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Chapter 13: I’m Mr. Steele’s Lover!

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The Camdens felt energized after hearing Victoria’s words!

“Hahaha, Jordan, you good-for-nothing, now you can’t even be a bodyguard! In the future, there will be no chance for you to survive in Orlando anymore. Hahaha!”

Drew guffawed loudly.

Though Hailey took pity on Jordan, she nevertheless raised her head arrogantly and secretly thought,

‘This is all your fault! You should just put up with everything that I’ve done to you!’

However, Jordan remained calm and collected.

He asked Victoria, “Miss Clarke, may I ask if your words just now represent you as an individual or the Ace Corporation?”

Victoria folded her arms and said, “Of course I represent both.”

Jordan continued to ask, “You’re the deputy president of the Ace Corporation, not the president. What right do you have to represent the entire Ace Corporation?”

Jordan’s questioning made Victoria feel embarrassed.

Although everyone recognized Victoria’s power, she was indeed not the highest authority in Ace Corporation. By right, she should not be making a stand on behalf of the corporation’s president.

She could only do so if she and the president were in a very close relationship, such as husband and wife.

Victoria paused for a moment before continuing, “Alright, I didn’t want to say it at first, but since you want to know the reason for your death, I will tell you guys.”

“Actually, the new president of Ace Corporation, Mr. Steele, is my lover!”

Her words caused a massive uproar in the entire event location of the birthday banquet.

“What? The mysterious Mr. Steele is actually Miss Clarke’s boyfriend? No wonder he managed to become the president out of nowhere!”

“The person who can be compatible and worthy of Miss Clarke must be a domineering president like Mr. Steele. They’re a match made in heaven.”

“Good-for-nothing Jordan. They’re a couple in a romantic relationship. They even sleep together. Of course she can represent Mr. Steele and the entire Ace Corporation!”

“Yeah, how dare he question the ability and authority of Miss Clarke? He has a death wish!”


This time, it was Jordan’s turn to freeze in shock.

‘Damn it, since when did I become your lover, Victoria?’

‘Aren’t you embarrassed to call me your boyfriend in front of me!?!’

At this moment, the Camdens were the most excited.

Herman said excitedly, “Miss Clarke, why didn’t you reveal sooner that the new president Mr. Steele is your lover? Since he’s your boyfriend, we’re relieved now!”

Benedict also came over and said, “Yeah, Miss Clarke, you must talk to Mr. Steele about the contract.”

The Camdens had already bribed Victoria. Since the president, Mr. Steele, was Victoria’s lover, they reckoned that the 70 million dollar investment would be a sure bet.

Victoria said, “My boyfriend is very attentive and serious when it comes to working. He has always drawn a clear line between work and personal life. He doesn’t like bringing romance into the office.”

“So, I hope that you can help me keep this a secret.”

Jordan couldn’t help but feel an urge to laugh. ‘You found such a lame excuse after you’re done bragging because you’re scared that others might leak this.’

After saying that, Victoria looked at Jordan and questioned, “What else do you have to say?”

Not willing to expose her, Jordan held his laughter in and asked, “I heard that Mr. Steele not only has a massive amount of wealth but is also extremely handsome, even more so than celebrities. He’s also proficient in music, chess, literature, and art. Miss Clarke, you might be beautiful, but I doubt Mr. Steele would take a fancy to you.”

Victoria humphed coldly. “Outstanding people are always attracted to each other! Mr. Steele also fell in love with me at first sight. He even booked an entire island in Southeast Asia and set up a grand ceremony to confess to me and ask me to be his girlfriend!”

The girls in the room were all green with envy when they heard that.

Dumbfounded, Jordan stared at Victoria, thinking to himself, ‘This woman is really good at making things up!’

Jordan smiled and shook his head. “Ms. Clarke, since you’re so close to Mr. Steele, I have nothing to say.”

Old Mrs. Camden smiled and said, “Thank you, thank you all for doing us this favor on my behalf!”

Drew walked towards Orlando again. “Haha, good-for-nothing, you will no longer have a foothold in Orlando from now on. Pack up and get lost from Orlando, haha!”

Jordan ignored Drew and simply looked at Hailey. “Let’s go to the lawyer’s office now.”


Seeing the upper-class society of Orlando had already boycotted Jordan, she knew that it was over for him and wanted to sever ties with him as soon as possible.

“Wait a minute.”

Old Mrs. Camden suddenly spoke up and looked up at the clock hanging on the wall in the lobby. The time was 12 o’clock.

Old Mrs. Camden said, “It’s exactly 12 noon. The birthday banquet has officially started. Eat something before you go.”

“Yes.” Hailey knew that Old Mrs. Camden was a very traditional person. Hence, she couldn’t go anywhere because it was time to eat.

Besides, it was Old Mrs. Camden’s 80th birthday banquet, and hence, they had to follow the rules.

Drew pointed to the hall entrance and said, “Jordan, get lost and wait outside. Hailey will go to the lawyer’s office with you after she’s done eating.”

However, at this moment, Old Mrs. Camden suddenly said, “Jordan, you can stay and eat together with us.”

Drew exclaimed in shock, “Grandma, why are you letting him stay? He’s not worthy!”

Jordan was also a little surprised.

Old Mrs. Camden said, “Since the divorce has not been finalized yet, he is still a member of the Camdens, and hence, I am obliged to feed him!”

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