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Chapter 12: Personal Bodyguard!

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Herman, Ryan and the others almost fainted!

‘You don’t have a lighter?’

‘There are so many lighters here, don’t you know how to borrow one?’

‘How dare you publicly reject Victoria, the top goddess of Orlando’s upper-class circle of wealthy and powerful figures!?!’

Victoria was stunned, too. She placed the cigarette that was already in her mouth back into the cigarette case.

She then got up from her seat and walked towards Jordan.

Victoria was tall and slender. After putting on her stilettos, she was actually about the same height as Jordan.

She scanned Jordan from head to toe and was pleased to find that Jordan was rather handsome.

Victoria said condescendingly, “Name.”

Jordan asked in confusion, “What name?”

Victoria said, “Your name.”

Jordan asked, “Are you deaf? Didn’t Herman just say that my name is Jordan Steele?”

“Scoundrel! Don’t be rude to Miss Clarke!” Herman berated Jordan loudly.

Victoria waved her hand indifferently and said, “Jordan, on account that you share the same surname as the new president of Ace Corporation, I’d like to give you a way out.”

The crowd was shocked, especially the Camden family, whose focus was not on the last sentence but the one before it.

The new president of Ace Corporation was surnamed Steele too!

“I finally know the surname of the new president of Ace Corporation,” Old Mrs. Camden said, feeling much more joyous.

‘How can an insignificant Jordan be as important as a huge deal of 70 million dollars?’

Benedict hurriedly stepped forward and asked, “Miss Clarke, what is Mr. Steele’s full name?”

Victoria smiled and replied, “Mr. Steele doesn’t want too many people to know about him for now. I’m sorry, I can’t tell you yet.”

In fact, Victoria did not know his full name either. All she knew was that he was surnamed Steele and was of a young age.

Jordan guessed that Victoria definitely did not know that he was the president of Ace Corporation. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have asked him to light her cigarette.

Jordan smiled and asked, “Miss Clarke, how do you plan to give me a way out?”

Victoria said, “As long as you bow and scrape while apologizing to Old Mrs. Camden, Drew, and your wife, I’ll be willing to mediate the situation.”

“Afterwards, I will also hire you to be my personal bodyguard with an annual salary of 30,000 dollars.”

After she said that, everyone got into an uproar.

“Miss Clarke is trying to protect that punk Jordan! Why!?!”

“As long as he kneels and admits to his mistake, he will not be boycotted. He can even become the bodyguard of the beautiful Miss Clarke. This punk would definitely agree to it!”

Victoria looked at Jordan with some ambiguity in her gaze, and somehow, jealousy arose in Hailey’s heart!

Hailey grabbed Old Mrs. Camden’s arm aggrievedly and said, “Grandma, Miss Clarke is going against you.”

Drew said softly, “Yes, we can’t let Jordan have a way out. Isn’t Miss Clarke usually on good terms with us? Why isn’t she helping us?”

Drew could not figure it out at all. To Drew, Jordan was just a live-in son-in-law who had no background but had received at least a million benefits from the Camden family!

Old Mrs. Camden patted the hands of her grandchildren and said softly, “Kids, learn from her. Miss Clarke is brilliant.”

“Why did she become the deputy president at such a young age?”

“Why is she able to effortlessly be acquainted with every wealthy person?”

“It’s because she never offends anyone easily and can make any man infatuated with her and grateful towards her.”

“Hailey, you have to work hard to become a woman like Victoria.”

Hailey looked at Victoria while biting her lip, overwhelmed with jealousy.

The Camden family began sighing. Since Victoria had pleaded for Jordan, there was no way they could force him to a dead end.

However, they did not expect…

“I refuse.”

Jordan said slowly!

Jordan actually turned down the great favor that Victoria had offered him!

Everyone didn’t understand why Jordan would do that!

They felt that it would not be embarrassing for Jordan, the live-in son-in-law of the Camden family, to bow and scrape to them and admit his mistakes.

Besides, he could work for a ravishing beauty like Victoria and draw a high annual salary.

Even a fool would know which option to choose!

Yet Jordan actually… turned her down.

Victoria was in disbelief, too. “What did you say?”

Jordan looked at Victoria and said, “I said, I refuse.”

Victoria looked a little furious. “Repeat yourself!”

Jordan gently pinched Victoria’s ear with his right hand and shouted into her ear, “I refuse!”


Victoria was flustered, and she retreated continuously, her ears tickled by Jordan’s voice.

“How dare you attack Miss Clarke!?!”

Herman yelled, but he dared not go forward.

Jordan spread his hands and said, “Sorry, Miss Clarke, I thought you had a bad sense of hearing, and I was scared that you couldn’t hear me, so I yelled into your ear.”

“Very well, Jordan, you have guts!”

Victoria didn’t expect this live-in son-in-law to be so disrespectful to her.

In that case, she felt that there was no need for her to defend him anymore!

“Old Mrs. Camden, I, Victoria, the deputy president of Ace Corporation, am willing to stand in solidarity with the Camden family and leave Jordan with no future.” She stated respectfully.

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