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Chapter 14: Removing Ryan As The General Agent!

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A second ago, Old Mrs. Camden had just instigated Orlando’s influential figures to ensure that Jordan will have no means of living in the future.

In the next second, she asked him to stay for lunch.

That made many people confused about her behavior.

However, Victoria could tell how intelligent Old Mrs. Camden’s move was, and there was some admiration in her eyes.

Was it the carrot and stick?

It was obviously not that simple.

Old Mrs. Camden was just establishing her dominance, and she was cutting off Jordan’s future path because he had beaten up her grandson.

She allowed Jordan to attend the birthday banquet because he was still the Camdens’ son-in-law.

Since he was still her granddaughter’s husband, he had to abide by the rules and stay at the banquet.

Jordan did not refute and simply sat together at the same table as Hailey, Drew, and the other grandchildren of Old Mrs. Camden.

There were definitely many luxurious private rooms in the hotel. Still, Old Mrs. Camden preferred the banquet to be lively and arranged for it to be in the grand hall.

Drew looked at Jordan, who was seated beside him and was incredibly furious.

“Jordan, this meal is the last meal you can have in Orlando. You’d better eat more while you can because you might not even be able to afford steamed buns in the future. Hahaha!”

Drew’s younger sister, Elle, also chimed in, “Brother, you’re exaggerating. How can he not even afford steamed buns? He can just become a beggar.”

Drew guffawed loudly. “My sister is right. You can become a beggar. We’ll allow you to become a beggar, hahaha.”

Jordan had long gotten used to Drew’s mockery and hence, didn’t feel much at this moment.

However, Elle’s sudden interjection made Jordan glance at her.

Elle was Jordan’s cousin-in-law. Although she was not as pretty as Hailey, she was known for her fantastic figure in Orlando.

Due to the animosity between Hailey and Elle, Jordan seldom interacted with Elle.

Seeing that Jordan was silent after he mocked him, Drew picked up a glass of wine and walked towards Ryan seated beside him.

“Mr. Dunn, thank you so much for what you’ve done today. The scene of you making Jordan undress out there is too classic. It was as if you were disciplining a dog!”

Ryan smiled and clinked glasses with Drew. “Mr. Camden, you’re too polite. If I had known earlier, I would have asked you to take a video in advance. When you’re bored, you can watch it and unwind a little.”

“Hahaha, Mr. Dunn, you’re right. We really should have recorded that scene.”

Drew said while laughing loudly as if he was scared that Jordan would not hear him.

Jordan glanced at Ryan, who noticed him and then immediately snapped.

“What are you looking at!?! If you dare to apply for a job in my delivery company in the future, I’ll break your legs!”

Jordan’s eyes were full of murderous intent. He felt he had to get rid of Ryan immediately.

Jordan picked up the phone and called the butler of the Steele family, Butler Frank.

Jordan’s grandfather specially arranged for Butler Frank to assist Jordan in his mission.

Previously, he was the one who had informed Jordan that the mission of being a live-in son-in-law had ended and he could assume the role of president of Ace Corporation.

“Sir!” Butler Frank quickly answered the call.

Jordan said, “There’s a takeout delivery business owner who always wants to invite my grandfather to dinner. What’s his name?”

Butler Frank answered, “You mean James Willis, the CEO of Ubereats Delivery?”

Orlando said, “Yes, him. Contact him and tell him to revoke the Orlando proxy of Ubereats Delivery.”

Hailey and Elle, who sat at the same table as Jordan and Ryan, Victoria, and the others at the following table were all stunned when they heard his words.

Butler Frank said, “Okay, he has always wanted to get to know Mr. Steele Senior. It would definitely please him to carry out your instructions. Actually, he is now worth over 10 billion dollars and is qualified to have a meal with Mr. Steele Senior.”

Jordan said, “Yes, this kid has been developing well in the past few years. Arrange for him to meet me someday. I’ll treat him to a meal.”

After saying that, Jordan hung up the phone.

There was a moment of silence at the venue.

A moment later…


Drew laughed so hard that the injuries on his face seemed to have expanded.

“Hahahaha… What a joke, Jordan. What are you pretending for? Revoke the proxy of Mr. Dunn? Who do you think you are!?!”

Ryan laughed and asked, “Punk, you should consider the time and place, even if you want to blow your trumpet. What’s the point of pretending here? Who would be fooled by a country bumpkin like you?”

“Your grandfather is a farmer while Mr. Willis is worth billions. Why would he invite your grandfather to dinner? You’re living in a dream!”

With a look of disgust, Hailey gibed, “How revolting. If you’re incompetent, so be it. Why do you have to pretend?”

Victoria was the only one looking at Jordan with a stern expression.

Without saying anything, Jordan picked up his chopsticks and helped himself to some appetizers.

After about six minutes or so, Ryan’s cell phone started ringing.

Looking at the incoming call alert, Ryan excitedly put down his crockery, wiped his hands, and answered the call.

“Hello, Mr. Willis!”

Upon hearing that it was Mr. Willis who called, the Camdens and Victoria, and the others looked over and told everyone to stay silent.

In recent years, the takeout industry has been booming. James Willis had also become an upstart worth more than 10 billion dollars.

The people present were all wealthy figures of Orlando who wanted to use Ryan to become friends with James.

Ryan said excitedly, “Mr. Willis, I was just planning to call you in the next two days to discuss the renewal of the contract.”

James said, “I specially called to inform you that your proxy in Orlando has been revoked!”

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