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The Abandoned Husband Dominates

Chapter 1429 Number One in Two Groups

1429 Number One in Two Groups

The mysterious man did not give Jordan any face at all. He did not intend to help him at all. However, Jordan remained calm after being rejected. He did not panic. He seemed to have guessed that the mysterious man would reject him.

Jordan was just asking out of courtesy.

Even without the mysterious man's help, Jordan already had a plan in mind.

In the arena, the competition had instantly upgraded from the apprentice group to the disciple group.

One of them was Jordan, who had just entered the disciple realm, and the other was the most popular candidate for the champion, Lance, who had been training in the disciple group for a long time.

After Lance went on stage, he did not provoke or look down on Jordan. Instead, he said very politely, "Miss Dawn, it's our first time meeting. Let me introduce myself. My name is Lance. I've been officially cultivating for two years. During the talent test, I was only half of Miss Dawn. I know that in terms of talent, I can't compare to you. I'm already very honored to be able to spar with you today. I hope that we can treat this competition as a very ordinary sparring exchange. If I'm lucky enough to defeat you, I hope that Miss Dawn will... not take it too seriously.

"Victory and defeat are common in war. I just cultivated a little earlier than you. In the future, Miss Dawn's achievements will definitely be far above mine. At that time, if Miss Dawn is unhappy about what happened today, then..."

Ever since Lance went on stage, he had been trembling in fear. He spoke hesitantly. It was obvious that he was afraid that he would be targeted by Jordan in the future if he defeated him today.

In fact, on the Celestial King Planet, those who were truly influential did not cultivate in such schools. They cultivated in their own families, like Levana.

People like Lance were still very timid.

Jordan smiled and said, "Lance, fight me with all your might. If you can defeat me, not only will I not target you when I see you in the future, but I'll also give you a big gift to increase your cultivation base every time I see you. However, I believe you won't have the honor."

Lance nodded and said, "Since Miss Dawn is so open-minded, I'll take action."

After a few moments of thought, Lance waved his hands as well. Using spiritual power that far surpassed Jordan's, he summoned some leaves. However, he formed the leaves into the shape of a bracelet.

Lance said, "Miss Dawn, I'll give you a green bracelet. I hope you like it."

After saying that, Lance threw the leaf bracelet at Jordan's left hand. The leaves came to Jordan's wrist and separated briefly. Then, they formed the shape of a bracelet.

Then, the bracelet slowly shrunk until it pressed on Jordan's wrist.

Jordan began to feel the pressure of the leaf bracelet.

"Is this the strength of a disciple-level expert?"

Jordan's forehead was sweating a little. This thing was like a hoop-tightening spell. It was getting tighter and tighter. Moreover, these leaves actually had a burning feeling. It was different from his leaves.

The mysterious man smiled and said, "Lance's spiritual power has fire elements. If you don't take off the green bracelet he gave you, you might get burned."

Jordan also wanted to use all his strength to undo the restraints of the leaf bracelet. However, he realized that although he was also a disciple, he could not exert any strength on the leaf. He was no match for Lance's spiritual power at all.

Below the stage, many people could already tell.

"Hehe, just by relying on spiritual power, Dawn can't compare to Lance, who has reached the Upper Class of the Disciple Level. No matter how hard she tries, she can't break free."

"No matter how talented he is, she can't reach the heavens in a single step. It's really wishful thinking for this Dawn to obtain first place in a new realm on the first day."

At this moment, the leaf bracelet suddenly scattered again and returned to Lance's hand.

Lance then said, "Miss Dawn, it seems like you don't like this bracelet. I'll give you one another day. Why don't we stop here for today's competition?"

Jordan knew that in order not to offend him, Lance had deliberately released the restraints to make Jordan surrender.

Jordan smiled and said, "You only let me defend once. I haven't even attacked yet. It's not good to end it like this, right?"

Lance said indifferently, "Miss Dawn is right. There should be a return. How about this? Miss Dawn, you attack. I'll take it."

To Lance, it was not a problem for him to take Jordan's attack once.

Jordan still had a confident smile on his face. This puzzled the mysterious man. "What's this kid up to?"

Jordan suddenly shouted, "Shadow Shift!"

Suddenly, Jordan stomped his foot. A few figures suddenly appeared in front of him. Jordan's blurry figure kept moving forward, all the way to Lance!



The blurry figures of Jordan, who was at the front, arrived in front of Lance and slapped him twice!

Everyone was shocked!

"What move is this! He has just become a disciple, how can he summon an illusion!"

"Impossible, this is absolutely impossible. A phantom isn't something a disciple can create!"

"Oh my god, Dawn is indeed a genius. She completed this feat before anyone else!"

Even the mysterious man was shocked. After a few seconds, he realized the mystery behind it.

The mysterious man laughed loudly. "You brat, you're really shameless. You scared me just now. I thought you could really clone an illusion, but it turns out that you cheated. Hahahaha, a dignified tier ten talent actually relied on technology." 𝒾n𝒏𝚛𝗲αd. 𝒄om

The mysterious man was right. It was obvious that Jordan could not do such a terrifying thing at this moment. The blurry figures that flashed past him earlier were actually not real. They were using the technological methods of the Celestial King Planet.

There was actually a hidden drone above Jordan's head. This drone could create an illusory figure identical to him according to Jordan's request.

Ever since he entered the Celestial King Planet, Jordan was not only obsessed with cultivating spiritual energy. He was equally interested in the technology of this world.

In his opinion, before Grandmasters, cultivation was not as promising as technology. When they encountered difficulties, it was technology that could protect them.

Jordan said with a smirk, "Who would have thought that a person with top-notch talent would secretly use technology?"

Indeed, Jordan had deceived everyone present.

No one thought about technology at all. They all felt that this was because he was too talented.

Lance was also stunned. He quickly bowed. "I didn't expect Miss Dawn to have already cultivated the Phantom Technique. I'm definitely not your match. I admit defeat!"

With that, Lance stepped down.

At this moment, Elle stood up happily and asked, "Is there any other disciple who wants to challenge my student's Phantom Technique?"

None of the disciples said a word.

Elle Green looked at the Dean of the Cloud Sect. "Dean, since no one is challenging you anymore, please announce the results."

The Vice Dean of the Cloud Sect also shook his head, but in the end, he still announced to everyone, "I hereby announce that the first place in this year's apprentice group and disciple group is Miss Dawn from the Fairy Academy."

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