hailey frantically picked up her phone and called her mother, Sylvie.

At this time, in the Marriott Hotel.

Jordan and Hailey had been away for over forty minutes, and the guests at the birthday banquet were all full and had drunk to their hearts’ content.

Usually, the busy bosses would have long gone back to their companies to make money.

However, today, none of them were eager to leave.

They were all waiting for one person, and that was the mysterious person who had sent a one million dollars jadeite bracelet, also known as Elle’s suitor.

With an ominous hunch, Victoria asked, “It’s been so long, but the person who gave the gift still isn’t here yet. NO matter how heavy traffic is on East Central Boulevard, he should have arrived by now.”

“Could it be that the bracelet is really from Jordan?”

When she thought of this, Victoria broke into a cold sweat. ‘Surely I didn’t accidentally offend a big shot, did I?’

At this moment, Sylvie’s phone suddenly rang.

“Hailey, how is it going? You’re done divorcing that loser, huh?” Sylvie asked with a smile.

Hailey said, “Mom, hurry and go to grandma’s house and see which of grandma’s antique calligraphy paintings are missing. That scoundrel from the Steele family has stolen something from our family and sold it!”

Sylvie was astonished. “What? Jordan, that good-for-nothing stole your grandma’s antique calligraphy painting?”

Hearing Sylvie’s words, Victoria felt much more relaxed. With a slim lady cigarette between her alluring red lips, Victoria said, “I thought it would be some big shot, but it turns out to be just a thief.”

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