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Chapter 17: Gift of 1 Million!

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Elle’s attractive figure was accredited to her diet and not her genetics.

Every time he ate with Elle, Jordan realized she loved eating food that would apparently increase bust size, such as papaya.

Jordan took a look at Elle’s already near-perfect figure and said, “You shouldn’t need to eat any more papaya, do you?”

Elle immediately flew into a rage and stood up to walk towards Jordan. She then stood still, almost pressing her body close against Jordan.

When Jordan looked up, he felt like he was looking at mountain peaks…

Elle questioned furiously, “Jordan, what do you mean by that just now? Why don’t I need to eat papaya anymore?”

Jordan was Elle’s cousin-in-law and hence could not state things too explicitly.

Jordan said, “Forget it, take it that I didn’t say anything. I’ll bring the soup over to you. You can drink it by yourself.”

However, even after Jordan took the initiative to bring the soup to Elle, the latter still wasn’t appeased.

She walked over to Old Mrs. Camden’s table and complained.

“Grandma, don’t let Jordan stay for lunch. He didn’t even prepare a birthday gift. Why should he be allowed to eat at your birthday banquet?”

“In the past three years, Uncle and Aunt have wanted to get rid of Jordan. Grandma, if you hadn’t kept him around, how could he stay in our family for three years?”

“What an ingrate. We may have mistreated him, but we’ve at least let him stay in a luxury apartment and drive an expensive car. Yet, he didn’t even prepare a gift for your 80th birthday.”

Although Elle was nitpicking on Jordan, she did make some sense.

Jordan’s task was to be a live-in son-in-law for three years. If he quit, he would have been considered to have failed, and his grandfather would punish him accordingly.

If not for Old Mrs. Camden’s insistence on not letting Hailey divorce Jordan for three years, Jordan’s mission would have failed long ago.

Besides, the Camdens had provided for Jordan for three years. Today, he was officially going to leave the Camdens. Moreover, it happened to be Old Mrs. Camden’s 80th birthday, so he ought to have brought her a gift.

Jordan thought about it, picked up his cell phone, and then called Butler Frank again.

“Hey, prepare a birthday gift on my behalf and send it to the Marriott Hotel.”

After hearing his words, Elle said in disdain, “Psht, have you finally come to your senses? However, we Camdens won’t accept the garbage you send!”

Drew also chimed in, “Jordan, don’t be an embarrassment. Don’t bring all sorts of garbage to the birthday banquet. Look at all the gifts here. Each one is worth at least 30,000 dollars.”

Hailey did not want Jordan to embarrass himself and her, either. After all, they were not officially divorced yet, and he would be bringing shame to Hailey and her family.

Hailey said, “Call and return your gift. If you insist on giving Grandma a birthday gift, I’ll get someone to prepare one on your behalf.”

Jordan continued to eat his food and ignored the three of them.

Indeed, he did not tell Butler Frank how expensive the gift had to be.

However, he knew that the Steeles would never give any cheap gifts!

Only ten minutes had passed.

A deliveryman suddenly appeared at the entrance of the hotel lobby.

The hotel attendant immediately stopped him. “I’m sorry, but it’s Old Mrs. Camden’s birthday banquet today. No one is allowed to go in.”

The delivery man said, “Oh, I’m here to deliver the birthday gift.”

As he spoke, the delivery man took out an exquisite box that was obviously exorbitant.

Hence, the attendant let him enter.

The delivery man walked inside and asked, “May I ask whose birthday is it today?”

Drew was furious at the sight of the deliveryman’s uniform, and he stood up to rebuke,

“It’s my grandmother’s birthday banquet. Who let you in!?!”

The delivery man explained, “I just met a Rolls Royce owner on East Central Boulevard, and he may not be able to get here right now due to heavy traffic.”

“So, he gave me 50 dollars and asked me to bring this gift to Marriott Hotel.”

Hearing the mention of the “Rolls-Royce owner”, Drew’s attitude immediately changed.

“Oh, so it’s a birthday gift for my Grandma. Pass the gift to me.”

After taking the gift box, Drew curiously opened it, only to be astonished.

It was an emerald jadeite bracelet!

Old Mrs. Camden was also rather curious. “Drew, what gift is it?”

Drew hurriedly ran over and said, “Grandma, look, it’s a jadeite bracelet that seems really expensive!”

After seeing it, Old Mrs. Camden grabbed it excitedly and tried to feel its texture while appreciating its color. She became highly agitated!

“What an exquisite emerald jadeite! Does anyone here have a rich knowledge of jadeite? Can you give me an estimated price for this bracelet?”

At this moment, a middle-aged man who owned a jewelry store came over.

“Old Mrs. Camden, let me take a look for you.”

While looking at it, the man said, “This is a type of glass jadeite that has a pure, bright, and even color. There is not a single flaw, and it should be expensive.”

Almost drooling, Hailey asked, “Can you tell me exactly how much it’s worth?”

To observe the jadeite’s translucence under the sunlight, the man walked to a window in the hall entrance where sunlight was streaming in.

After looking at it, the man said excitedly: “It’s not translucent, but completely transparent! This is the best quality of jade! This bracelet is worth at least 1 million dollars!”

Everyone was astonished.

How could a delivery man just send over something worth 1 million dollars?!

Who is this tycoon!?!

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