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The Abandoned Husband Dominates

Chapter 1301 - 1301 Jordan Is Here!

1301 Jordan Is Here!

Victoria felt much better after hearing this title, so she took a few steps to the side.

“What is it?” Victoria asked coldly.

Randall said, “Where did you go with my Master? Why is he so happy after you guys came back? Why is he so sure that Jordan will agree to his big plan? Did the two of you do something to Jordan?”

Victoria held her wine glass and recalled the pickled fish that she had personally made for Jordan. It changed Jordan’s memory. Due to her guilty conscience, she took a sip of wine and replied, “No, what can we do to him?”


Randall was skeptical. He knew Victoria’s ambition. She would do anything to become a golden mutant.

Randall looked at Victoria’s sexy outfit and smiled. “Victoria, did you serve Master well these two days? Did Master mind that I slept with you? Sigh, if I had known earlier, I wouldn’t have chased after you that night.”

Victoria was furious when she heard Randall say that he regretted having sex with her. “How dare you say such things? When I just broke up with Jordan and was at my most sad and helpless state, you took advantage of the situation and deceived me with words. Now, you’re even saying such sarcastic words?

“Also, watch your mouth. I have a pure superior-subordinate relationship with the Chief. Don’t spread rumors. Otherwise, if I don’t attack you, the Chief won’t let you off!”

Randall was stunned. “What did you say? You haven’t slept together?”

Victoria replied. “Of course we haven’t slept together! Who do you think I am? Do you think I will sleep with him just because the Chief is a golden mutant? Randall, don’t think that I’m a cheap woman just because I progressed very quickly with you. I can progress very quickly with any man.

“I was willing to be with you for a few reasons.. On one hand, I just broke up with Jordan. I had a grudge in my heart and wanted to vent it. On the other hand, some time before that, I thought that when Jordan died, you were the one who had always cared for me in the name of being his uncle. I was only willing because I had a good impression of you. I’m not a cheap woman who would sleep with anyone casually!”

Victoria hated Randall for using their relationship to infer her relationship with Mike Baylor.

She often encountered such things when she was the vice president of a listed company. She clearly did not have that kind of relationship with the company’s president, but her subordinates thought that she, the vice president, must have slept with him.

However, ever since the two of them had transmigrated, their relationship had indeed become a little ambiguous. After all, Mike Baylor had personally seen Victoria’s body and the entire process with Shaun.

As soon as Victoria thought of this, she was too embarrassed to look directly at Mike Baylor.

Randall said, “Victoria, don’t be angry. I didn’t say that you’re a cheap woman. Of course, I know that you’re definitely not a casual woman. Otherwise, why would I spend so much effort to fabricate a lie about Jordan’s death and use so much strength to please you and make you like me? I know that you have a good impression of me. I can also be sure that if Jordan really dies at that time, it won’t be long before you really marry me.

“Victoria, I really like you. I know you’re looking forward to becoming the fifth golden mutant, but if I hadn’t recommended you in front of my master, do you think you would have gotten this opportunity?”

Victoria fell silent. Speaking of which, she really needed to thank Randall for this matter.

Randall said, “Victoria, I know you’re very arrogant and don’t want to throw yourself at Master, but for your future and to become a golden mutant, I advise you to seize the opportunity.”

Victoria answered. “The chief has promised me that he will make me the fifth golden mutant!”

Randall smiled. “You sound like a teenage girl. Can you believe everything a man says? If you’re just Master’s subordinate, it’s the same if he choose you or someone else. But what if you’re Master’s woman? Don’t you have a better chance of winning? To make sure you get that spot, I suggest you increase your leverage.”

With that, he left with his wine glass.

Randall’s words made Victoria anxious. She began to wonder if Mike Baylor would go back on his word afterward.

Victoria looked at Mike Baylor, who didn’t take care of himself, and felt very upset.

At this moment, a subordinate suddenly ran over.

“Chief! There are more than ten planes flying towards Mount Denali at high speed. Based on preliminary judgment, they are the Hurricane planes that Jordan took the last time he came to the Immortal Lake! Chief, please instruct us if we should stop them in the air?”

Hearing this, the mutants were all shocked.

“Jordan is here again? How dare he come?!”

“He’s a betrayer! He even killed our good brothers Matt and Aaron. Chief, let’s start a war!”

“Let’s fight! We’ll teach him a lesson this time!”

The mutants were all very excited because they knew that if Jordan did not die, Jordan would still settle scores with them and kill them when they went overseas to have fun in the future.

“What? Jordan is here?”

Mike Baylor was also surprised. He then turned around and looked at Victoria, who was also surprised.

“Could it be…”

Victoria walked up to Mike Baylor and didn’t finish her sentence, but Mike Baylor already understood what she wanted to say.

Could it be that their memory tampering with Jordan had taken effect?

Was that why Jordan came to the Immortal Lake? To discuss a collaboration with Mike Baylor?

At that thought, Mike Baylor laughed. “Hahaha, good timing! Pass down my orders. Don’t stop Jordan. Bring him in!”


Linus was puzzled and asked, “Chief, why are you so polite to Jordan? He injured one of your golden horned dragon’s eyes the last time he came.”

Mike Baylor said, “Jordan is not here to cause trouble. He’s here to give me benefits.”


Everyone did not understand. They knew that Jordan was not a good person. Wherever he went, there would be chaos. They had never heard of Jordan coming all the way here to give benefits to anyone.

Mike Baylor smiled and said, “That’s right. He must have thought it through and specially came to talk to me about cooperation. Everyone, my big plan is about to come true!”

Hearing this, Victoria was extremely excited. She thought to herself, ‘It must be that Jordan’s memory change has already taken effect. He’ll definitely be willing to help me be the next golden mutant.”

At this moment, Victoria also felt that she was extremely close to becoming a golden mutant!

“I’m going to change.”

Victoria looked at her sexy mermaid dress. It was low-cut and a bit too revealing. She knew that Jordan was a conservative man, so she put down her glass immediately and walked to her room.

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