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The Abandoned Husband Dominates

Chapter 1302 - 1302 Fight Again!

1302 Fight Again!

Soon, Jordan led Salvatore, Dragon, Park Sora, and the others arrived at the Immortal Lake.

Seeing that Mike Baylor and the mutants were actually celebrating at a banquet, the anger in his heart became even stronger.

How could Jordan tolerate drinking and having fun here after they did so many bad things!

However, Mike Baylor did not notice Jordan’s hatred at the moment. He thought that Jordan came to look for him because his memories had been tampered with.

After Mike Baylor saw Jordan, he smiled happily and said, “Hi Jordan, we meet again! I suddenly feel that I also have some heavenly god-level talent. I have great foresight. I organized a cocktail party in advance to celebrate. Come over, I’ll treat you to a drink!”

Faced with Mike Baylor’s polite invitation, Jordan did not appreciate it at all. He walked over and said furiously, “Mike Baylor, you’ve done all kinds of bad things. These brothers beside me were almost killed by you! You violated your previous promise. You placed your mutated beasts in the capital, disturbed the citizens, and killed innocent people. Today, I’m here to settle the score with you!”

Park Sora also snorted coldly. “Hmph, that’s right. You poisoned me. Today, I’ll make you pay the price!”

In an instant, Mike Baylor was stunned.

Initially, he thought that Jordan had come to work with him after they altered his memories. He did not expect Jordan to still hate him and even want to settle scores with him!

“Are you here because your men got hurt?”

Jordan said, “Nonsense. Do you think I’m here to drink with you?”

Mike Baylor shook his head and thought to himself, “Looks like the memory tampering on him hasn’t taken effect yet. Damn it, I was happy for nothing.”

At that moment, seeing that Jordan did not come with good intentions, the people from the Mutant Tribe were the first to clamor at Jordan.

Linus said, “Jordan, you’re a defeated opponent. You’ve already lost to our Chief in the previous battle. Are you asking for humiliation by coming again today?”

Linus and Matt had a good relationship. After Matt was killed by Jordan, he was in a bad mood and was very afraid. At that time, Matt wasn’t originally going to go with Aaron, but with Linus. As Linus had something on at the last minute, so he didn’t go with him.

If Linus had been there, he would have been dead too.

Jordan looked at Linus and said, “You’re not qualified to talk to me. If you don’t want to die now, scram.”

Jordan’s domineering aura made Linus afraid to say anything else. He knew that it would be easy for Jordan to kill him.

At that moment, Mike Baylor said, “Jordan, you killed two of my subordinates first. I didn’t even settle the score with you. How dare you come to see me again because of this?”

Jordan said, “You should know very well why I killed your two subordinates! You allowed your subordinates to cause trouble everywhere and raped beautiful women. They deserve to die!”

Mike Baylor snorted coldly. “To be blessed by a member of our Mutant Tribe, it’s something they would never get in several lifetimes! The bloodline of the Mutant Tribe is one in a million. What’s there to pity about those ordinary women!”

Jordan knew that this group of mutants valued the talent of mutants more than anything else. They thought that mutants were nobler than ordinary people.

Therefore, even if they raped women, they would feel that it was their honor.

Jordan also knew that if the public really knew about the existence of the mutants, there would definitely be many women who would fantasize and look forward to having sex with the mutants. They would definitely accept it happily and even show off.

Jordan said, “Alright, I won’t argue with you about this for the time being. What if you change our memories?!”

Mike Baylor was shocked. He suddenly panicked. Did Jordan already know that he had changed his memory?

For the first time, Mike Baylor stuttered and pretended not to understand. “What… What did you say?”

Jordan scoffed coldly, “Don’t think that I don’t know what you did previously! You experimented in the coastal cities and used some seafood products to tamper with the memories of ordinary citizens, causing their memories to be messed up. I’m one of the victims!”

At that moment, Randall stood up and said to Mike Baylor, “Master, it’s my fault. Jordan asked me about this before. I must have acted a little flustered, so he saw some clues. This kid has been looking down on authority since he was young. He’s very good at guessing what is on people’s mind.”

Randall thought that Jordan had guessed that Mike Baylor was the culprit because of him. In fact, Jiumo Kasyapa told Jordan himself.

Mike Baylor thought that Jordan knew that he and Victoria had specially transmigrated to change his memory. He relaxed when he heard that it was a small experiment done on many people in the past.

Mike Baylor chuckled and said, “You’re very smart to deduce that I did this.”

Jordan said angrily, “It’s good that you admit it! First, you sent your subordinates to rape women. Then, you sent mutated beasts to disturb the capital. You’re so ambitious and changed the memories of people. With these three crimes, I won’t allow you to stay here anymore. I want you to leave Immortal Lake immediately!”

Mike Baylor had disregarded the lives and chastity of the innocent people. How could Jordan let him stay here?

Randall said angrily, “Jordan! You have no right to chase my Master away! I’ve already made it very clear last time about the ownership of the Immortal Lake. You’ll fight my master one-on-one. Whoever wins will control this place. If you lose, you have to admit defeat!”

Park Sora suddenly interrupted, “Who said that Jordan lost? It’s clearly a draw. Hmph, if they fight again, who knows who will win and who will lose.”

Salvatore said, “Sora, how can you say that it’s a draw? Mr. Jordan clearly won. Think about it, that golden-horned dragon lost an eye, and our Mr. Jordan is unharmed. Mr. Jordan definitely won.”

Their unreasonable words infuriated the mutants.

“You’re being unreasonable! Everyone with eyes saw that Jordan lost last time. He even admitted it!”

“Shameless. You clearly lost, but you said you won. Heavenly god? Pfft!”

The mutants started cursing. Salvatore and the others did not care. They wanted to anger these people and force them to fight Jordan again.

Jordan looked at Mike Baylor and said, “Last time, I was worried that you, the Moon Maiden, and Jiumo Kasyapa would join forces to deal with me, so I only used 30% of my strength. This time, I’ll fight you seriously. Let’s have another round to decide who will be the master of the Immortal Lake and the Mutant Tribe!”

Hearing this, Mike Baylor also became furious. “Thirty percent? You arrogant fellow, you’re really shameless. You were beaten like a dog by my golden-horned dragon last time. If it wasn’t for the fact that you were still useful to me, you would have died at my golden-horned dragon’s hands last time! You actually dare to boast shamelessly?

“Jordan, who gave you the courage to come here and embarrass yourself today?!”

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