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The Abandoned Husband Dominates

Chapter 1427 - 1427 I’m Also A Disciple

1427 I’m Also A Disciple

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone was shocked!

Alt had been deliberately suppressing his strength. It turned out that he could have entered the disciple realm long ago!

Everyone was worried for Jordan. Once Alt became a disciple, how could Jordan win? One had to know that there was a huge gap between each realm. It was basically impossible to defeat an opponent above his level.

Alt no longer hid his strength. With a loud shout, a powerful energy erupted from his body. This power directly pushed away the leaves covering his face!



Alt relied on this instantaneous explosive power to break through the restraints and stand up. Everyone looked over and saw that his entire body was emitting blue light.

This was the blue symbol exclusive to disciples!

“Disciple! Alt has successfully advanced to a disciple!”

“It’s over, it’s over. It’s impossible to fight Dawn anymore. They’re not on the same level.”

“Dawn has already won by forcing Alt to increase his realm.”

However, in the arena, Jordan was not flustered at all when he faced Alt, who had already advanced to a disciple.

After Alt became a disciple, he said condescendingly, “Dawn, I originally wanted to defeat you fairly at the same realm, but since you insist on forcing me, hehe, don’t blame me for bullying the weak today! You beat me up so badly just now. It’s time for me to return the favor!”

Alt wanted to take revenge on Jordan instantly.

Seeing this scene, Elle, who was below the stage, was very nervous. She stood up and said, “Everyone, Alt has chosen to advance to the next realm. He is now in the disciple realm and is no longer an apprentice. He is no longer qualified to stand on the arena of the apprentice group. I think we should immediately cancel the competition and announce that my student, Dawn, is the first place in this year’s apprentice group!”

However, Elle’s words did not receive a passionate response, even though her words made sense.

An elder said, “Your student doesn’t have any intention of ending the competition. Why are you in such a hurry? Let’s wait a little longer.”

Elle hesitated. “This…”

Elle looked at Jordan anxiously as well. She thought to herself, ‘Why are you so stupid? He’s already a disciple. Why are you still fighting him? You’ve already won!’

As his teacher, she was worried that Jordan would be at a disadvantage. After all, she knew that Alt could defeat Jordan now.

After Alt broke through to the realm of disciple, he fought back Jordan with irresistible force. Jordan’s strength was no longer comparable to Alt’s. He could not fight back at all.

“Alt, you’re so shameless. You’re bullying others just because you’re one level higher than them. Why didn’t anyone stop you?”

“Alt, ignore them and keep fighting. Take off Dawn’s veil and let us see what she looks like!”

“Yes, yes, yes. Remove her veil! Remove her veil before leaving the stage!”

Someone shouted and asked Alt to take off Jordan’s veil. The others followed suit. Everyone wanted to see Jordan’s expression and did not want the battle to end.

How could Jordan let Alt succeed?

Jordan had only disguised the upper half of his face. The lower half of his face was still a man’s appearance. If someone saw the lower half of his face or if Gerald saw it, he would probably be killed.

“Hahaha, Dawn, it’s not that I want to be rude to you. Everyone wants to see what you look like, so don’t blame me. Hahaha, let me take off your veil and see if you’re ugly or a fairy!”

Alt got excited too.

Meanwhile, Jordan continued to control the leaves with both hands. 𝙞𝙣𝗻𝒓𝗲𝓪d. c𝘰m

Seeing the leaves floating in the air again, Alt snorted coldly. “Do you think these leaves can still trap me? You were able to trap me just now because we were both apprentices. Now that I’m a disciple, don’t even think about harming me with your leaf mask!”

Jordan said calmly, “Oh? Is that so?”

Below the stage, Elle also stood up and said, “Dawn, he’s right. You might not be clear about the difference between apprentices and disciples. If you use that move again, you won’t be able to deal with him. Forget it, come down. Stop fighting. We’ve already won. I believe they’ll give a fair judgment.”

Alt no longer cared about winning or losing. He only wanted to humiliate Jordan on the stage and regain his dignity.

“Did you hear that? Even your teacher said so. Do you still not believe me?”

Jordan smiled and said, “If an apprentice can’t hurt you, what if I’m a disciple too?”

Alt was stunned for a moment. Then, he laughed and said, “Hahaha, what are you talking about? You’ve only been an apprentice for half a month. How can you…”

As he spoke, Alt suddenly realized that Jordan’s body was emitting blue light. His face immediately turned green!

Everyone present was shocked. Even Miss Elle covered her mouth. “He… Could it be that he…”

That’s right. Like Alt, Jordan was also suppressing his ability. In fact, he could have entered the disciple realm long ago!


Jordan’s body suddenly released a powerful force. His entire body was surrounded by blue light. The blue light that symbolized the disciple realm was much stronger than Alt’s body just now!

“Disciple! Dawn has also stepped into the Disciple Realm! How is this possible! She has only started cultivating not long ago!”

“To be able to advance from an apprentice to a disciple in just half a month, she is the number one person in our Celestial King Planet!”

“This person’s improvement speed is so fast that even the current immortal kings can’t compare to him. Her future is truly unimaginable!”

Everyone praised Dawn.

In reality, this was nothing to Jordan because he had an Immortal in his body!

It was just like a game that you had already cleared. If you played it again, you would definitely progress faster than the first time. It was the same for cultivation. From apprentice to disciple, if one wanted to skip realms, a few days would be enough. Low-level cultivation was very easy.

At that moment, the mysterious man in Jordan’s body began to speak, “Kid, don’t be blinded by the praise from the outside world. I did tell you the shortcut to quickly increase your cultivation realm, but I suggest that you cultivate step by step in the future. Every realm has its own stages to experience. The stronger your foundation, the more useful it will be when you advance to the Immortal Tier in the future.”

Jordan thought to himself, “I don’t want to become an Immortal. I just want to be better than Levana and defeat her fiancé!”

How could Jordan have the time to build a solid foundation and take it slow?

He wished he could step into the Grandmaster Realm right now!

At this moment, Alt, who was in the arena, saw this and wanted to escape. “Miss Dawn, I’m very happy to spar with you today. It’s an extremely honor. Let’s spar another day!”

Jordan had not fought enough. How could he let this enemy leave?

“Alt, I’ve already gotten first place in the apprentice group. I’m going to get first place in the disciple group now. You’re also a disciple. Fight the first round of the disciple group with me!”


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