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Chapter 16: Lowly Ryan!

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After hearing Benedict and Syvie’s words, the guests who were all tensed up and nervous, significantly relaxed.

Indeed, wealthy scions were all spoiled rotten from a young age and enjoyed all kinds of privileges. They could not stand being mistreated at all, so how could a scion be willing to become a live-in son-in-law for three years?

Everyone felt that the removal of Ryan as the general agent had nothing to do with Jordan.

Maybe it was just a coincidence that Jordan happened to be making the call and pretending to be authoritative, or maybe Jordan had learned the news before the call.

However, no matter what, Ryan’s career was on the verge of destruction, and that was a fact set in stone.

Old Mrs. Camden winked at Herman, who immediately understood, grabbed the red wine that Ryan had just given them, and then walked over.

“Ryan, take this bottle of wine back. My mother has had a change of preferences lately, and she doesn’t like drinking red wine anymore.”

After finding out that Ryan had been removed as a general agent, Herman changed the way he addressed Ryan.

He was addressing him as ‘Mr. Dunn’ just now, but now, he was calling him by name!

He even returned Ryan’s gift!

He clearly didn’t want to have anything to do with Ryan!

Ryan frantically said, “Mr. Camden, keep the wine for yourself. If Old Mrs. Camden doesn’t drink red wine, you guys can drink it instead.”

Herman insisted on returning the wine to Ryan and said, “We understand your goodwill, but we don’t like drinking either.”

Ryan took the bottle of wine with a look of embarrassment as he hurriedly returned to his table and got ready to give it away to someone else.

“Miss Clarke, Mr. Zack, it took me a lot of effort to buy this bottle of 1990 Domaine de la Romanee-Conti. I’m going to open it now. Let’s finish it!”

Ryan did not even call the waiter and opened the bottle of wine himself.

However, no one was willing to drink the bottle of expensive wine after it was opened.

“Miss Clarke, I’ll pour it for you. Please try it.” Ryan said as he walked towards Victoria.

Victoria politely refused, “Sorry, I drove here. I can’t drink.”

‘You can’t drink?’

Ryan clearly remembered that just now, Victoria had taken the initiative to toast to him!

Ryan walked towards Zack, who similarly refuted, “I only drink white wine.”

The other people at the table took the opportunity to pick up their glasses and go to Old Mrs. Camden’s table in a bid to toast to her and wish her a happy birthday.

Victoria was the only one left at the table that was lively a while ago.

“A poor fellow in a pragmatic society.”

Seeing the sorry plight that Ryan was in, Jordan couldn’t help but shake his head.

The Camdens and the upper echelons in this circle were all too pragmatic. It was no wonder that Hailey would be unfaithful to her husband for the sake of money.

When Ryan saw that Victoria was the only one left at the table, he thought Victoria was still willing to be his friend.

Ryan went forth and asked, “Miss Clarke, can we exchange numbers? I’d like to ask Mr. Willis out for a meal if there’s an opportunity in the future.”

Victoria took a sip of tea and said, “Sorry, I don’t have my cell phone with me.”

“Oh, alright.”

Ryan looked highly embarrassed. As a man, the most miserable and agonizing thing was not being beaten up but being despised and looked down on by others.

Jordan had already given Ryan the punishment he deserved!

Ryan was standing still alone with the bottle of red wine in his hand while the others laughed and chatted merrily among themselves.

Seeing that Ryan was in such a miserable state, Jordan took sympathy on him and decided to give him another chance.


Jordan suddenly called out to Ryan and then took out an empty wine glass.

“If you sincerely apologize to me now, I will allow you to pour me a glass of wine, and then I will tell James Willis that you may renew the contract for another year.”

Jordan did not state it very clearly, but if he drank the wine Ryan poured, it would mean that he had forgiven Ryan.

None of the people whom Ryan poured wine for was willing to drink it, so Jordan was actually doing him a favor.

However, Ryan felt that Jordan was taking advantage of him!

Ryan said, “This bottle of wine costs more than a few hundred thousand. If you really want to drink it, just say so. Why are you acting like a big boss?”

“You want me to apologize to you, a good-for-nothing live-in son-in-law? Isn’t that akin to making everyone here look down on me even more? How can I still continue being a part of this circle then!?!”

Jordan shook his head and said, “Indeed, a pitiful person must have a detestable flaw. In this case, I’ll leave you to fend for yourself!”

Previously, Jordan had some sympathy for Ryan, perhaps because his grandfather raised him to be a kind person.

Jordan’s grandfather said that those who are kind are more likely to be happy.

Since Ryan did not cherish the opportunity Jordan gave him, the latter no longer had any pity for Ryan.

Ryan quickly picked up the red wine and left the banquet awkwardly.

After Ryan left, Jordan looked at his despondent back and secretly thought,

‘I wonder if I will meet this guy again in the future. He will probably be full of regret when he learns that I’m the CEO of Ace Corporation in the future, huh?’

While thinking about it, Jordan scooped some soup for himself with the spoon.

To his surprise, Elle, seated opposite him, wanted to drink the soup too, and hence, their spoons touched.


“Ah, how annoying, my spoon touched the spoon of that good-for-nothing. My spoon is now filthy…”

Elle immediately sobbed and lamented in repulsion.

Drew hurriedly spoke for his sister, “Jordan, of all dishes, you just had to vie with my sister. Is this what you wanted?”

In fact, Jordan was just thinking about some matters and did not bother to pay attention to what he wanted to eat.

When he took a closer look, he realized it was papaya soup with red dates and lotus seeds.


Jordan took a look at Elle’s voluptuous figure and immediately felt awkward.

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