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The Abandoned Husband Dominates

Chapter 1300 - 1300 Immortal Lake Banquet!

1300 Immortal Lake Banquet!

Goddess of the Immortal Lake!

Rong Bingshao was very curious. “So the Goddess of Immortal Lake is like this? No wonder I mistook you for the Goddess of Immortal Lake the first time I saw her!”

The Moon Maiden replied, “No, I don’t know what the Goddess of Immortal Lake looks like. I haven’t seen her clearly. I can only vaguely sense that she has this style and temperament.

“Ever since I realized the existence of the Goddess of the Immortal Lake, I’ve undergone plastic surgery to look like her. Even when I dress and speak, I’m like a goddess. Hehe, actually, I’m a fake after all. How can I compare to the real Goddess of the Immortal Lake?”

The Moon Maiden couldn’t help but sigh. It could be seen that the Moon Maiden had been walking the path of the Goddess of the Immortal Lake all these years. Even her appearance was similar to hers.

Her infatuation with the Goddess of the Immortal Lake seemed to be no less than Rong Bingshao’s infatuation with the Moon Maiden.

The Moon Maiden paused for a few seconds and looked at Rong Bingshao again. “Now, you know my true appearance. I’m just an old and ugly old woman. Stop fantasizing about me and go after a girl who suits you.”

However, even though he knew that the Moon Maiden was originally very ugly, Rong Bingshao still had an infatuated look on his face. “Miss Moon Maiden! I don’t care how old you are, or how ugly you were in the past. I only know that at this moment, you fascinate me! As long as I don’t see you, I feel that there’s no point in living. Please let me stay by your side. You can treat me as a pet or a dog. I don’t care!”


The Moon Maiden cried out in surprise. The descendant of the most noble family in the world, with such a young appearance, was actually willing to be an old woman’s dog?

The Moon Maiden became interested in Rong Bingshao and asked, “Are you really willing to let go of your identity, your dignity, and follow me?”

Rong Bingshao nodded very seriously. “Yes, I’ve already died once. That dignified Rong Bingshao is dead! I don’t want to live for the family anymore. I only want to live for myself! I only want to be with the person I like!”


The Moon Maiden smiled, seemingly satisfied with Rong Bingshao’s response.

She had already let Rong Bingshao know that she had been imitating the “Goddess of Immortal Lake”, and she was just maintaining an image to the outside world. In fact, the Moon Maiden was also an ordinary woman and had the needs of ordinary women.

Thus, the Moon Maiden stopped pretending to be cold and aloof. She took the initiative to extend her cold jade-like hand and gently stroked Rong Bingshao’ young and tender face. She smiled and said, “What a young aura. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt a man of your age.”

Rong Bingshao was pleasantly surprised and asked, “Miss Moon Maiden, does this mean that you… agree?”

The Moon Maiden smiled brightly and nodded. “Yes, kneel down.”

Immortal Lake.

After Mike Baylor and Victoria came back, they went to the Immortal Lake together.

After successfully completing the memory tampering with Jordan, Mike Baylor was very happy because he knew that all he had to do next was wait. Soon, Jordan would agree to his grand plan to create the fifth golden mutant and summon the Goddess of the Immortal Lake together!

That afternoon, Mike Baylor rushed all the mutant brothers to the side of the Immortal Lake. The table was filled with wine glasses and food, and everyone drank and celebrated.

Mike Baylor even used a weather weapon with interest, causing a rainbow to appear in the sky that looked very beautiful.

“The Chief seems to be very happy today. This is the first time I’ve seen him gather us for a drink in broad daylight!”

“That’s right, why are you so happy? Could it be that the golden horned dragon’s eyes have been healed?”

“No, I went to feed it just now. It’s a one-eyed dragon!”

“Strange, what could possibly make Chief so happy?”

The mutants began to guess why Mike Baylor was so happy.

Even Randall didn’t know the reason. Only Victoria knew. Moreover, Victoria had a reason to be happier than Mike Baylor, because the fifth golden mutant that was about to be created was her!

Previously, when she found out that Mike Baylor was holding a cocktail party, Victoria specially wore a sexy blue low-cut mermaid dress. Her impressive figure was visible to everyone.

Previously, Mike Baylor had said that he despised her for being thin as she lost her original figure. When Victoria came back, she injected herself with a body shaping serum. She had already become more voluptuous than before, and her complexion had also improved.

Holding two champagne glasses in her hands, Victoria walked up to Mike Baylor. “Chief, please raise your glass.”

Victoria was already used to being the vice president. She was very used to what she was doing now.

Mike Baylor glanced at her figure and praised, “Victoria, this mermaid dress is very beautiful.”

“Thank you.”

Victoria smiled and thanked him.

Then, Mike Baylor took the wine glass and said to everyone, “Brothers of the Mutant Tribe, you don’t have to do anything today. Drink to your heart’s content!”

At this moment, someone asked, “Chief, what is it that makes you so happy? Tell us and share it with us!”

Mike Baylor smiled. “My big plan will be realized soon. I’ve waited for this day for many years! Don’t worry, when my strength improves further in the future, I can reach the level of establishing a sect. All of you can be like Randall and be my disciples. I will raise the status of the entire tribe!”

Hearing this, everyone hurriedly knelt down to Mike Baylor. “Thank you, Chief! Thank you, Master!”


Mike Baylor drank happily.

On the side, Victoria slowly placed the wine glass on her red lips with a smile on her face.

However, at this moment, Randall walked over and whispered, “Victoria, come over and have a chat with me.”

Victoria looked at him with disdain. “Have you forgotten the rules of the Mutant Tribe? According to the hierarchy, I am purple while you are black. You should call me Miss Victoria.”

At this moment, Victoria despised Randall very much. In the past, Randall lied to her body and heart.

In particular, Randall insisted on sleeping with her next door that night, causing Jordan to develop a great hatred for her. She even crossed time and space to alleviate this problem. If it was because of Randall that Victoria could not become a golden mutant, and she would hate Randall for the rest of her life.

Randall was very displeased when he heard Victoria’s words. “F*ck, this bitch. When I was the Chief in the past, she was respectful to me. Now, she actually wants me to call her Miss Victoria?”

It was difficult for Randall to have respect for a woman he had already slept with.

However, Randall still suppressed his grievance and called out, “Miss Victoria, can I talk to you for a moment?”

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