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Chapter 18: Divorce!

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Jordan was the only one at the scene who knew that the person who sent the deliveryman to bring the gift was Butler Frank.

Only the Steele family would have the courage to hand something worth 1 million dollars to a deliveryman.

At the event location, this gift shocked all the guests.

“This emerald jadeite bracelet is the most expensive one among the birthday gifts today!”

“Old Mrs. Camden, who is this gift from? He’s so generous! You have to introduce us to him later.”

The crowd came forward and asked Old Mrs. Camden.

In fact, Old Mrs. Camden was also at a loss, as she could not imagine who the 1 million dollars gift was from.

“That’s strange. All the families who have ties with the Camdens are present today. We didn’t miss anyone out, so who is this bracelet from?”

The Camdens looked at each other.

Elle looked at the bracelet that was worth one million dollars and really wanted to touch it.

She suddenly asked, “Could it be from my suitor?”

Her words immediately made everyone speculate and start making guesses.

Elle had a voluptuous figure which would leave any man who looked at her sleepless at night.

Now, she is only 20 years old and single. Many wealthy scions wanted to date her.

Herman laughed and said, “That’s likely! My daughter is so beautiful and has millions of followers on the internet. The gift is likely from a wealthy scion who fancies Elle.”

Victoria glanced at Elle. Being a woman who also had an excellent figure, she agreed Elle was indeed very attractive in that aspect.

Victoria said, “In this case, congratulations in advance, Mr. Camden. Your future son-in-law is really generous to have sent a gift that’s worth one million dollars.”

Herman said gleefully, “You flatter me, Miss Clarke.”

Hailey was incredibly smug too. Seeing that Elle could marry a wealthy man, Hailey was green with envy. She was also looking at Jordan with resentment in her eyes.

Jordan was somewhat speechless with the Camdens. He had clearly called someone to send a gift over in front of everyone there.

However, no one thought that the gift was from Jordan after it arrived.

They would rather believe that it was from Elle’s suitor, which ultimately didn’t make sense!

Jordan put down his bowl and cutlery and then asked Hailey, “Hailey, have you finished eating?”

Hailey glowered at Jordan in disdain before asking, “Yes, I have. What do you want?”

Jordan got up from the table and said, “Since we’ve eaten and I’ve already given my gift, let’s go to the lawyer’s office to get a divorce now.”

“Wait, what did you say? You’ve given the gift? When did you do so?”

Hailey questioned Jordan.

She was just being disgruntled about Jordan’s incompetence because of the matter regarding the gift because even Elle’s suitor had sent a gift worth 1 million dollars.

Jordan had at least been the son-in-law of the Camdens for three years, yet he didn’t even prepare a gift.

Jordan pointed to the jadeite bracelet on Old Mrs. Camden’s hand and said, “That’s the gift.”

After hearing his words, Herman slapped the table furiously and stood up. “Jordan! You’re so shameless! How dare you say that this bracelet is a gift from you? It’s worth one million dollars, a massive amount that you will never be able to earn in several lifetimes!”

Elle was furious, too. “Hailey, can you get your wastrel of a husband to stop embarrassing himself? This is clearly a gift from my suitor.”

Drew mocked, “Your family of four doesn’t have the ability to send a decent birthday gift, so you claimed someone else’s gift to be yours. You’re such an embarrassment to the Camdens!”

Feeling awkward and embarrassed, Hailey barked at Jordan,

“Let’s hurry up and go to the lawyer’s office. I don’t want to be your wife any longer, not even for a second!”

Hailey picked up her bag and strode towards the door.

“Hailey, let me send you!”

Tyler hurriedly chased after her, looking rather elated.

Jordan turned around and said to Old Mrs. Camden, “For the past three years, there had been good and bad times, but we used to be a family after all. This bracelet is for you. Happy birthday.”

Jordan’s mother-in-law, Sylvie, rebuked in annoyance, “Okay, enough, drop the act, hurry up, and get lost. Stop bragging!”

Drew touched the wound on his face and said resentfully, “Jordan, after you get a divorce, take the train and get lost from Orlando immediately! I don’t want to see you in Orlando again! Do you hear me?”

Jordan chuckled and said, “It’s my freedom to decide if I want to leave Orlando or not. You have no right to interfere.”

After saying that, Jordan also walked out of the door.

Just as he stepped out of the Marriott Hotel, a BMW 7-series pulled up while the passenger seat window was slowly rolled down.

Tyler and Hailey were inside the car.

Tyler said, “Punk, Hailey said you don’t deserve to sit in a BMW, so you’d better ride a public-sharing bike. We’ll wait for you in front of the lawyer’s office.”

After saying that, Tyler stepped on the accelerator, and the BMW sped off quickly.

Jordan casually hailed a cab that passed by and followed closely behind the BMW.

They arrived at the entrance of the lawyer’s office, one after another.

As soon as they arrived at the lawyer’s office, they pulled out the household register, marriage certificate, and divorce agreement, which they had already prepared.

Soon, the two of them were done with the divorce procedure.

The lawyer’s office gave each of them a purple divorce certificate.

It was officially declared that their marriage had been dissolved, and they were no longer husband and wife!

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